Trio “wigs out” on Nashville woman in her home, evidence found in suspect’s car

25-year-old Taniko Taylor was charged with aggravated burglary after she and two others knocked on a woman’s door, then assaulted her and ripped her wig off. The wig was later found in her vehicle by police and she admitted to going there to fight her, per report.

Woman spits in boyfriend’s face while arguing about money; gets arrested three months later

35-year-old Carmeka Worthington was charged with domestic assault after she was involved in an argument with her boyfriend about money that turned physical when she pulled on his clothes and spit in his face, per report.

Woman follows ex-boyfriend around job sites charged with stalking; says she just wanted closure

50-year-old Luvenia Curtis was charged with stalking after being reported for following her ex-boyfriend around job sites. He told police he no longer wished to be in a relationship and she refuses to accept it. She says she just wants closure, per report.

Man found sleeping in a car that was stolen earlier that day

45-year-old Od Keomuangtai was charged with theft of a vehicle after he was found sleeping in the vehicle in a parking lot with the door open, per report.

Madison man breaks woman’s nail while trying to take her engagement ring

57-year-old Harold Moore was charged with domestic assault after he was involved in a dispute where he bent a woman’s finger and broke one of her acrylic nails while he was trying to take her engagement ring.

Man assaults ex-girlfriend and holds her iPhone hostage over unreturned clothes

24-year-old Tavion Adams was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, theft, and vandalism after he stole his ex-girlfriend’s iPhone and held it hostage until he got his clothes back from her, then threatened and assaulted her with a gun when she tried to get it back, per report.

Madison woman slaps and strangles mother over TV remote

36-year-old Michelle Wade was charged with domestic assault after she slapped, strangled, and punched her mother for refusing to give her the TV remote, per report.

Nashville man caught with counterfeit check charged with forgery and theft

29-year-old Alonte Moses was charged with forgery and theft after he went to a Tennessee Quick Cash location in Antioch and cashed a counterfeit payroll check for $458.65 from Empire Roofing, per report. On December 21st, 2019, Alonte Moses went to Tennessee Quick Cash located at 5302 Mt. View Road in Antioch and cashed “what appeared to be” a payroll check from Empire Roofing for $458.65. When the location contacted Empire Roofing to verify the check, it was determined the check was a counterfeit and was done without their knowledge…

Noted chef pins girlfriend/business partner down and smacks her with a toiletry bag during argument

54-year-old Stuart Stein was charged with domestic assault after he pushed a fan on his girlfriend, knelt down on top of her, and then smacked her in the face several times with a toiletry bag during an argument about her vehicle, per report.

Nashville District Attorney announces new policy on marijuana prosecutions

Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk’s office has announced that effective today, they will no longer prosecute individuals for possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana.