Troy Gober Jr. hits child’s mother in face during argument

37-year-old Troy Wayne Gober Jr. had a domestic altercation with the mother of his child, Ireland Scanlan, at their Huntington Parkway residence on October 16th, 2023. When officers arrived, they spoke with Scanlan, who had visible bruising and swelling to her left eye. Scanlan stated that during the argument, Gober struck her in the face. Gober’s mother and officers tried to get him to return, but he refused. Scanlan stated that the witnesses, who were all Gober’s family members, told her that if she called the police, they would tell them that she hit him first. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault on June 13th.

Josue Solis kicked out of Plaza Mariachi for being too drunk

23-year-old Josue Solis was caught trespassing at the Plaza Mariachi on Nolensville Pike on April 27th. Officers made contact with security, who advised that Solis was escorted out of their bar for being overly intoxicated and pushy. Security also informed officers that Solis kept trying to return to the building through different entrances after he was kicked out. Officers advised Solis that he needed to find a way home, to which he responded by saying that he would get his brother to take him. Solis made no effort to contact his brother, so the officers reminded him, but the same behavior continued. Due to his level of intoxication, Josue Solis was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespassing and public intoxication.

Sherrice Blunt destroys boyfriend’s TV after learning of infidelity

31-year-old Sherrice Blunt was involved in a domestic altercation with her on-and-off boyfriend, Terry Lee Watters Jr, on April 14th at their Nolensville Pike residence. Watters had claimed that Blunt started throwing his things into the hallway outside their apartment and damaged one of his TVs. Officers observed the TV and noticed the damage that was done to it. Officers then asked Blunt why she was putting Watter’s stuff outside, and she claimed that she had found evidence of him cheating on her. When officers asked about the TV, Blunt claimed she had put it outside with the rest of his belongings. Due to the TV not being shared, property officers concluded that the damage to the TV was considered vandalism. Blunt was then taken into custody for vandalism.        

Devonta Upchurch punches ex-wife in face during argument over car keys

29-year-old Devonta Upchurch had a domestic altercation with his ex-wife, Sarah Upchurch, at Hickory Point Apartments in the early hours of February 26th. Officers responded and spoke with Sarah, who advised that she met Devonta at the apartment complex to return his belongings. During this process, Devonta reached through her car and took her phone as well as her car keys. Sarah said that he left the scene after an argument ensued. When Devonta later returned, Sarah went to grab her items from him. Devonta then punched Sarah in the mouth, giving her a bloody lip. Devonta initially told officers that their incident was strictly verbal before telling them that Sarah hit him on his back. Officers asked if they could see if Devonta had any injuries, but he refused. Devonta Upchurch was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Nashville Police arrest woman seeking help for panic attack — Heidi Sutton jailed

39-year-old Heidi Sutton was jailed late Saturday night after Metro Nashville Police responded to a medical call on 12th Ave South. Sutton told responding officers she was experiencing a panic attack, and they informed her that an ambulance was on the way to assist her. Officers then directed her inside in order to stay warm, at which point she reportedly threw a cell phone at one of the officers, aiming at his head. Multiple officers then took Sutton to the ground, where she resisted arrest until she was eventually subdued and handcuffed. She was then transported to booking, where she was charged with assault of an officer and resisting arrest.

Timothy Ayala charged in assault of his ex-lover

24-year-old Timothy Ayala was jailed Monday on an outstanding warrant from late December. Keria Horsely, who is the mother of his child, called police on December 29 after an argument about her moving back to California turned physical. She says that as soon as she placed the baby in the crib, Ayala grabbed her and pinned her to the bed, leaving red welt-type marks on her arms, which were documented by police. She bit him to escape, and he then fled the scene.

DUI: Carrie Newman jailed after late-night crash

35-year-old Carrie Newman was jailed late Saturday night after causing a crash on Hillsboro Pike. When officers arrived, they interviewed both parties involved and had reason to suspect that Newman was driving under the influence of alcohol. They noticed she had glassy eyes; she admitted that she was heading home from a work party and had at least two drinks. She consented to sobriety testing and performed poorly on all tasks. When she was taken to booking, she consented to a breath test that came back as a .134% BAC.

Michael Walling jailed after fighting at Red Door Saloon in Nashville

24-year-old Michael Walling was involved in a fight in front of Red Door Saloon in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning. While officers attempted to separate the individual, Walling ended up on top of one of the other involved parties. Both individuals were extremely intoxicated and created a nuisance in the area. Both individuals were taken into custody. Michael had a laceration on his head and was cleared by medics.

“I’m doing Stone Cold Steve Austin” — Dylan Bennett jailed for public intoxication

Police observed 28-year-old Dylan Bennett in the middle of multiple lanes of traffic out of Tin Roof on Demonbreun in the early hours of Sunday morning. He was flailing his arms in the air and pointing at vehicles, causing vehicles to stop. He told nearby officers he was “Stone Cold,” and when he asked what he was doing in the roadway, he replied, “I’m doing Stone Cold Steve Austin.”

Keniya Green charged with assault after fighting in front of officers

19-year-old Keniya Green was in an altercation with Sammeca Hall on Edgehill Ave Friday night, along with other individuals. While officers were investigating the incident, she aggressively approached the victim again and had to be separated by officers. She became even more aggressive and assumed a fighting stance attempting to escalate the situation. She was taken into custody for assault after placing the victim in fear of bodily injury.