Liam Bailey tells ex-girlfriend “watching the life run out of your eyes will be the best feeling ever”

24-year-old Liam Bailey was taken into custody this week for aggravated stalking, order of protection violation, and aggravated assault. On April 15th, Mackenzie Snyder called the police and advised them that she and Bailey had been broken up for a year and a half. On April 14th, at the 7-Eleven on White Bridge Pike Road, Bailey followed Mackenzie from her home, pulled up next to her, and parked. When she tried to get out, he slid between their cars, pushed her door against her leg, smacked her, and punched her in the nose as she tried to get to her phone. During the struggle, she started hitting her horn, distracting him long enough for her to shut and lock her car door. Bailey began talking to her through her window, telling her to open the door, hitting and headbutting the window, causing him to have a bloody nose.

Mackenzie kept honking her horn until the cashier from the 7-Eleven came outside and told them to leave, during which she explained the situation and was allowed to stay until her roommate arrived to escort her home. Snyder said that once she returned home, she had 200 text messages from Bailey, stating, “I will fucking murder you,” “Just wait, you’re going to die tomorrow,” “Slapping you in the face was the best feeling ever,” “I can’t wait till I’m beating the fuck out of you tomorrow, “Can’t wait to fucking kill you,” “Watching the life run out of your eyes will be the best feeling ever,” “I have a gun, and I will kill every single one of you,” “Tomorrow is the day I shine,” “I’m going to kill so many of your family members. I can’t wait.” “Tomorrow is the last day you ever fucking live hahahah,” “Literally going to kill you and your entire family with my bare hands,” “You will die,” “Oh, so with Dakota instead? I will remember that when I am beating the fuck out of you tomorrow,” and “Can’t wait to kill you.”

Then he sent her a photo of himself with blood running down his nose, wearing the same shirt he wore at 7-Eleven, which officers had footage of. When officers spoke to Snyder, they noticed her vehicle had blood smears on the driver’s side window and door. They saw an active order of protection against him, valid until May 15th, 2024. Bailey was previously arrested for a COR violation on May 30th, 2023, and had three reports from April 7th, 2023, through June 11th, 2023, with him as the suspect. A warrant was issued for his arrest on April

Damon Suiter threatens wife through text numerous times, “I’ll be there in 65 minutes to kill everyone inside that building.”

25-year-old Damon C. Suiter was booked on November 18th for stalking his estranged wife, Cassie Suiter. In January, Cassie reached out to the police about her husband repeatedly texting and calling her with threats to take her life and others. Cassie explained that she blocked Damon’s phone number, but he continued to call from different numbers. Officers reviewed a text message from Damon stating, “Cassie, I swear to God I’ll attack you too if you think this is a joke. I’m almost to my pistol, then it’s you.” He also stated, “I’ll be there in 65 minutes to kill everyone inside that building.” The officers reviewed weeks of threatening text messages from Damon. When officers spoke to Damon over the phone, he told them that he was wearing body armor and had a gun. He advised that he would shoot the police officers in the back when he got to the Mike’s Ice Cream Shop. Officers recorded the phone call to document the statements, and Cassie recognized Damon’s voice to confirm that he was the one speaking. The statements that Damon made caused Metro officers to enact safety precautions at the ice cream shop caused Clarksville PD to respond to his home to gather information, and caused THP to keep a lookout for his vehicle as he stated he was driving from Clarksville to Nashville to commit the shooting.

Dominic Lambert arrested 3 times in 2 days after stalking woman who turned him down

32-year-old Dominic Eugene Lambert has now been arrested three times within 48 hours. We first covered him earlier this week when he continued to call, text, and harass Morgan Heath-Powers, who has an active order of protection against Lambert. The order of protection was granted after hundreds of calls, texts, and emails when he expressed a romantic interest in her, and she advised him she did not feel the same way.

After he posted a $2,000 bond on the initial arrest, he emailed her several more times, one of which talked about his new arrest and jail experience, “Thanks for that! I made new friends, had a new experience, got free food, and entertainment… it was pretty nice! I still adore you just as I have since I first met you and told Rohan I thought I might marry you.” He was then taken into custody for once again violating the order of protection and released on a new $3,500 bond.

While he was jailed this second time for violating the no-contact order, he used the recorded jail phone to call her five more times. Once that report was processed, a new warrant was issued for his arrest, charging him with aggravated stalking. He was arrested for the 3rd time late Wednesday afternoon on the felony charge and released on a new $10,000 bond.

67-year-old Vivian Crawford points unloaded weapon at ex-lover, pulls trigger repeatedly

67-year-old Vivian Crawford continues to constantly violate orders of protection, bond conditions, and no-contact orders issued by the Court. In her 2nd arrest this week, she continues to not understand her ex-boyfriend, Tony Smith, just isn’t into her and continues to appear at his home. Most recently she showed up just before midnight pounding on his door, and when he opened it, she pointed a pistol at him, threatened to kill him, and pulled the trigger on the unloaded weapon. She returned again just before 1 a.m. and repeated the same actions, repeated pulling the trigger while pointing the unloaded gun at him.

Nashville man charged with cyberstalking; FBI seeking information on additional victims

A Nashville man was arrested today and charged with four counts of cyberstalking, announced U.S. Attorney Don Cochran for the Middle District of Tennessee.

Musician stalker tells woman he likes her flat chest, so he can stick his…

53-year-old Barry Zarculia was charged with aggravated stalking after multiple reports of inappropriate behavior were made against him throughout the past months, along with him violating a temporary order of protection.

Man stalks wife at her home and child at school in defiance of protection order

50-year-old Thomas Oakley was charged with aggravated stalking and order of protection violation when he was spotted walking around the neighborhood of his wife’s home and then his child’s school a few days later.