Fahd Opanuga attempts to pass through TSA with fake ID at Nashville International Airport

56-year-old Fahd Opanuga was taken into custody for criminal impersonation, theft of identity, and criminal simulation on April 18th at TSA checkpoint in Nashville International Airport. During a fraud investigation, airport police officers approached Opanuga and asked for his ID, which he voluntarily provided. Then, when officers ran his ID, it returned bearing the name “Hakeem Adewale Bashorun.” Officers discovered that Opanuga was not the person pictured when Bashorun’s information returned. Officers then located a credit card under Bashorun’s identity in his possession as well. Opanuga was then detained for the incident.

Nathan West deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

37-year-old Nathan Everett West reportedly kept losing consciousness at Titan’s Press Box, a bar in BNA Terminal 1, on February 3rd. Bystanders pointed out West when officers arrived, advising he was the one they were there for. West was visibly intoxicated when officers spoke to him, admitting he had five alcoholic beverages but was unaware of which terminal gate he was in. West fell onto a bench as officers tried to figure out where he needed to go. Under Miranda, West told them he had two shots of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire and three Bud Lights within an hour. He was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Drunk Illinois man Charles Hall knocks child to the ground at Nashville Airport

42-year-old Charles Hall, of Illinois, was refused boarding of an airplane at Nashville International Airport Saturday afternoon after airline employees observed him knock a child to the ground while standing in line due to his drunkenness. While waiting for another flight, Hall went to an airport bar and consumed more alcohol until the bartenders refused to serve him anymore. He caused a commotion, and airport police responded and noticed his extreme level of intoxication. He was given the chance to take a car service to a hotel but refused all offers of assistance. Hall was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Nashville’s Liberty Tax owner Sean Connor jailed while leaving the country for open warrant

44-year-old Sean Connor, the owner of Nashville’s Liberty Tax and front-man of The Southern Gothic, was attempting to fly out of the country Monday night when agents from Customs & Border Patrol at the Nashville International Airport were alerted of an active warrant for his arrest, out of Manatee County, Florida. They confirmed the warrant was extraditable and placed him into custody. Connor’s attorney was able to get his bond reduced to $5,000, which he posted in cash and avoided extradition to Florida.