Fahd Opanuga attempts to pass through TSA with fake ID at Nashville International Airport

56-year-old Fahd Opanuga was taken into custody for criminal impersonation, theft of identity, and criminal simulation on April 18th at TSA checkpoint in Nashville International Airport. During a fraud investigation, airport police officers approached Opanuga and asked for his ID, which he voluntarily provided. Then, when officers ran his ID, it returned bearing the name “Hakeem Adewale Bashorun.” Officers discovered that Opanuga was not the person pictured when Bashorun’s information returned. Officers then located a credit card under Bashorun’s identity in his possession as well. Opanuga was then detained for the incident.

Matthew Winston trespasses at Greyhound Bus Station after being banned

25-year-old Matthew Colby Winston was taken into custody for criminal impersonation and criminal trespassing on April 3rd. Officers were dispatched to the Greyhound Bus Station on Representative John Lewis Way South. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the staff, who said they had kicked Winston out and banned him from the location earlier that night. Staff said Winston had snuck back inside at some point. Officers located him inside the bus station in the waiting area and detained him. Officers confirmed that Greyhound had a trespass waiver on file for Winston. Winston was taken into custody on April 3rd.

Kenneth Maschek pretends to be a cop, pulls a man’s pants down to “search him”

51-year-old Kenneth Daniel Maschek of Chicago was disorderly at the Sheraton Hotel on Union Street late January 15th. Officers arrived and spoke with the complainant, who advised them that Maschek claimed to be a police officer, threw him to the ground using a hip toss, searched him by pulling his pants down, and detained him in the elevator. The complainant had an acquaintance with him who told officers that Maschek snatched his phone out of his hand. Maschek spoke with officers and told them that he subdued the individuals in the elevator because he thought they had a gun and were going to “shoot up the place.” Officers did not find evidence showing that they had a weapon, but the victim of the hip toss admitted to having loose bullets and a magazine. Maschek was visibly intoxicated and admitted to having “some beers.” Then, he told them that he only claimed to be a police officer because it was a two-on-one situation, and he wanted to intimidate them. The two citizens involved did not wish to prosecute, but Maschek was taken into custody for public intoxication and criminal impersonation of an officer.

Rhonda Schwendinger caught having intercourse in restroom at Vanderbilt University’s Heard Library

40-year-old Rhonda Schwendinger was caught having sexual intercourse in the men’s restroom at Vanderbilt University’s Heard Library on the morning of December 18th. Officers observed this occurring on the floor in front of the sinks before separating and detaining both parties. They both stated that they had met inside the library and agreed to have sex in the bathroom. They also stated there was no money involved. Schwendinger gave officers a false social security number, so they could not initially identify her. She was taken into custody for criminal impersonation and public indecency.

Martin Harasim claims to be government agent after assaulting his sister

41-year-old Martin Haraism was jailed Monday night after assaulting his sister at their apartment on Broadway. The victim stated that her brother was extremely intoxicated, and she took a bath to give him time to calm down and ended up having to barricade herself inside the bathroom. Harasim broke through the door and slammed her head against a wall. He then strangled her to the point of lightheadedness and threw her around the apartment. The victim stated, “He beat the hell out of me.” She had visible bruises and injuries in multiple places on her arms, legs, neck, and abdomen. She also had bruising around her neck from the strangulation.  

When officers spoke with Harasim, he denied ever assaulting the victim and claimed she had a mental illness. He was obviously intoxicated and claimed to be an IRS Criminal Investigator and an FBI agent but never showed a badge or provided any credentials. Officers called the FBI field office located in Knoxville, and they had no knowledge of him. Officers then attempted to take Harasim into custody, but he resisted by pulling away. He even stepped on an officer’s foot and would not move. He also attempted to throw his shoulder into an officer but was quickly pinned against a wall to prevent that. While in custody, he threatened to retaliate against the officers due to his employment by the federal government. He stated the federal government would “f*/k them up.” He also stated that he would “chop up” the arresting officer and called them “dumb f*/king fa*/ots.”

Joseph Tannous assaults cop who retrieved his fake ID from Barstool Sports

20-year-old Joseph Tannous was with a friend at the Barstool Sports bar in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning when he attempted to use a fake ID to gain entry to the venue. Security took the fake ID from Tannous and would not return it. Tannous then contacted the police in an attempt to retrieve his ID card. Officers reported the person on the ID was obviously not Tannous, and he was unable to provide any matching information. Tannous moved toward Officer Casey Lopez and attempted to snatch the fake ID from him, assaulting the officer in the process.

Jordan Lewis busted using fake identity to rent a car at Nashville Airport

23-year-old Jordan Kyle Lewis faces multiple charges after he attempted to rent a car at the Enterprise counter at the Nashville International Airport on November 13th. His Georgia identification, which listed him as ‘John Head’ was not verified as valid in their system, so they called Airport Police to verify it was valid. The clerk mentioned to him that officers were on the way to ensure it was good, and he fled the airport.

But wait, there’s more. Two hours later, Lewis returned to the airport in different clothing and appeared at the National counter for a second attempt to rent a car using his real information this time. The fake Georgia ID was found in his backpack. He is charged with felony forgery, felony criminal simulation, and criminal impersonation.

Keosha Higgins charged after cappin’ about her identity to police during traffic stop

24-year-old Keosha Higgins was jailed this week on two outstanding citations from June 2021, charging her with criminal impersonation and driving on a suspended license. The citations came about during a traffic stop for a handsfree law violation in the Gulch during which she claimed to be “Triana Stratton” and provided a SSN that returned to a male’s identity. She eventually admitted she was using her cousin’s name and had a suspended license.

High on mushrooms, Nashville man caught with purple bunny at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens

29-year-old Zachary Pollack told police he was “high on shrooms” when they caught him with a purple Lego bunny rabbit at the ‘Nature Pop’ exhibit at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens Monday night. Security believed he was trying to steal the artwork, however, Zach says he just “thought it would be funny if it moved”.

Woman stopped for warrants found with needle; bites security when leaving hospital

33-year-old Morgan Hammer was charged with criminal impersonation, assault, and drug paraphernalia after she bit a hospital security guard while MNPD was taking her into custody due to a warrant regarding her failure to be booked in June.