Richard Byers threatens to blow up Antioch High School

18-year-old Antioch High School student Richard Michael Byers threatened to blow up the school on March 26th. Mr. Kirby, The assistant principal, told officers that he suspected Byers had a bomb. Before officers spoke with Byers, while they were walking through the school, multiple kids in the hallway stated that another kid had said something to the effect of having a bomb or explosives. Mr. Kirby advised that he originally contacted Byers because the Executive Principal, Ms. Burnette, wanted multiple students, of which he was one, to be searched due to excessive lateness. He added that when he spoke with Byers, he said, “I do not have guns; I have bombs.” Mr. Kirby said he tried to ignore him, but then he said, “I am going to blow up the school.” Byers was initially hesitant to go to the SRO office for questioning, but he complied and consented to a search, where they located two THC vape pens. Byers was then detained and Mirandized, under which he admitted to making the statements as a joke. Byers was taken into custody for a false report and threats of violence in school.

Carrie Brannock lies to police after picking up person involved in car crash

44-year-old Carrie Brannock picked up an unidentified individual involved in a property damage-vehicle crash on I-24 West on the afternoon of February 26th. When officers arrived, they observed a white vehicle in the wood line near another car that was on fire and were informed that one of the drivers had left the scene on foot, wearing dark clothing. Officers began to search for the driver when they noticed a dark gray four-door Honda parked on the eastbound right shoulder of I-24. The Honda was occupied by a white, heavy-set female with dark hair, later identified as Brannock, in the driver’s seat and a male wearing a black hoodie in the back seat. Officers attempted to slow traffic down to approach the vehicle, but the Honda drove off. After NFD extinguished the vehicle fire, detectives ran the VIN, which returned to a gold Ford Explorer registered to Brannock. When officers called to inform Brannock about her car being in a crash, they reported that she seemed unphased. Brannock told officers her vehicle had broken down around 11 a.m. and that she abandoned it “on I-24 somewhere.” Officers asked Brannock to meet them at the Shell Gas station on Exit 11 to give her the information she needed for the crash report. Brannock arrived at the location driving the gray Honda that left the scene earlier. Brannock also matched the driver’s description and was wearing a black Hoodie. Officers then noticed a strong odor of marijuana as Brannock exited her vehicle for questioning. When Brannock was asked about picking up the other driver from the scene, she started licking her lips and twirling her thumbs, saying she did not. Due to the marijuana stench, there was probable cause for officers to search Brannock’s vehicle. Officers then located muddy footprints on the left rear passenger side floorboard, twigs, and mud behind the driver’s seat. Officers asked Brannock again if she had picked the person up from the crash, and she responded that she had no clue. Brannock was taken into custody for false report.

Bidemi Ajobiewe threatens Simmons Bank, says he’s “coming to the bank with a rifle”

45-year-old Bidemi Ajobiewe was found giving a fake alias to employees Zachary Seibold and Tyrone Johnson of Simmons Bank on February 6th 2023. He placed a large amount of money in the account at separate times, including deposits of $102,000 and $128,000 placed under the name “Markus Logan,” which were quickly frozen for fraud. After Ajobiewe found out his accounts were frozen, he contacted customer service and told them to tell employees Zach and Tyrone that he was going to “blow the bank up” and that he was “Coming to the bank with a rifle, and I’m going to kill all the staff at the branch.” He said that they were “going to feel all the pain that I’m feeling.” This threat led to the bank closing business for the day. Later, the same day, Ajobiewe sent Zach a direct message telling him, “I want you to know I’m coming to the bank with a rifle. It’s either you get killed, or I get killed today.” But before Ajobiewe could take action, the Simmons Bank fraud investigation unit determined Ajobiewe’s real identity, which led to Seibold and Johnson identifying Ajobiewe. Ajobiewe was taken into custody and charged with assault and false report.

Damon Suiter threatens wife through text numerous times, “I’ll be there in 65 minutes to kill everyone inside that building.”

