Fahd Opanuga attempts to pass through TSA with fake ID at Nashville International Airport

56-year-old Fahd Opanuga was taken into custody for criminal impersonation, theft of identity, and criminal simulation on April 18th at TSA checkpoint in Nashville International Airport. During a fraud investigation, airport police officers approached Opanuga and asked for his ID, which he voluntarily provided. Then, when officers ran his ID, it returned bearing the name “Hakeem Adewale Bashorun.” Officers discovered that Opanuga was not the person pictured when Bashorun’s information returned. Officers then located a credit card under Bashorun’s identity in his possession as well. Opanuga was then detained for the incident.

Kimberly Wormack deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

56-year-old Kimberly Wormack was jailed on February 16th after reports of a female passenger who was refused boarding at BNA due to being intoxicated. Officers found Ms. Wormack near gate C27 displaying obvious signs of intoxication. Officers ordered Kimberly to leave the airport and rest so she could fly back in the morning. Initially, Kimberly was cooperative, but she became belligerent and started to scream, stating that she wasn’t going to leave. Based on Kimberly’s escalating behavior along with her level of intoxication, officers concluded that she was a danger to herself, and she was placed under arrest.

Laurie Frank deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

60-year-old Laurie Frank was drunk in Nashville Airport Tuesday night. Officers arrived at level two of passenger pick-up and observed Frank to be visibly intoxicated. She could not tell them what city or state she was in. They were advised that she was denied boarding to Florida due to her being drunk. Laurie was not able to obtain transportation to a hotel and had nobody local to pick her up. Laurie Frank was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Shantonia Gwin says he can talk to Black women however he wants

41-year-old Shantonia Gwin reportedly made sexually inappropriate comments and threats toward Southwest Airlines staff on September 1st after 10 p.m. Police arrived, and Shantonia was not present but was found a short distance away. They identified Shantonia by his Kentucky Driver’s license, and Shantonia told them that he lost his bag at Southwest and wished to retrieve it. Police escorted Shantonia to Southwest baggage, where they met Timothy Kiernon, who said he wanted to press charges against Shantonia for assault. Timothy told police that Shantonia came to baggage service visibly intoxicated and cussed at the employees. Also, he said, “He can talk to the b*/ches any way he wants because they are black.” He left and returned several times to the baggage service, threatening to physically harm Timothy. Police arrested Shantonia for assault against Timothy via his reports and willingness to prosecute.

Drunk Illinois man Charles Hall knocks child to the ground at Nashville Airport

42-year-old Charles Hall, of Illinois, was refused boarding of an airplane at Nashville International Airport Saturday afternoon after airline employees observed him knock a child to the ground while standing in line due to his drunkenness. While waiting for another flight, Hall went to an airport bar and consumed more alcohol until the bartenders refused to serve him anymore. He caused a commotion, and airport police responded and noticed his extreme level of intoxication. He was given the chance to take a car service to a hotel but refused all offers of assistance. Hall was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Bryan Queen too drunk to fly at Nashville International Airport

25-year-old Bryan Queen was denied boarding at the Nashville International Airport Saturday evening when he presented at the gate incredibly intoxicated. American Airlines gate agents say he was unable to stand or hold his balance, prompting them to contact Airport Police. Officers noted his level of intoxication and that he reeked of alcohol. Queen would have been booked on a flight the next day; however, he was uncooperative with the process, repeatedly speaking incoherently and repeating that he was drunk. Queen was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Jason Scott attempted to drive away from the airport in a rental car while drunk

42-year-old Jason Scott was charged with DUI Saturday morning after crashing a rental car into a pole in the rental area of the airport parking garage. Enterprise rental car had reported a drunk driver attempting to leave in a rental vehicle and backed up into a pole. Staff told police that Scott smelled heavily of alcohol and was turned away at the exit gate by Enterprise staff. When the officer approached Scott, he had glossy eyes and alcohol coming from his breath when he spoke. He agreed to sobriety testing and performed poorly.

DUI: David Galloway crashes into gate at airport parking lot at 3 a.m.

23-year-old David Lloyd Galloway says he had “two to three” drinks mixed with Whisky about an hour before crashing his black SUV into the gate of the cell phone parking lot at the Nashville International Airport just before 3 a.m. Saturday. Officers arrived to find the front end of his SUV lodged under the arm of the gate. Galloway performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI.

Drunken Publicist Zachary Farnum climbs atop rideshare car & attempts to steal it in rampage

28-year-old Nashville publicist and artist manager Zachary Farnum of the 117 Entertainment Group will need a publicist of his own to recover from the bad publicity he keeps giving himself. Police say Farnum was under the influence of at least one substance when he became aggressive and threatening with a rideshare driver this weekend. Farnum ended up climbing on top of the car before trying to steal it when the rideshare driver parked and called 911.

Farnum made headlines in October when it’s believed he prematurely tipped TMZ about the death of one of his clients, Jerry Lee Lewis, an entire day before he died. Scoop: Nashville also covered Farnum’s 2017 DUI after he attempted to leave a parking garage without paying and plowed through a barrier at the Music City Center. [details inside…]