Edmund Zhu booked on outstanding warrant from Kentucky

19-year-old Edmund Zhu, Sophomore class president and student at Lipscomb University, was taken into custody on February 7th. The Kentucky State Police notified officers that Zhu had an outstanding extraditable warrant out of their jurisdiction and was a student at Lipscomb. Officers verified the warrant via NCIC before seeing him on University Park Drive near the school and detaining him. Zhu was charged with being a fugitive from justice.

Woman admits she was “in the wrong” after attacking boyfriend at his mother’s house on mother’s day

On Mother’s day, 22-year-old Michaela Hunt was with her boyfriend, Christopher Falcon, at the home of his mother, Christie Falcon, in South Nashville. Multiple witnesses at the location reported that Michaela was intoxicated and “causing a scene” during the evening. Christopher says she became verbally aggressive and then began hitting, slapping, and scratching him, which caused multiple visible injuries, as documented by police.

Woman assaults & bites husband after he refuses to give her money, says she doesn’t work — Hadia Zkria

34-year-old Hadia Zkria is charged with the domestic assault of her husband after he showed police lacerations and injuries to his neck, wrist, and elbow, and a bite mark on his chest. Police were also able to view a video of the attack.

Her husband Elsadig Adam, states the argument happened after she asked him for money but he would not give her any, stating she did not work. Zkria is free on a $1,500 bond. When asked by an interpreter, Zkria stated ‘nothing happened’.