25-year-old Damon C. Suiter was booked on November 18th for stalking his estranged wife, Cassie Suiter. In January, Cassie reached out to the police about her husband repeatedly texting and calling her with threats to take her life and others. Cassie explained that she blocked Damon’s phone number, but he continued to call from different numbers. Officers reviewed a text message from Damon stating, “Cassie, I swear to God I’ll attack you too if you think this is a joke. I’m almost to my pistol, then it’s you.” He also stated, “I’ll be there in 65 minutes to kill everyone inside that building.” The officers reviewed weeks of threatening text messages from Damon. When officers spoke to Damon over the phone, he told them that he was wearing body armor and had a gun. He advised that he would shoot the police officers in the back when he got to the Mike’s Ice Cream Shop. Officers recorded the phone call to document the statements, and Cassie recognized Damon’s voice to confirm that he was the one speaking. The statements that Damon made caused Metro officers to enact safety precautions at the ice cream shop caused Clarksville PD to respond to his home to gather information, and caused THP to keep a lookout for his vehicle as he stated he was driving from Clarksville to Nashville to commit the shooting.

Tourist Caleb Segura pulls fire alarm to avoid paying bar tab at Redneck Riviera

30-year-old Coloradoan Caleb John Segura reportedly pulled a fire alarm at the Redneck Riviera bar in downtown Nashville late Friday night after his credit card declined when he attempted to pay his tab. He attempted to flee the location during the commotion but was stopped by security and detained for police. Segura is charged with felony false report of an emergency. 

Aedan Whittington-Baschoff lies to police about $10,000 Gucci purse theft at Mother’s Ruin Nashville

24-year-old Aedan Whittington-Bischoff gave a $10,000 Gucci purse he helped his girlfriend steal to the police and pretended he knew nothing about it. On August 3rd, MNPD officers arrived at Mother’s Ruin Bar about a stolen purse. Police spoke to the female suspect, Madeline Lublin, and said that a felony warrant would be issued for the theft of the purse. Aedan suddenly brought the $10,000 Gucci purse to the police, knowing he would be shown on camera grabbing and handing it to his girlfriend, Madeline. He said he found the purse lying on the ground but did not know of the theft or the parties involved in the robbery. Police took his information and then took Madeline’s information, and they realized that their addresses matched. Later, police arrived at the address and found that Aeden and Madeline both lived at the address and were in a romantic relationship with each other. The officer concluded that Aeden gave him a false report in an attempt to keep Madeline from being charged with the theft of the purse.

Caroline Fitzhugh calls 911 and reports she murdered her roommate; she didn’t

32-year-old Caroline Fitzhugh called 911 on May 19 to report she had murdered her roommate. Further investigation revealed she did not murder anyone but rather called 911 with a false report of an emergency to “show her family a wake-up call.” She was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Joshua Jones makes threats to “shoot up a school or church”; upset over his coverage on Scoop: Nashville

33-year-old Joshua Jones called the non-emergency line in Nashville today and stated he had the money to buy a weapon and would follow through with threats he had made. He further stated he would “go shoot up a school or a church,” and didn’t care if kids were there or not. Jones told dispatchers he wanted to do this “due to a post on Scoop Nashville about him making threats,” referencing a 2019 story that detailed Jones calling in a bomb threat to St. Thomas Hospital and a 2020 story in which he threatened courthouse staff. Jones stated he would “stab any officer that would respond” and gave his full name during the call to dispatch. When officers made contact with Jones, he stated he would carry out the threats since they were going to arrest him.

Zackary Herder says someone stole his vehicle & wrecked it — that someone was him

27-year-old Zackary Herder called police to report his vehicle as stolen on February 16; however, the responding officer just happened to be the same officer who had worked a hit-and-run accident two days prior, in which Herder had been identified as the fleeing driver. When confronted, Herder admitted he was the driver and no one stole his vehicle. He was issued a citation for leaving the scene of an accident with damage over $1,500. He was booked on that citation this week.

Janel Holley calls 911 to report she shot an attacker… who police say didn’t exist

31-year-old Janel Holley was jailed this week after police say she lied about a shooting call at Willie B’s Express location in Antioch. The initial incident occurred on November 25 when Holley called 911 and reported she had been attacked and shot her attacker in self-defense. It was later learned that there was no attacker, and Holly was upset and discharged her firearm multiple times in a parking lot amid a crowd of people.