DUI: Charles Davis urinates on himself during sobriety tests after causing crash

30-year-old Charles Davis was charged on January 1st after causing a crash at Flora Wilson Park. When officers arrived on the scene, they immediately observed Mr. Davis stumbling and smelt alcohol coming from him. He explained that he had a beer at the bar he had just recently left from. During the field sobriety tests, Mr. Davis urinated on himself and was having issues staying still. The tests were concluded, and he was transported to Nashville General Hospital for a blood draw before being transported to booking. Charles Davis was charged with driving under the influence and implied consent.

Lance Dotson charged with strangling his wife at Hopsmith Nashville

51-year-old Lance Dotson was jailed on April 1st after strangling his wife, Stacey Dotson until she couldn’t breathe. When officers arrived at Hopsmith Nashville on Division Street, Stacey was visibly distraught and crying. Multiple witnesses approached the officers and told them how Lance physically assaulted and choked her numerous times. They showed the officer videos that they had recorded of the incident that matched Stacey’s statement. Stacey refused medical attention when NFD arrived on the scene, and Lance was taken to booking and charged with felony aggravated assault/strangulation.