Namie Yimnoi tells police ex-lover choked her; Now you know the rest of the story…

19-year-old Phadtarawadee Namie Yimnoi told police she was “choked” in an attempt to have her ex-boyfriend/roommate, DaTorrien Mayo, charged, however after hearing the full story and interviewing two other witnesses, she took the ride to jail. Officers arrived at the domestic call, where after two independent witnesses and the victim were interviewed, it was determined she had entered his room to retrieve property she says she had gifted him during the relationship. He confronted her about being in his room and escorted her out, at which time she “threw an elbow” and hit him in the face, leaving him with an injury. She then attempted to strike him with a phone, at which time he attempted to restrain her from further assaulting him, which is when she says felt she was “choked”.

Tourist Chad Muus charged with assault of his wife after CMA Fest concert at Nissan Stadium

As the opening night of CMA Fest 2022 ended at Nissan Stadium overnight, Metro Nashville Police responded to the parking lot of the stadium just after 3 a.m. Friday after venue security observed an assault. 45-year-old Chad Muus reportedly threw his wife, Kaydi Muus, to the ground, causing her to strike her knees on the pavement, and leaving her with injuries. Police noted both parties appeared heavily intoxicated and determined Chad to be the primary aggressor.

Tourist Danielle Jones charged after calling family member a “Fat B-tch” & assaulting her

32-year-old Danielle Jones was jailed on her trip to Nashville this weekend, as she was charged with domestic assault after police say she called Kaityln Jones a “Fat Bit-h” and slammed her to the ground, resulting in a scrape to her shin. Danielle admitted to the assault, but denied the assault caused the injury.

Father calls police to report son assaulted him two days after it happened — Anthony Holt, arrested

Charles Holt called Metro Nashville Police to his home to report that two days prior to the call, his 25-year-old son, Anthony Holt, had assaulted him. He says the two were in a verbal argument, and when the father attempted to leave the residence to de-escalate the situation, Anthony grabbed his right arm and “threw him to the side.” Officers observed a visible injury to the victim’s right arm. During an interview, Anthony told officers he did grab his father during the altercation.

Brentwood man charged in assault of his son — Stephane Francois arrested

Police took 61-year-old Stephane Francois, of Brentwood, into custody Monday after a verbal argument with his son, Charles Francois, escalated into a physical altercation. The victim and his father both gave the same account of events, recalling that Stephane threw his son down onto the ground. Stephane told officers he was responsible for the assault, and police documented injuries on the right side of the victim’s face.

Whites Creek food fight lands girlfriend in jail without dinner — Heather Berry

Police say 47-year-old Heather Berry ashed her boyfriend, Jeremiah Steimle, to set up the grill for burgers on Monday night, and when she was “unhappy with his response time,” she began to do it herself. As she began grilling, an argument ensued, and she took all of the food and tossed it off their rear balcony. The argument continued, and she punched him with her fists, as witnessed by his father, who owns the home. Not quite finished, she took a plastic container filled with a beverage and smashed it over his head. Before fleeing the scene, she went through the home and kicked various items, including the TV and soundbar. 

Musician Emily Otteson assaults roommate musician Zach Hinson to “push his energy away”

32-year-old Nashville Musician Emily Otteson is charged with the domestic assault of her roommate, Country singer Zach Hinson. Hinson called 911 to report Otteson had thrown a steel half-gallon water jug at him, striking him in the shin, as the two were having a verbal argument about rent. Hinson was perched atop the kitchen counter while she was at the kitchen table. Neither left their seats during the argument. The situation initially calmed down after the assault, however, as things became heated again, Hinson says he was afraid she would throw a pencil at him. When asked why she threw the steel container at him, Otteson stated: “to shock him, push his energy away.”

Woman charged with tackling and beating her mother in dispute over estate — Krisshayah Greer

21-year-old Krisshayah Greer was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from December of 2020 charging her with domestic assault and theft. She, along with two other co-defendants, reportedly came to her grandmother’s home, who had recently died. The trio attempted to remove items from the home, however, they encountered her mother, who is the executor of the estate. When she told them they had to leave, all three pushed her down and began to kick and punch her once she was on the ground. Krisshayah is additionally charged with stealing her mother’s iPhone while she was on the ground. All defendants fled the scene before police arrived, and warrants were issued.

Dameneke Charles charged with punching her boyfriend in the face twice during an argument

Donavan Morton Carr tells police his 25-year-old girlfriend, Dameneke Charles punched him in the face twice during an argument on April 25th. He was able to push her out of the way and escape to the downstairs area of the apartment, where he met with the police. Officers arrived and documented a busted lip on the Donavan Carr and some blood from a cut inside his mouth. 

Derek Heiar charged with assaulting woman, forcing her down steps, and falling into shower

Police responded to St Thomas Midtown Hospital this weekend where Marissa Demarco arrived with injuries and reported that 38-year-old Derek Heiar and she had gotten into an argument at their Wedgewood apartment at 4 a.m. during which he grabbed her and dragged her down the stairs while they struggled. They both ended up falling into the shower. She was in fear and waiting until she arrived at a safe place to report the assault. Officers documented her injuries including grab marks and bruising on her left and right arms and scratches from the struggle.