Mohammad Ghunim booked after fighting outside The Valentine on Broadway

22-year-old Mohammad Ghunim was jailed on February 25th after reports of a fight outside of The Valentine on Broadway. When officers arrived, they saw Ghunim fighting another individual and told him to stop multiple times. Ghunim did not listen to the officer’s commands and continued to fight. Ghunim was then placed into custody and transported to booking.

Keaton Fedrizzi kicked out of The Valentine, drunkenly tries to re-enter multiple times

24-year-old Keaton Fedrizzi was drunk and disorderly at The Valentine in the early hours of November 12th. Officers spoke with security and were advised that Fedrizzi was kicked out of the bar and kept trying to re-enter after being told multiple times not to. Fedrizzi fell to the ground and was visibly intoxicated when officers approached. He was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Jordan Cowart had the ability to avoid jail, just not the common sense

30-year-old Jordan Cowart was in a confrontation with security at The Valentine bar in the early hours of Saturday morning that continued to escalate. Metro Nashville Police arrived and asked Cowart just to walk away, which he initially did. He then walked to officers and continued to argue, and walked away a second time. After approaching security a third time and screaming profanities at them, Cowart was told he was under arrest and began to pull away from officers. While en route to booking, Cowart was talking to himself and yelling at people who were not present.

Jack Beckham bites officer during arrest on Broadway in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville police working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville late Saturday night say 24-year-old Jack Elliot Beckham refused to leave The Valentine on Broadway. They arrived to find Beckham unsteady on his feet and extremely intoxicated. He had been denied entry due to his level of intoxication and refused to leave the front area of the business, blocking other patrons from entering. As he was being taken into custody for disorderly conduct, Beckham began fleeing from police. Officers caught up with the Brentwood native and took him to the ground. Beckham then bit Officer Tyler Jordan’s left hand, causing a laceration injury.

Tourist charged with underage drinking on Broadway in downtown Nashville — Lane McAlister

Just before 2 a.m. on a Saturday in October, Metro Nashville Police were approached about a 20-year-old tourist from Arkansas who was openly drinking alcoholic drinks at 312 Broadway. The minor, identified as Lane McAlister, admitted to the underage drinking and was issued a citation charging him with underage drinking at 1:47 a.m. and the officers went about their nightly duties. The district attorney, however, refused to continue the prosecution and nolled the case once he was processed on the charge.

Downtown partier arrested after causing a ruckus over wearing a mask at The Valentine in Nashville

24-year-old Brittany Wyatt is charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct after police say she refused to wear a mask at the Valentine in downtown Nashville this weekend. Instead, she chose to yell & scream at staff, and threaten security as she was escorted out.