DUI: Water Green crashes into pole after leaving strip club & drinking Hennessy

30-year-old Water Green fell asleep at the wheel before hitting a telephone pole at Chestnut St. and 2nd Ave on September 25th. When police spoke to him, he told them about the incident and said that he was injured by the airbags being deployed. When he displayed signs of intoxication, police asked him if he had been drinking that night. He told police that he had four double shots of Hennessy at a strip club but could not remember which club. Police had him perform sobriety tests, which showed more signs of intoxication, and he was taken to the hospital to provide a blood sample being being booked into jail.

Aisam Chin says he drank wine before slapping his wife

39-year-old Aisam Chin says he was drinking wine before he slapped his wife, Sarah Chin, in anger Thursday. The two were arguing over finances, and she says she hit him back this time after he slapped her. The victim told police her husband gets aggressive when he drinks and often hits her, but she never calls the police because she loves him and doesn’t want him to get in trouble. He was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault.

Jordan Cowart had the ability to avoid jail, just not the common sense

30-year-old Jordan Cowart was in a confrontation with security at The Valentine bar in the early hours of Saturday morning that continued to escalate. Metro Nashville Police arrived and asked Cowart just to walk away, which he initially did. He then walked to officers and continued to argue, and walked away a second time. After approaching security a third time and screaming profanities at them, Cowart was told he was under arrest and began to pull away from officers. While en route to booking, Cowart was talking to himself and yelling at people who were not present.

Foris Nurmuhamedov finds his wife and his coworker in romantic entanglement at his home

35-year-old Foris Nurmuhamedov allowed his co-worker, Phillip Lovell, to stay at his home for a few days this week while he was in town. On December 11th, he received an alert on one of the cameras in the home and saw his wife and the co-worker romantically entangled. He rushed home and entered in a rage, pushing his wife aside, grabbing a glass bottle and a kitchen knife while attempting to cut or stab the co-worker while holding it to his face.

Janny Arguello arrested after being abandoned by friends on Nolensville road in Nashville

Just before daylight Sunday, Officers were flagged down on Nolensville Road by a group of women who advised that a female needed assistance in a vehicle nearby because the friends she had come into the city with abandoned her. Officers located 20-year-old Janny Arguello, who was sitting in a car by herself with the door open and actively throwing up. There was also other vomit inside the vehicle. She was falling in and out of sleep while talking to officers and stated she didn’t know where her friend was at. She stated she lived thirty minutes away and refused all medical treatment. Due to her inability to care for herself, and her state of intoxication, she was transported to booking.