Jeremy Whatley sexually assaults roommate, found in his underwear with 5 ounces of marijuana

38-year-old Jeremy Whatley inappropriately touched Whitney King at her Morrison Street residence on May 2nd. King called the police to her friend’s Bismark Drive home, where she advised officers that she and Whatley had been living together for about two months. She stated that he had groped her breasts and buttocks multiple times since he moved in. King added that after they had a conversation today, she started walking to her room when Whatley grabbed her from behind. Whatley wrapped his arm around her, trying to force her face toward his, attempting to kiss her. King said she pushed him away and locked herself inside her room, telling him to leave her alone. Whatley responded by banging on her door for a while and told her, “You got it coming!” King told police that she no longer feels safe at her Morrison Street home and that she believes it is only a matter of time before he assaults her again or worse. She told officers that she had to take the bus today to get to her friend’s home, where she would stay for the time being. A warrant was issued for Whatley’s arrest.

Then, around 1 a.m. on May 20th, officers responded to a call regarding a person being shot at a Pebble Brook residence. When officers arrived, they located Whatley banging on random doors, appearing to be under the influence. Officers noticed Whatley was partially naked with only his underwear and shoes on. Officers identified him, discovered he had two outstanding warrants, and detained him. During a subsequent search, officers found a small dime bag with .8 grams of an unknown white powdery substance, a bag with 5 ounces/141 grams of marijuana subdivided into five individual bags, and a fully loaded handgun on the porch. While on the way to booking, Whatley was irate, sweating profusely while threatening officers with physical harm. Whatley was taken into custody for domestic assault, sexual battery, felony drug possession, simple possession of a controlled substance, and felony weapon possession.

Lauren Gilbert jailed after slashing ex-girlfriend’s car tire

26-year-old Lauren Gilbert was taken into custody for two counts of vandalism on May 19th, 2024. On June 12th, 2020, Katelyn Egan filed a report stating on May 27th, 2020, she noticed that someone, later identified as Gilbert, had taken “a sharp instrument” and slashed her 2003 white Honda Accord’s right rear tire, causing it to go flat. Egan said a person from the apartment complex approached her, telling her they had witnessed the occurrence the night prior. The witness added that he saw a large black female with a sharp object puncture her Honda’s tire before sitting in a red SUV for 30 minutes and leaving. He gave officers the vehicle’s tag number, which belonged to a 2016 red Kia SUV registered to Gilbert’s father. Egan informed police that she and Gilbert had dated in the past, so Gilbert knew the Honda was hers. A warrant was issued for her arrest, and she was later detained for the occurrence.

Ryan Schattenberg caught “beating off” while naked in woman’s yard, says God sent him here

27-year-old Ryan Chance Schattenberg was taken into custody for indecent exposure and aggravated criminal trespass on May 19th. Sierra Anderson and Elijah Huddle alerted the authorities, advising them that a male, later identified as Schattenberg, was in the backyard of their Baxter Avenue residence. They added that they did not know him or how he got there. They said Schattenberg tried to open the back door, placing them in fear. Then they stated Schattenberg took off all his clothes and started “beating off,” exposing his genitals. When officers arrived, they placed Schattenberg in their patrol car. Officers read him his Miranda Rights, during which he started to speak incoherently, saying he lived at “this house” and had just bought it. However, when officers asked Schattenberg what the address was, he did not know it. He also told officers he was looking for his friend “Moses” and that God sent him here. He was detained for the incident on May 20th.

Philip Bennett rips wife’s purse away during argument

41-year-old Philip Edward Bennett was taken into custody for domestic assault on May 19th. On April 22nd, Amanda Farr, Bennett’s wife, called the police to the Southern Hills Hospital, where she told them she and Bennett argued at their Buffalo Road residence. Amanda stated that the argument escalated after she tried to leave the residence, during which Bennett grabbed her and her purse, ripping it off her. Officers noticed visible bruising on her forearm, and she advised them that she wanted to press charges for the incident. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and Bennett was later detained.  

