Troy Johnson threatens wife and friends at gunpoint

28-year-old Troy Kelly Johnson had an altercation with his friend, Joel Irving Schuster, his friend’s wife, Karen Asprilla Schuster, and his wife, Nikkia Plantilla Johnson, at their Airbnb on Mason Avenue late April 13th. Mrs. Schuster called the police, stating that her husband’s friend, Johnson, was threatening her with a handgun. When officers arrived, they heard Johnson yelling at someone, telling them they had “30 seconds” and that they “Called 911, so get on your knees,” during which officers kicked in the door and noticed Johnson on the other side of the room with a black handgun and his wife, Mrs. Johnson, on the other side near a bedroom door.

When officers entered the room, Mrs. Johnson ran to a closet, and Mr. Johnson turned toward them, dropped his weapon in compliance with their commands, and was detained. They noticed he reeked of alcohol as they escorted him out of the room for questioning, where he told them he had been threatened by the “Big Guy,” later identified as Mr. Schuster, so he drew his firearm. He told them that Mr. Schuster disrespected him and his wife.

The officers spoke with Mr. Schuster, who stated that he and Mr. Johnson argued over some comments he made to Mrs. Schuster. He said that he and Mrs. Schuster decided to leave their Airbnb and started packing their items, which was when they overheard Mr. and Mrs. Johnson yelling, so they ran to the room, where they observed Mr. Johnson with a firearm in his hand. Mr. Schuster said that Mr. Johnson told him through the door that he would “Put you guys in the ground,” referring to him and his wife. Then, he told them that he would “Put you guys in the graves, in the dirt,” placing Mr. Schuster in fear for his life. When officers talked with Mrs. Schuster, she corroborated her husband’s statements, adding she was scared for her life.

Officers then questioned Mrs. Johnson, who told them that she was trying to calm Mr. Johnson down and keep the party separated. She said when she attempted to keep him from entering the room, he struck her several times in the face, scratched her, and tried to push her away while holding the gun, threatening Mr. and Mrs. Schuster. Mrs. Johnson said he was “racking” his gun repeatedly before she got him away from the door, which was when officers entered the unit. She said the threats that officers heard from the door were not intended for her, even though she was the only one in the room. Troy Kelly Johnson was taken into custody for three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and the possession of a handgun while under the influence.

Hollis Gass dumps Lysol on girlfriend during dispute

30-year-old Hollis Gass was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Holli Finchum, at Nolensville on December 15th. The conflict started when Finchum came home and found Gass intoxicated. When he saw her, he began to argue with her, but the argument escalated when Gass cornered her in the laundry room. Gass grabbed a bottle of Lysol laundry sanitizer and poured it on her head, causing her eyes to become red and appear irritated. Finchum ran to the bathroom, where she changed her shirt and flushed her eyes with water.

Officers arrived and spoke to Gass about the information that Finchum provided. He told them that nothing physical happened. Officers entered the laundry room and found a bottle of Lysol laundry sanitizer lying on the floor with a puddle of liquid around it. Gass was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Brittanie Gray charged after making bomb threat from within TriStar Centennial Hospital

19-year-old Brittanie Gray is charged with filing a false report of an emergency after they called in a bomb threat to TriStar Centennial Medical Center on Friday. Even though the phone used to place the call didn’t have active service, the device’s prior number showed when the 911 call was placed on the device. Dispatchers were able to match prior calls from the same number which had been placed by Brittanie (Andrew) Gray. Officers learned that a patient by that name was on a 6404 (psychiatric) hold at the hospital and did have access to their phone. Upon their release, they were taken into custody and charged with felony filing a false report.

Nashville Police charge teen with felony after he borrows basketball from a school — Justin Mealer

Metro Nashville Police charged 19-year-old Justin Mealer with felony burglary after he entered an unlocked door of Fall-Hamilton Elementary School Sunday afternoon and borrowed a basketball so he and his friends could play on the nearby basketball court. The neighborhood teen with no criminal history openly admits to going inside the neighborhood school and locating a basketball, stating he entered through an unlocked cafeteria door. School Security Officer Austin Dubuc that the door may not have been properly latched, but the school was closed for operations. At the time of Mealer’s arrest by MNPD Officer Nicholas Alan Carroll, he was carrying a basketball, a box fan, and popsicles for the boys.

Midtown man charged in assault of boyfriend after drinking — Brett Curtis Finch arrested

Police say Jeremy Bauer told his boyfriend, 40-year-old Brett Finch, to “go to bed and stop arguing” after dinner and drinks. That’s when Bauer says Finch struck him in the face, causing a laceration to his lip. Police responded to the scene, and documented visible scratches on the victim’s neck and discovered a cracked screen on the victim’s phone, which Brett reportedly threw to the ground. Police issued two warrants for the arrest of Finch, as he had already fled the scene, and he was booked into the Metro Jail this week.