Beer cans and chest punches result in assault charge for Nashville woman

31-year-old Chaleea West was charged with domestic assault after she hit and scratched her boyfriend in the face and chest during a verbal argument that turned physical, per report.

Intoxicated Nashville man punches child’s mother in the face during argument

34-year-old Delbert Venters was charged with domestic assault after drinking together turned into verbal insults that angered him to the point that he punched his child’s mother in the face and knocked her to the floor.

Man gets a little more than ‘tipsy’ with wife, charged with domestic assault

33-year-old Dustin Carr was charged with domestic assault after his wife reported to police that while they were both intoxicated, they started arguing and it led to him smacking her in the face and pushing her to the floor, per report.

Nashville COVID-19 patient arrested after escape from fairgrounds quarantine

BREAKING: 39-year-old Randle Kirkley, who tested positive for COVID-19, was charged with quarantine escape for jumping a fence at the Nashville Fairgrounds after being quarantined on May 4th and was informed that he was not allowed to leave until cleared by Metro Nashville Public Health.

Man charged for choking, threatening to kill woman after she refused to reveal child’s location

33-year-old Eric Ogara was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation after he showed up while Tishona Hayes was visiting with her niece and demanded to know where their child was located. When she refused, he choked her and threatened to kill her.

Antioch woman charged for slapping and pulling hair of woman that owed her $20

30-year-old Iris Ortiz Morales was charged with domestic assault after she went to another woman’s home to demand $20 that was owed to her that resulted in hair pulling, slaps in the face, and slaps in the chest.

Man charged with public intox after fighting in a hotel hallway with another guest

38-year-old Kornelius Bowden was charged with public intoxication after getting into a scuffle with another guest at the Microtel Inn and officers deemed him too intoxicated to care for his own safety.

Nashville man charged for strangling woman, ends when daughter gets involved

63-year-old Douglas Finneran was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation after he was involved in a verbal argument with a woman that turned physical when he grabbed her by the neck and started squeezing until her daughter got involved and pushed him off her mother.

Nashville man strangles ex-girlfriend for asking him to move out

30-year-old Jordan Smith was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation after getting upset with his ex-girlfriend because she asked if he was moving out and he responded by putting his hands on her throat, per report.

Man bruises elderly mother with walker during argument about money, per report

50-year-old James Sanders was charged with vulnerable adult abuse after he repeatedly kicked his mother’s walker while getting into an argument with her about withdrawing $2,000 from her 401k to give to her grandchild.