DUI: Shaun Johnson isn’t sure how or why he ended up passed out in a parking lot

34-year-old Shaun Johnson was jailed on March 31st after passing out drunk behind the wheel in a parking lot on Gallatin Pike. Police arrived on the scene, and Johnson refused medical attention. Police observed Johnson with dilated pupils, swaying while he stood, and slurred speech. Officers asked Johnson how much he had to drink, and he stated that he was initially drinking at his friend’s house, and then they went to a bar. Johnson drove from the bar to pick up food and somehow ended up on Gallatin Pike. He told police that he had about six drinks that night and didn’t remember how he ended up in the parking lot but must have pulled over because he was feeling too drunk. Johnson agreed to sobriety tests that he performed poorly on and was taken to booking.

Ryan Christian: 3 beers, 3 Jack Daniels, 90 mph = a night to remember

27-year-old Ryan Christian was driving on I-65 N at 90 mph when he passed a patrol car in the 55 mph zone. A traffic stop was conducted, and Christian admitted he was driving 90 mph and was just trying to get home after leaving the bars in downtown Nashville, where he had 3 beers and 3 Jack & Cokes. He predictably performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking.

DUI: Steven O’Daniel tosses Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka out window after crash

28-year-old Steven O’Daniel was involved in a traffic accident on November 11th on I-65 near the Rosa Parks overpass. A witness told police that O’Daniel tossed a bottle of alcohol out of his vehicle and into the grass alongside the interstate. Officers located a bottle of Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka that had been discarded. O’Daniel admitted he “might of” had a shot before leaving work just before the crash. After performing horribly on field sobriety tests, O’Daniel stated it might have been “2 or 3 shots” at work and smoking marijuana prior to the crash.

James ‘Chip’ Selewski charged with DUI after 6 bourbon-based drinks with dinner

41-year-old James ‘Chip’ Selewski self-booked for a citation this week, charging him with a DUI from late July. Police say he was driving home from Mother’s Ruin just after 9 p.m. after having “5 to 6 bourbon-based drinks” with dinner. He proceeded to roll his vehicle in a crash at 6th & Monroe. First responders say he reeked of alcohol and was “violently vomiting” as they pulled him from the vehicle. He was transported to Vanderbilt, and due to being admitted for medical treatment, he was issued a citation in lieu of arrest.

Corey Ann Cook charged with disorderly conduct in downtown Nashville

27-year-old Corey Ann Cook was jailed in downtown Nashville over the weekend after Metro Nashville Police Officer Wallace Seay says she was “in a public place with the intent to cause a public annoyance”, according to an arrest warrant.

Jessica Hoffman charged in coffee cup assault of lover on Trinity Lane

51-year-old Jessica Hoffman is charged with domestic assault after her lover, Kristopher Kees, says she assaulted him with a coffee cup. Metro Police responded to the Sohana apartments on May 14th to find Kristopher with a knot on his forehead, which he says came from the coffee cup hitting him.

Elaine Nugent charged in brutal candlestick holder assault of her son — blames it on him

73-year-old Elaine McCarty Nugent, of Joelton, is charged with the wild aggravated domestic assault of her grown son using a candlestick holder, leaving him with three bloody severe lacerations to the top of his head. When confronted about the assault, she tried to downplay that anything happened, eventually blaming her own son, saying he must have injured himself since he was “mentally ill and suicidal,” a claim she attempted to use multiple times. She was “verbally combative and uncooperative” during the investigation, according to officers. Her disdain for the law and law enforcement isn’t anything new, as she frequently ignores court dates and will be extradited to Sumner County when she’s done in Nashville to face multiple failures to appear and a DUI case she’s been avoiding there since 2019.