Aedan Whittington-Baschoff lies to police about $10,000 Gucci purse theft at Mother’s Ruin Nashville

24-year-old Aedan Whittington-Bischoff gave a $10,000 Gucci purse he helped his girlfriend steal to the police and pretended he knew nothing about it. On August 3rd, MNPD officers arrived at Mother’s Ruin Bar about a stolen purse. Police spoke to the female suspect, Madeline Lublin, and said that a felony warrant would be issued for the theft of the purse. Aedan suddenly brought the $10,000 Gucci purse to the police, knowing he would be shown on camera grabbing and handing it to his girlfriend, Madeline. He said he found the purse lying on the ground but did not know of the theft or the parties involved in the robbery. Police took his information and then took Madeline’s information, and they realized that their addresses matched. Later, police arrived at the address and found that Aeden and Madeline both lived at the address and were in a romantic relationship with each other. The officer concluded that Aeden gave him a false report in an attempt to keep Madeline from being charged with the theft of the purse.

Caroline Fitzhugh calls 911 and reports she murdered her roommate; she didn’t

32-year-old Caroline Fitzhugh called 911 on May 19 to report she had murdered her roommate. Further investigation revealed she did not murder anyone but rather called 911 with a false report of an emergency to “show her family a wake-up call.” She was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Joshua Jones makes threats to “shoot up a school or church”; upset over his coverage on Scoop: Nashville

33-year-old Joshua Jones called the non-emergency line in Nashville today and stated he had the money to buy a weapon and would follow through with threats he had made. He further stated he would “go shoot up a school or a church,” and didn’t care if kids were there or not. Jones told dispatchers he wanted to do this “due to a post on Scoop Nashville about him making threats,” referencing a 2019 story that detailed Jones calling in a bomb threat to St. Thomas Hospital and a 2020 story in which he threatened courthouse staff. Jones stated he would “stab any officer that would respond” and gave his full name during the call to dispatch. When officers made contact with Jones, he stated he would carry out the threats since they were going to arrest him.

Zackary Herder says someone stole his vehicle & wrecked it — that someone was him

27-year-old Zackary Herder called police to report his vehicle as stolen on February 16; however, the responding officer just happened to be the same officer who had worked a hit-and-run accident two days prior, in which Herder had been identified as the fleeing driver. When confronted, Herder admitted he was the driver and no one stole his vehicle. He was issued a citation for leaving the scene of an accident with damage over $1,500. He was booked on that citation this week.

Janel Holley calls 911 to report she shot an attacker… who police say didn’t exist

31-year-old Janel Holley was jailed this week after police say she lied about a shooting call at Willie B’s Express location in Antioch. The initial incident occurred on November 25 when Holley called 911 and reported she had been attacked and shot her attacker in self-defense. It was later learned that there was no attacker, and Holly was upset and discharged her firearm multiple times in a parking lot amid a crowd of people.

Omarion Pickett charged after making threats to shoot teachers and students at Nashville School

18-year-old Omarion Pickett was sent home from High Roads Academy in October after staff say he was threating to shoot teachers and students at the school. Later that morning he made threats over the phone to bring his cousin to the school to shoot teachers and students. A warrant was issued for his arrest, charging him with felony false report of an emergency. He was booked this week on the outstanding warrant. He is free on a $2,500 bond.

Krissy Pratt says she didn’t know her shooter; cell phone records say that was a lie

20-year-old Krissy Michelle Pratt told police that when she arrived at South Hills Hospital in October with multiple gunshot wounds, she had no idea who shot her or why. She explained she was outside her car inspecting a flat tire and heard gunshots in the distance and was shot and driven to the hospital by a bystander. Believing there was more to the story, Detectives were granted a search warrant on her cell phone and account. They retrieved multiple messages between Pratt and other parties that reveal she knew all of the other parties involved, including who shot her and why and was wielding a firearm herself. A warrant was issued charging her with felony filing a false report and underage handgun possession.

Brittanie Gray charged after making bomb threat from within TriStar Centennial Hospital

19-year-old Brittanie Gray is charged with filing a false report of an emergency after they called in a bomb threat to TriStar Centennial Medical Center on Friday. Even though the phone used to place the call didn’t have active service, the device’s prior number showed when the 911 call was placed on the device. Dispatchers were able to match prior calls from the same number which had been placed by Brittanie (Andrew) Gray. Officers learned that a patient by that name was on a 6404 (psychiatric) hold at the hospital and did have access to their phone. Upon their release, they were taken into custody and charged with felony filing a false report.

Frat guy crashes into cops’s personal car, parks at church & claims someone crashed into him instead — Cameron Ray arrested

20-year-old Cameron Ray, of Clarksville, is free on a $10,000 bond after lying to police and his insurance company about how his 2010 white Camaro became totaled. On March 6th the APSU Pike called police to a church parking lot behind his fraternity house, where he reported someone had crashed into his car and fled the scene, causing full airbag deployment, and “massive damage” which the insurance company determined to be written off as “totaled”.

Days later it was determined that Ray was actually driving the car on Elkmont Drive when he left the roadway and struck a Chevrolet Silverado which was parked in the driveway of a police officer’s house, then fled the scene. He is charged with felony filing a false report and leaving the scene of an accident. Ray says he was just “a dumb kid who was texting on his phone and too scared to tell his parents, but don’t compare me to a common criminal” in a quote from his social media about the crime.

Drama queen pulls fire alarm at Play Dance Bar to get friend’s attention — Quenton Paul McSparren arrested

27-year-old Quenton Paul McSparren was jailed this weekend and now the felony charge of filing a false report after admitting to pulling a fire alarm in the middle of Play Dance Bar just before 1 a.m. Sunday, sending the crowded gay nightclub into a frenzy. McSparren says he was trying to signal for his friend to come back to the dance floor.