Robert Mcnaney kicked out of JW Marriot, too drunk to verify reservations

27-year-old Robert Trainor McNaney III was taken into custody for public intoxication on April 11th. A concerned citizen alerted the authorities, stating McNaney arrived at Courtyard Marriott and discovered his reservations were at JW Marriott. They called him an Uber to send him to the right hotel and called the police to check on him because he appeared to be highly impaired. Officers were dispatched to JW Marriot, where they spoke with the staff, who said they turned McNaney away after he could not verify his reservations. The police drove to the Westin Hotel on Clark Place and located McNaney with ripped shorts, exposing his underwear. The hotel employees told them they wanted him removed from the property. Officers went to assist McNaney, who told them he had stopped at a gas station “somewhere outside of Nashville” around 6 or 7 p.m., adding that was the last thing he had remembered after blacking out from drinking, losing his cell phone and wallet, and forgetting where he parked his car. They noticed he reeked of alcohol and asked if he had anybody who could pick him up or let him stay the night, but he was unable to provide any information. McNaney was deemed a danger to himself and was detained for the incident.

Sekori Jones Brown tells police “I’m drunk” after harassing people outside of Hard Rock Cafe

23-year-old Sekori Brown was seen harassing people outside Hard Rock Cafe on April 5th. When officers arrived, they made contact with Brown, who told them, “I’m drunk.” Security at the location informed officers that  Brown was trying to enter a stage that had just been set up. When officers made contact with Brown, they noticed a strong odor of alcohol. Officers told Brown to find a friend to pick him up. Instead of pulling out a cell phone to make the call, Brown pulled out a vape and acted as if he was entering numbers on it. After being told that his vape was not a phone, Brown was asked if he knew a number law enforcement could call, but he responded with, ” Brian… He’s in the catalog.” Officers deemed Brown a danger to himself, so he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Matthew Winston trespasses at Greyhound Bus Station after being banned

25-year-old Matthew Colby Winston was taken into custody for criminal impersonation and criminal trespassing on April 3rd. Officers were dispatched to the Greyhound Bus Station on Representative John Lewis Way South. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the staff, who said they had kicked Winston out and banned him from the location earlier that night. Staff said Winston had snuck back inside at some point. Officers located him inside the bus station in the waiting area and detained him. Officers confirmed that Greyhound had a trespass waiver on file for Winston. Winston was taken into custody on April 3rd.

Michael Barton drinks fifth of tequila on Greyhound bus

30-year-old Michael Barton was jailed on March 21st for drinking on the Greyhound Bus. Police responded to the bus station on Rep John Lewis Way and found Barton already detained by security. The security guard told officers they had received a call from an inbound bus driver advising them that Barton had been drinking on the bus before arriving at the station. Security then observed Barton falling over and learned that he had drank a fifth of tequila. Barton slurred his words and struggled to speak to officers in coherent sentences. He could not stand without assistance and smelled strongly of alcohol. Officers then determined that with his level of intoxication, Barton posed a danger to himself and was taken into custody.

Laurel Padgett becomes “out of control”, attacks step-father during altercation

21-year-old Laurel Padgett had a domestic incident with her stepfather, David Frankenberg, at his Laurel Street Apartment in the early hours of March 16th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Frankenberg, who advised them that he picked Padgett up from a hotel where she had been drinking. Frankenberg advised that Padgett then “flipped out” at his apartment when they went to bed. He added that she became “out of control” and began banging on his bedroom door. After Frankenberg answered the door, an argument ensued, which turned physical when she ran at him, throwing punches and scratching him. Frankenberg’s wife, Padgett’s mother, witnessed this and corroborated Frankenberg’s statements, telling officers that Laurel was the primary aggressor. Frankenberg and Padgett’s mother told officers that they had issues in the past with her but that this time was the worst they had seen her behaving. Officers observed a scratch mark on the right side of Frankenberg’s temple, a red mark on his forehead and the back of his neck, and that his collar shirt was ripped. Officers interviewed Padgett, who told them that she and Frankenberg had a physical altercation where she was pushing and clawing at him. Padgett was taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Mercedez Jackson drags girlfriend through mulch after 2 beers at Jason Aldean’s Bar

