Nashville’s “Croptop Bartender” Porn Star charged with pulling fire alarms in East Nashville: Akia Siniard

Play Dance Bar made him famous, and 27-year-old Akia Dante Siniard gained thousands of fans on social media and amateur porn sites from the exposure. He’s known as the “Croptop Bartender” or the “Croptop Bottom”. However, his need to pull fire alarms keeps him in trouble, as he’s arrested once again for pulling fire alarms in buildings in Nashville. During the last arrest, he told police he “thought he was in a movie” when it happened.

Felony charge dropped after former informant lies to police about man he brought to his room

43-year-old Bryan Fulkerson was charged with false report after calling 911 in regard to an aggressive “stranger” that locked himself inside of his room that was proven to be someone Fulkerson knew and willfully let inside.

Several false reports during a domestic situation lead to a protection order and charges

38-year old Stephanie Essary was charged with false report after she provided officers with multiple false reports when they were called to her home several times within the same day.

Antioch woman lies to police about teen suspected of shooting homicide hiding in her house

30-year-old Ashley Weaver was charged with false report when the teen suspected in the death of Bradderick Seaborn was hiding in her home and she told a detective she hadn’t seen Tamon Collins since February.

Woman reports fake rape to 911 when man refuses her demand for money

Metro Police say 41-year-old Chrissy Simpson called 911 to report she had been raped. At the same time, a man called 911 from the Motel 6 on Brick Church Pike to say Chrissy Simpson jumped into his vehicle, demanded money, refused to get out, and then called 911 to report he raped her when he wouldn’t comply.

Nashville attorney arrested; charged with lying to Metro Police

Nashville Attorney Newton Holiday, III, told Metro Police his vehicle was stolen by a woman he had “let stay at his house for the weekend”, however a confidential informant recorded a call with Holiday, where admits it was all a lie. The woman was Newton’s girlfriend and client.

“I guess that’s what I get for lying” says woman charged with felony for lying to MNPD

Metro Police say Stacey Lee Oglesbee has a history of lying to them about her sister being in her house with outstanding warrants, and on Wednesday they charged her with a felony count of false report / obstruction.

Justina Cruz Arrested for Pretending to be her Friend with a Warrant

There’s criminals, and there’s dumb criminals. On Sunday, police were attempting to serve a warrant on Angela Misky on Fernwood Ave. While knocking on the door, police could plainly see Misky lying down on the bed, and they let her know that she had a warrant, and they were there to serve it. Misky replied “I’m not going to jail, I can’t make bond” while covering her face with a pillow. Shortly afterwards, she got up from the bed, and moved into an area that could not be seen from…

UPDATE: Starlito Shooting Victim James Fletcher Lied About Incident, Fletcher Was Initial Instigator. ARRESTED for False Report, Disorderly Conduct.

On Wednesday afternoon, James Fletcher, the victim in the shooting for which rapper ‘Starlito’ (Jermain Shute) is charged, was arrested on two misdemeanor counts: Filing a False Report, & Disorderly Conduct. What Fletcher Claimed Happened: Fletcher claimed the initial incident began as a verbal confrontation with an individual Fletcher claimed an individual stole his necklace from his neck Fletcher claimed he recovered his necklace from the individual & a fight began Fletcher claimed he was shot during the fight What ACTUALLY Happened: Fletcher walked in the door of Batter’d &…