Jessie Curtis caught at Skyline Hospital with several outstanding Kentucky warrants

36-year-old Jessie Ray Curtis arrived with a gunshot wound in his back at Skyline Hospital around 4:56 p.m. on April 25th. Officers discovered that his injury was sustained during an aggravated burglary in Warren, Kentucky, and that there were several outstanding warrants for his arrest. Curtis was taken into custody for being a fugitive from justice on May 2nd.

Brett Forrest jailed on Florida warrant after stealing $885 in merchandise at Green Hills Mall

64-year-old Brett Forrest stole merchandise from Nordstrom and Macy’s on Hillsboro Pike on March 10th. Patrick Page, a loss prevention associate, alerted the authorities, advising them that he observed Forrest grab two pairs of sunglasses, valued at $293, and put them in his pocket before leaving the store. Page provided officers with footage of the incident. Page detained Forrest and searched him, locating additional merchandise stolen from Nordstrom with the price tags still on them. Page then notified Nordstrom’s loss prevention associate, Gabriel Ertmer, who went over to obtain the items with price tags valued at $592. Detectives ran his information and found that he had a valid outstanding warrant out of Sarasota County, Florida, with full extradition, so officers contacted them and confirmed it. Forrest was taken into custody for being a fugitive from justice and two counts of theft of merchandise.

Edmund Zhu booked on outstanding warrant from Kentucky

19-year-old Edmund Zhu, Sophomore class president and student at Lipscomb University, was taken into custody on February 7th. The Kentucky State Police notified officers that Zhu had an outstanding extraditable warrant out of their jurisdiction and was a student at Lipscomb. Officers verified the warrant via NCIC before seeing him on University Park Drive near the school and detaining him. Zhu was charged with being a fugitive from justice.

Nashville’s Liberty Tax owner Sean Connor jailed while leaving the country for open warrant

44-year-old Sean Connor, the owner of Nashville’s Liberty Tax and front-man of The Southern Gothic, was attempting to fly out of the country Monday night when agents from Customs & Border Patrol at the Nashville International Airport were alerted of an active warrant for his arrest, out of Manatee County, Florida. They confirmed the warrant was extraditable and placed him into custody. Connor’s attorney was able to get his bond reduced to $5,000, which he posted in cash and avoided extradition to Florida.

Bruce Lee arrested after fight family

32-year-old Bruce Lee was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from July 2021, when he assaulted family members at their apartment on Hollow Terrace. Police spoke with Ada Taylor, Tashina Taylor, and Christian Taylor, who all lived in the apartment with Lee. Ada is the mother of Tashina and Christian and the Godmother of Lee. Tashina and Lee were in an argument where he was cursing at her, and her brother Christian intervened, telling Lee not to speak to his mother and sister with disrespect. The family said that’s when Lee lost control and started attacking them. He hit Christian with a metal step stool, and they began to fight. Police observed a bloody gash on Christian’s left forearm. The fight continued into the living room on the couch, where Ada and Tashina helped break it up. That’s when Lee grabbed Ada’s cell phone and threw it to the ground, breaking it. At the time of his arrest, he had additional outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions.

Dustyn Odiaga booked on outstanding warrants from Nashville and Idaho

23-year-old Dustyn Odiaga was jailed on multiple outstanding warrants this week when officers encountered him during a domestic call in Antioch. Officers ran his name and realized he had an outstanding warrant in Nashville for the domestic assault of his mother from September, and a felony warrant from Boise, Idaho, will full extradition. As he was being taken into custody, Dustyn attempted to flee and was taken to the ground by officers. He continued to resist, yell, scream, and clasp his hands together under his body. He was eventually transported to booking.

Out of state fugitive posts $150K bond in Nashville, walks out of jail — David Kariotis

Metro Nashville Police located 47-year-old David Kariotis at his Infinity Music Row apartment and took him onto custody for outstanding out-of-state warrants in Chicago, who wishes to extradite him into their custody. Once he was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, he was given a $150,000 bond on the fugitive of justice warrant. He then had a source hearing for his funds, posted the $150,000K bond via Grumpy’s bail bonds, and walked out the door.

Homicide fugitive charged after reportedly trying to take a child from her ex’s home

36-year-old Angela Floyd was charged with domestic assault and fugitive from justice after her ex’s current wife reported an unknown male showed up at their door and Angela sprang from her hiding place and attempted to take her child.

Michigan fugitive booked for intoxication after fight at Greyhound station

31-year-old Corde Turner was charged with public intoxication at the Greyhound station after fighting with someone and becoming belligerent with authorities. He was found to be a fugitive from justice out of Michigan.