27-year-old Mercedez Jackson had a domestic altercation with her girlfriend, Haleigh Crouch, near 3rd Avenue South and Lindsley Avenue in the early hours of February 22nd. A witness alerted the authorities, advising them that they observed, from their apartment window, an African American female, later identified as Jackson, assaulted a white female, later identified as Crouch. The witness stated she saw Jackson drag Crouch through the mulch. When officers arrived, they noticed a car crashed into the concrete of the parking lot. Officers then spoke with Jackson and Crouch, who both initially stated that Jackson drove and that they did not fight. Then, after officers checked with the caller, who reiterated her statement, Crouch admitted that Jackson attacked her. Officers observed mulch all over Crouch’s clothing and swelling on her hand, which she claimed was from the car collision. Jackson was visibly intoxicated as she told officers that they had been at Jason Aldean’s, where she had two beers. Jackson consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and then, after being informed of implied consent, agreed to provide a breath sample. Jackson’s breath sample resulted in 0.108 BAC%. Jackson was taken into custody for domestic assault and driving under the influence.

DUI: Michelle Odom gets into car accident, tells police she drank “2 Blue Motherf*ckers”

22-year-old Michelle Montista Odom was involved in a two-car accident at the Commerce Street and Rosa L Parks Boulevard intersection in the early hours of February 24th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Odom while she was in the driver’s seat, reeking of alcohol. Odom advised them that she and her friend were heading to Sicilian’s Pizza for food when the collision occurred. Officers reported that it appeared that Odom failed to stop at a flashing red light, resulting in her vehicle getting struck from the right side. Officers asked Odom if she had any alcoholic beverages, to which she agreed, stating she drank “two Blue Motherf*ckers.” Odom then explained how they are made with four different types of liquor. Odom consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and then agreed to provide a blood sample. Odom was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Daniel Moore calls band singer a “Wh*re”, throws drink at security guard’s face

27-year-old Daniel Jacob Moore was being disorderly on Broadway at Whiskey Row in the early hours of February 21st. Officers arrived and observed Moore detained by security, sitting on the ground. Officers spoke with Whiskey Row security, who advised that Moore called the lead singer of the performing band a “wh*re,” and was asked to leave. While security escorted Moore outside, he threw his drink at a Whiskey Row security guard, Brandon Antonio Valentin, hitting his face. Officers noticed Moore showing signs of impairment and detained him. While being detained, Moore started yelling and calling officers expletives. Moore was taken into custody for public intoxication and assault.

Marc Miller drunkenly calls security racial slurs at Hank Williams Jr.’s Boogie Bar

29-year-old Marc Alan Miller was disorderly at Hank Williams Jr.’s Boogie Bar in downtown Nashville in the early hours of February 9th. Medical personnel requested the police when Miller became aggressive. When officers arrived, security for the bar advised them that Miller was highly intoxicated, attempting to fight every bar’s door guy from Rep. John Lewis Way down to Broadway. Security explained that Miller had been using racial slurs with them and fell on the ground multiple times. Officers noted that Miller also had vomit covering his hands. Officers attempted to speak with Miller, but due to his intoxication, he needed assistance to stay standing up. When officers asked Miller if he knew where he was, he replied, “Barstool,” which was two blocks away. Miller was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Tyler Dixon steals two 24-packs of Bud Light on Christmas Eve

39-year-old Tyler Dixon was caught stealing at the Shell Station on Hermitage Avenue late Christmas Eve. Johnisha Denise Hodges, a Shell Station employee, advised officers that a black male dressed as a woman walked into the store, grabbed two 24-packs of Bud Light, and exited without paying for them. She stated the store has an active trespass file regarding Dixon and is seeking prosecution for trespassing and theft. Officers observed him walking down Almond Street carrying the Bud Light, which he later admitted to stealing. They found a glass pipe in his purse during a subsequent search, and he told them it was used to smoke crack cocaine. Additionally, they were notified about an arrest warrant he has out of Bedford County. Dixon was taken into custody for theft of merchandise, criminal trespass, and possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia on December 25th.