Madelyn Blevin jailed downtown after drunkenly fighting with a man and police officers

22-year-old Madelyn Blevin was fighting with a man on the sidewalk of 7th Ave when police intervened on September 21st. After being separated, Madelyn got into the police officer’s face and began cursing at them. She kept walking towards the male she was fighting with, and the police told her not to, so she continued to get in their faces. Police noticed a smell of alcohol on Madelyn as she refused to back off of them. They attempted to place her into custody, and she resisted by locking her arms, pulling, and walking away. She continued to pull away from the police, but they eventually were able to take her into custody and transport her to booking.

Australian tourist Christopher Park tells police, “do what you got to do!” #Arrested

54-year-old Christopher Park was not wanted at the Holiday Inn and Suites Hotel on 4th Ave, as staff told police when they showed up on September 16th. A complainant told police that she did not want to prosecute Christopher, who was also staying at the hotel. The hotel security asked the MNPD officers who arrived just to escort Christopher off the property. Security and the officers contacted Christopher in his hotel room, and the security told him that he was no longer allowed to stay on the premises and needed to vacate. Christopher told them, “That’s not going to happen.” The officers told him that he would have to leave or be charged with criminal trespass, to which he responded, “Do what you got to do.” Police gave him several chances to leave, but instead, Christopher sat down in his room and refused to comply with police commands.

Jacob McDaniel searches downtown for his Miller Lite after leaving strip club

28-year-old Jacob McDaniel asked the police, who arrived at the Greyhound Bus Station on Rep John Lewis Way, where his Miller Lite was, and told them that he was “Public intoxicated.” Police said that he was swaying and had signs of being intoxicated. He told police that he was drinking at the Hustler strip club and he lives in Smyrna. Also, he could not call an Uber due to him having no money nor a cell phone to call someone to pick him up. After he could not remember a phone number for the police to call, he was placed into custody for public intoxication.

Tiffany Rutledge jailed after bathroom squatting at Renaissance Hotel in Nashville

49-year-old Tiffany Rutledge was in the second-floor bathroom of the Renaissance Hotel and refused to leave when security called the police. They said that there has been an ongoing issue with Tiffany trespassing onto the property, one time was last Friday when she was asked to leave and refused. She was banned from the location, and police confirmed a current trespass waiver on file for the hotel. Security escorted police to the second-floor bathroom, where they contacted Tiffany. She told them she knew she was not supposed to be on the property and was arrested for trespassing.

Brooklyn Waterman charged with public intoxication in downtown Nashville

32-year-old Brooklyn Waterman Friday morning was trying to tell police at the Central Police Precinct which hotel she was staying in after being found drunk and disorderly in downtown Nashville. Police described her as having several indications of being drunk, and she could only tell police that she was staying at the hotel with “Place” in the name. Brooklyn said that she did not know where she was at. Police, after she said that the hotel was on “3rd and Broadway,” called around and could not find the hotel where she or her husband was staying. They drove her to three different hotels to try and have her get her own room, but she did not have any means to pay for it. After they called her mother and her husband several times and not getting an answer, they booked her for public intoxication because they thought she would be a danger to herself.

Christopher Buck jailed for public intoxication outside Whiskey Bent Saloon

Wednesday night, 31-year-old Christopher Buck stumbled around Broadway and asked police to take him to jail. Police saw him stumbling outside Whiskey Bent Saloon and noticed he had to use the traffic barrier to hold himself up. They contacted Christopher, who smelled strongly of alcohol and was swaying. Officers could not find anyone to give him a ride home, nor could they get him to tell them where he was staying for the night. At one point, Christopher reported sticking his hands out to the officers and telling them to take him to jail. He was arrested for public intoxication.

DUI: Adrian Arrowood says he “made a mistake” by plowing through a closed street & bike lane

23-year-old Adrian Arrowood was stopped by Officer Parlato for attempting to drive down a road that was blocked off. The officer said Adrian hit bike lane markers before he pulled him over and asked for backup. The officers that arrived spoke with Officer Parlato then they spoke to Adrian. They said that Adrian smelled of alcohol and told them he had “two or three beers” at a karaoke bar with his friend before driving. He then told police that he “had made a mistake,” which police asked what he meant by that, and he said he was “probably too drunk to drive.” After showing clear signs of intoxication during sobriety tests, Adrian was arrested for DUI and consented to a blood draw.

Man breaks into AirBNB & crawls into bed with children — Tanner Thomas Tamsin

Police say 31-year-old tourist Tanner Thomas Tamsin broke into an AirBNB apartment at the Sonder Apartments on 7th Ave North Friday night, where two children were sleeping on a fold-out bed in the living room. He climbed between the two children and went to sleep. At 3:15 a.m. Christina Johnson and her husband returned to the AirBNB to find the stranger sleeping between their children. They shook Tamsin’s leg to wake him up, causing him to jump up from the bed and charge at Christina, all of which was captured on video. Officers arrived and located Tamsin on the first level of the complex and took him into custody.

Jaleel Meadows charged with DUI in downtown Nashville

25-year-old tourist Jaleel Meadows was jailed on April 29th after blocking traffic on Dr. MLK Boulevard. He told police he had something to drink that night and admitted to then driving. Meadows had glossy eyes, was unsteady on his feet, and had alcohol coming from his breath. He agreed to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and refused a breathalyzer.

Austin Coates charged with DUI in downtown Nashville

24-year-old Austin Coates was jailed this week after falling asleep behind the wheel of his pickup truck on Union Street in downtown Nashville. Police responded to calls about a vehicle blocking traffic and found Coates asleep in his truck. Officers knocked on the window to wake him. He was slow to respond, and his truck was still in drive. Officers asked him to put his vehicle in park and turn it off. While police spoke with Coates, they could smell alcohol coming from him and saw his bloodshot watery eyes. They asked him if he had been drinking, and he admitted to having two drinks earlier in the morning. He agreed to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken into custody.