Ladawn Whylly assaults sister after argument about Wi-Fi password

33-year-old Ladawn Sinead Whylly had a domestic altercation with her sister, Lashawn Donneisha Whylly, at their Doubletree Lane apartment on the afternoon of April 22nd. Lashawn told officers that she and Ladawn argued about the Wi-Fi password before they started fighting due to Ladawn barging into her sister’s room, putting her finger in her face, and hitting her. Ladawn then swung a blow dryer, but Mario Phillips, a witness, stated that he was able to block it with his arm. Ladawn told officers that she barged into Lashawn’s room and antagonized her, adding that she had every intention of hitting her with the blow dryer before it was deflected. Ladawn Whylly was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Jermia Price jailed after stealing from Kroger

28-year-old Jermia Leshay Price tried to steal multiple items from Kroger on McGavock Pike on May 18th. Price was trying to exit with the items, and Joni Corinne attempted to stop her, so she punched her twice in the face before hurrying to her vehicle and fleeing the scene. Rickey Sanders witnessed the incident. Price was taken into custody for driving on a revoked license and assault on December 4th.

Man charged after separating his woman from her weave during assault — Keshawn Palmer #WigSnatcher

The girlfriend of 25-year-old Keshawn Palmer says he owes her money and refuses to pay up. In September, the couple got into an argument over the debt when he allegedly threw her (Kierra Smith) to the ground three times then grabbed her hair and pulled her across the ground, separating the woman from the weave. Police documented the separated sew-in, and a witness corroborated the details of the incident. Palmer was booked on the outstanding warrant on Monday and is free on a $2,500 bond, charged with domestic assault.

Woman follows ex-boyfriend around job sites charged with stalking; says she just wanted closure

50-year-old Luvenia Curtis was charged with stalking after being reported for following her ex-boyfriend around job sites. He told police he no longer wished to be in a relationship and she refuses to accept it. She says she just wants closure, per report.

Nashville drummer charged for biting, slapping, and punching wife, per report

44-year-old Johannes Greer was charged with domestic assault after his wife reported to police that he slapped, bit, and punched her in the chest and face, per report.

Woman threatens to have her brother shot for being a “M–F–in’ police caller” #Arrested

32-year-old Lindsey Nicole Phillips is charged with vandalism and domestic assault after police responded to her house twice in the same night. After they left the first time, she allegedly threated her brother for being a “M–F–in’ police caller”.