18-Year-Old Jakeria Rucker drives into oncoming traffic to evade police in Ford Fusion

18-year-old Jakeria Rucker drove through a stop sign with a brake light out near Deford Bailey Avenue and 12th Avenue South late February 10th. Officers were in the area and overheard approximately 20-30 gunshots from the Edgehill Housing Community. Officers went to the area and observed four occupants, one of which being Rucker, in a black Ford Fusion cross into oncoming traffic to flee from them. The Fusion was later involved in an accident on 2nd Avenue South and Chestnut Street, where officers confirmed the plate number matched the vehicle at large. Rucker, the driver, was detained as she told them she did not know they were trying to pull her over when she saw the blue lights behind her. Further investigation revealed that she did not have a valid driver’s license and was taken into custody for evading arrest by motor vehicle and not having a driver’s license.

18-year-old Fischer Krebs found with 80 THC vape pens, gun, and two bags of marijuana

18-year-old Fischer Krebs was in the driver’s seat of a pickup truck on December 29th, which was the subject of a call to police. The caller believed the driver and passenger to be trespassing on private property. Krebs exited the vehicle when officers arrived, along with the passenger. When speaking with Krebs, officers noticed he had a strong odor of marijuana, to which Krebs admitted they had smoked a THC vape pen inside the vehicle. A search of the vehicle yielded 80 THC vape pens, a handgun, and two bags of marijuana. Fischer Krebs was taken into custody, transported to the Davidson County Detention Center, and booked without incident.

DUI: William Moore jailed after interstate crash

28-year-old William Moore was taken into custody for driving under the influence on the night of October 15th. Officers responded to a call regarding a single-vehicle accident on the I-440W exit off I-65S. Moore told officers that his tires blew out, causing him to hit the concrete barrier on the right side of the road. When questioned, Moore admitted to having too much to drink and even stopped during a sobriety test because he knew he was “drunk driving.” He refused all further testing and was transported to booking.

Night Riderz member Kristian Wilkins charged with rioting for car meet/takeover participation

21-year-old Kristian Wilkins could not escape when police responded to a street racer gathering on Trousdale Dr on July 8th around 10 p.m. Officer Wright made contact with Kristian, wearing Night Riderz branded clothing, a prominent local street racing crew. The MNPD has a Street Racing Initiative that investigates street racing events being riotous in nature due to the danger they pose to properties and persons. The police reported that the events often included fireworks, gunfire, and a pedestrian being struck by a car that was sliding. Also, they often obstruct, prevent, and avoid law enforcement efforts to stop their activities.

Ethan Coles attacks brother in Nashville; his brother fought back

20-year-old Charles ‘Ethan’ Coles and his brother Daniel Coles were in downtown Nashville Tuesday when Ethan was highly intoxicated and attempted to instigate a fight with his brother. Daniel attempted to walk away to diffuse the situation when Ethan attempted to punch him in the back of the head at first and succeeded on the second attempt. In response to the attack continuing, Daniel picked up his brother and “threw him on the ground.” When he didn’t stop, Daniel then punched him in the face, leaving an injury to Ethan’s mouth. Witnesses corroborated the events, and Ethan was taken into custody.

Lance Dotson charged with strangling his wife at Hopsmith Nashville

51-year-old Lance Dotson was jailed on April 1st after strangling his wife, Stacey Dotson until she couldn’t breathe. When officers arrived at Hopsmith Nashville on Division Street, Stacey was visibly distraught and crying. Multiple witnesses approached the officers and told them how Lance physically assaulted and choked her numerous times. They showed the officer videos that they had recorded of the incident that matched Stacey’s statement. Stacey refused medical attention when NFD arrived on the scene, and Lance was taken to booking and charged with felony aggravated assault/strangulation.

Dorian Davis beats his grandmother with a broomstick; she tases him in self-defense

22-year-old Dorian Davis was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with beating his grandmother, Maude Northington, with a broomstick on December 29th before punching her in the face multiple times. The victim states she was informing Dorian that he was 22 years old and it was time for him to leave the house. Upset at the suggestion, Dorian reportedly began beating her with a broomstick and a block of wood, striking her in the head and neck. After those were taken from him, he assaulted his grandmother with punches to the face. She was able to use a taser on her grandson, but she said it didn’t stop him. As she was calling 911, Dorian fled the residence.