Bujar Troni threatens to fight cab driver after supposed traffic infraction

34-year-old Florida Man Bujar Troni was being disorderly in a taxicab around 8 p.m. on April 20th. The driver flagged officers down, advising that Troni kept following him, wanting to fight him because of a traffic infraction that Troni believed he saw. He added that he had hit his taxicab while walking by. Officers observed Troni in the middle of the road, yelling at the taxicab driver, so they told him that he needed to leave and not interact with the driver again. After warning him, Troni disregarded the officer’s commands and continued threatening the driver. Officers then noticed he smelled like alcohol and was having trouble standing up straight. Troni was taken into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.  

Brodey Johnson drunkenly runs into the hood of police car

23-year-old Brodey Johnson ran into the hood of a police vehicle near Honky Tonk Central late March 22nd. Officers observed him get off the hood, stumbling and unable to stand up straight, so they assisted him and his friends into a taxi. Johnson and his friends exited the cab 10 minutes later because they did not know where their Air BnB was located. Detectives noticed Johnson still needed assistance to stand and reeked of alcohol, so he was deemed unable to care for himself. Johnson was then taken into custody for public intoxication.

Parker Schram jailed after letting it flow in front of Barstool Sports Nashville

Police say 32-year-old Parker Schram was in the process of urinating on the sidewalk in front of Barstool Sports in downtown Nashville late March 15th. A crowd outside the bar could observe the exposed member attempting to perform its duty. Schram disregarded an officer’s commands to stop and continued about his business. Schram was taken into custody for public intoxication, and it was noted he was visibly intoxicated and unable to tell officers where he was or who he was with.

Florida Tourist Juan Munoz assaults woman at Whiskey Row during argument

21-year-old Juan Camilo Munoz had an altercation with Valentina Montoya at Whiskey Row on Broadway in the early hours of March 3rd. Officers observed Whiskey Row security arguing with Munoz when they arrived. Officers then intervened because the argument became physical. Security spoke with officers, advising them they had witnessed Munoz shove Montoya to the ground. Montoya told detectives that she had slapped Munoz after they argued and that she did not want to press charges. Munoz was visibly intoxicated and aggressive in front of Whiskey Row, so officers deemed him a danger to himself and others. Munoz was taken into custody for public intoxication and domestic assault.

Mohammad Ghunim booked after fighting outside The Valentine on Broadway

22-year-old Mohammad Ghunim was jailed on February 25th after reports of a fight outside of The Valentine on Broadway. When officers arrived, they saw Ghunim fighting another individual and told him to stop multiple times. Ghunim did not listen to the officer’s commands and continued to fight. Ghunim was then placed into custody and transported to booking.

Illinois tourist Ryan Villanueva assaults police & bouncers at Kid Rock’s bar in Nashville

26-year-old Illinois Tourist Ryan Villanueva began to knock things from the bar and stage at Kid Rock’s bar late Friday evening. Security told him to stop, which only caused Villanueva to get aggressive with them. He grabbed the arm of one of the security staff, William Tomlinson, and ripped open the top of his shirt. Tomlinson then escorted him to the ground, at which time Villanueva kneed him in the side of the head. He was detained for Metro Nashville Police, and when they attempted to take him into their custody were also met with resistance. While being searched, he kicked backward and hit Officer Chetan Babbar’s knee.

Stephanie Manley urinates in men’s room at Kid Rock’s bar; slips handcuffs, resists arrest

41-year-old South Carolina tourist Stephanie Stone Manley urinated in the men’s restroom at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk in the early hours of January 14th. The security at Kid Rock’s alerted the officers, and when they arrived, they spoke with Manley, who was still in the men’s restroom, refusing to leave. Manley became aggressive and started yelling at officers and security, walking towards them in a fighting stance. Officers escorted her out of the establishment and guided her to sit down outside, but she slipped her left hand out of the handcuffs. She was resistive and refused to put her hands behind her back, kicking at officers as they tried to detain her. Manley was taken into custody for criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Jalin Drayton argues with officer at Whiskey Row, gets in his face, yells “Don’t Touch Me!”

28-year-old Jalin Drayton was arguing with employees at Whiskey Row on Broadway in the early hours of Sunday. Officers observed an individual arguing with security because he had been kicked out of the bar. They were speaking with him when Drayton began to argue with the other Whiskey Row personnel due to being friends with the individual. Officers warned him to step back and stop arguing, but he refused, got in the officer’s face, and kept yelling, “Don’t touch me!” He was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Keaton Fedrizzi kicked out of The Valentine, drunkenly tries to re-enter multiple times

24-year-old Keaton Fedrizzi was drunk and disorderly at The Valentine in the early hours of November 12th. Officers spoke with security and were advised that Fedrizzi was kicked out of the bar and kept trying to re-enter after being told multiple times not to. Fedrizzi fell to the ground and was visibly intoxicated when officers approached. He was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Antioch man Terelle Calles couldn’t handle Broadway’s liquor

33-year-old Terelle Calles was passed out in a stairwell near Nashville Underground in downtown Nashville early Sunday Morning. Officers helped Mr. Calles get into a car for hire, but he was kicked out when his card declined. He was stumbling, couldn’t stand up straight, and was slurring as he spoke. Officers placed Mr. Calles into custody as he was too drunk to care for himself.