Demayo Partee strangles man unconscious on West End

33-year-old Demayo Partee had an altercation with Tobia Burdette Jr. at 1921 Broadway late March 16th. When officers arrived, they located Burdette, who had lost consciousness after being strangled by an unidentified male. Burdett was out with Partee and his girlfriend when they started to argue, so he tried to intervene. When Burdette attempted to step in between them, Partee grabbed him by the neck and strangled him until he was unconscious, collapsing to the ground. Burdette was then transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center. Detectives could not locate Partee, but they reviewed security footage of the scuffle and then spoke with witnesses, who helped identify Partee. Partee was taken into custody for aggravated assault on March 18th.

Adam Williams vandalizes property at Psychiatric Hospital, damages worth over $5,000

19-year-old Adam Williams was jailed on November 16th for destroying property inside TriStar Centennial Parthenon Pavilion. The facility’s director, Mr. Ronald Haskamp, stated that Williams was admitted on October 27th. During his stay, he destroyed $5,886 worth of property. On October 29th, officers were called to the facility after Williams had destroyed multiple doors of the area where he was being housed. Mr. Haskamp stated the damage done to the doors cost $5,000 in repairs. When Williams was asked why he destroyed the doors, he stated, “Because he was angry.” Officers viewed video surveillance that was recorded on November 13th that showed Williams pouring liquid onto a computer, causing $886 worth of damage. After being medically discharged from the facility, Williams was taken into custody.

Troy Smith leaves wet spot on his lover after assault in Nashville hotel

James Shardale Taylor says his lover, 23-year-old Troy Smith, tossed a duffle bag containing his cell phone off of the 5th-floor balcony of their West End hotel late Saturday evening. The two had been arguing as Troy wanted to visit a shopping mall, and James did not want to go. Troy reportedly became “erratic,” causing James to record the interaction. When James said he wanted to level the hotel room, he says Troy told him he would have to fight him to leave the room. He then reportedly snatched the phone away from James and attacked him, strangling him and leaving him with visible injuries to his neck. Troy also poured a beer onto James, leaving him with a wet spot on his shirt. Police arrived and took Troy into custody. The cell phone was retrieved and was damaged as a result of the fall.

Brittanie Gray charged after making bomb threat from within TriStar Centennial Hospital

19-year-old Brittanie Gray is charged with filing a false report of an emergency after they called in a bomb threat to TriStar Centennial Medical Center on Friday. Even though the phone used to place the call didn’t have active service, the device’s prior number showed when the 911 call was placed on the device. Dispatchers were able to match prior calls from the same number which had been placed by Brittanie (Andrew) Gray. Officers learned that a patient by that name was on a 6404 (psychiatric) hold at the hospital and did have access to their phone. Upon their release, they were taken into custody and charged with felony filing a false report.

Nashville Police charge teen with felony after he borrows basketball from a school — Justin Mealer

Metro Nashville Police charged 19-year-old Justin Mealer with felony burglary after he entered an unlocked door of Fall-Hamilton Elementary School Sunday afternoon and borrowed a basketball so he and his friends could play on the nearby basketball court. The neighborhood teen with no criminal history openly admits to going inside the neighborhood school and locating a basketball, stating he entered through an unlocked cafeteria door. School Security Officer Austin Dubuc that the door may not have been properly latched, but the school was closed for operations. At the time of Mealer’s arrest by MNPD Officer Nicholas Alan Carroll, he was carrying a basketball, a box fan, and popsicles for the boys.