Betty Finney hits man in face during argument over fan, tells police “I’m not getting in the car!”

36-year-old Betty Elaine Finney had a domestic altercation with John White III near Charles E. Davis Boulevard and Fain Street on May 19th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Finney, who stated she and White III argued over a fan, which sparked an argument. White III told officers that during the argument, Finney struck him in the face, leaving a small abrasion on his lip. White III said he pushed her off in self-defense, and an unidentified third party corroborated White III’s statement. While trying to detain Finney, she resisted, yelling, “I’m not getting in the car!” bracing her back against the door. Officers had to go to the other side of the patrol car and tried to pull her in with her handcuffs until she complied. Finney was taken into custody for resisting arrest and domestic assault.

Spencer Peck urinates on himself, punches medic in face after passing out in front of Big Time Boots

26-year-old Spencer Ross Peck was found passed out in front of Big Time Boots on May 19th. Patrons observed this and flagged officers down. When police located him, he was unresponsive, breathing, and reeked of alcohol. Peck could not stand on his own and exhibited signs of intoxication, so officers called for medics. Medics assessed him and loaded him up onto a med cart for transportation to the Court of Flags, during which he became combative and punched Tiara Green, a medic, in the face. Then, officers helped NFD take Peck to Nashville General Hospital, where he continued “flailing about” nearly hitting staff. Officers attempted to restrain Peck, and he kicked Officer Dennis Diesel in the stomach. While at the hospital, he urinated on himself twice before being discharged. On the way to booking, he started banging his head on the divider and kicking the window, so officers had to “hobble” him. Peck was taken into custody for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, assault on a first responder, and assault on an officer.

Kiara Hunt punches & kicks husband multiple times during argument

29-year-old Kiara Hunt had a domestic incident with her husband, Rico Hunt, at their Smith Springs Road apartment around 8:30 p.m. on May 17th. When officers arrived, they were advised that Kiara grabbed his clothes and threw them outside during their argument. Kiara then grabbed a chair and threw it at the front door. To get Kiara to stop, Rico hugged her, which she responded to by punching and kicking him multiple times. Initially, Mrs. Hunt told officers Rico had let her go before admitting to attacking him. Kiara Hunt was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Annalesha Kirkendoll punches ex-girlfriend several times during altercation

27-year-old Annalesha Kirkendoll had a domestic altercation with her ex-girlfriend, Marquentta Parrish, on April 6th. Parrish called the police to a Charles E Davis Boulevard home, where she advised them that she and Kirkendoll had fought. During the fight, Parrish stated that Kirkendoll punched her several times before going to her vehicle and breaking the driver’s side windshield wiper. The occurrence was caught on camera. Kirkendoll was taken into custody for vandalism on May 18th.

Michael Henson steals $33 worth of shirts from Walmart

34-year-old Michael Henson tried to steal merchandise from the Nolensville Pike Walmart on May 19th. When officers arrived, they reviewed the security footage, which showed Henson grabbing two shirts valued at $33 and exiting the location through the Garden Center. Then, Henson was stopped and detained by security. Officers could not identify him with the name and social security number he gave them. The business wished to press charges for the occurrence. Henson was taken into custody for theft.

Jonah Stasinopoulos caught with active warrant after sleeping at Nashville International Airport

42-year-old Jonah Stasinopoulos, owner of Prestige Barbershop in Murfreesboro, TN, was observed sleeping at the International Arrival area in BNA Airport on May 19th. Officers conducted a welfare check and noticed Stasinopoulos had been seen in the area the day prior. Officers spoke with him, and he told them he arrived on a flight around 7 a.m. Stasinopoulos added that his mother was coming from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to pick him up. He provided officers with his driver’s license, leading them to discover that he had active warrants for his arrest outside of Rutherford County, Tennessee. This discovery led to officers detaining Stasinopoulos. During a subsequent search, officers found multiple prescription bottles, one containing 1.5 pills of Oxycodone, hypodermic needles, and burnt substances on tin foil. Stasinopoulos was taken into custody for the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and possession without a prescription.