Fahd Opanuga attempts to pass through TSA with fake ID at Nashville International Airport

56-year-old Fahd Opanuga was taken into custody for criminal impersonation, theft of identity, and criminal simulation on April 18th at TSA checkpoint in Nashville International Airport. During a fraud investigation, airport police officers approached Opanuga and asked for his ID, which he voluntarily provided. Then, when officers ran his ID, it returned bearing the name “Hakeem Adewale Bashorun.” Officers discovered that Opanuga was not the person pictured when Bashorun’s information returned. Officers then located a credit card under Bashorun’s identity in his possession as well. Opanuga was then detained for the incident.

April Lewis charged with disorderly conduct at Nashville International Airport

45-year-old April Lewis was jailed Friday morning at Nashville International Airport after TSA stopped her for improper identification. There was no verification for Ms. Lewis in all 50 states causing her to be denied access. This caused her to begin screaming at officers. Officers gave her a chance to calm down, but she continued being loud and started to walk away. The TSA checkpoint was heavily populated, and her behavior was stopping the flow of traffic; therefore, Ms. Lewis was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.