Robert Gerling charged with stalking woman from ‘Hinge’ dating app

36-year-old Rob Gerling matched with Alexandra Johnson on the ‘Hinge’ dating app in March of 2023. During their first conversation, he reportedly used derogatory terms toward women, and Johnson told him they were not a match and that was the end of their interactions. On August 19th, Gerling reportedly began to call and send threatening messages to her workplace. On August 26, he sent 19 texts and called eight times. He then showed up at her workplace, sent her photos of her workplace, and even confronted one of her coworkers. A neighbor’s security camera also captured him in his “Seamless Gutters” business vehicle around her home. The victim was placed in fear for her safety, and Gerling was charged with stalking.

Cristian Robelto charged with stalking estranged wife

32-year-old Cristian Robelto was found in a parking lot by police after his estranged wife and another man called them on August 10th. Elizabeth Maffiold, Cristian’s estranged wife, told police that she told Cristian that she did not want any contact with him. But, she said, Cristian keeps showing up to her place of work, and there is a report of him being there on August 6th. Elizabeth said that she and another witness saw Cristian in his car in the parking lot near them that day, so she called the cops. He was placed under arrest for stalking.

Ray Hockaday charged with stalking and domestic assault of ex-girlfriend

55-year-old Ray Hockaday was jailed overnight, charged with the stalking and domestic assault of his ex-girlfriend. Arrest reports state the couple ended their relationship last summer. Since the relationship ended, Hockday spent days showing up at her home despite being told not to contact her anymore. She received multiple texts showing he was at her location, which neighbors confirmed as they observed him in his white Mercedes. He would stop and ring the doorbell and drive around the block multiple times. He would also leave items at her doorstep. At one point after the breakup, the two had a verbal argument which led to the victim being punched by Hockday as she was exiting the vehicle. Officers documented bruises from the assault. Warrants were issued for the arrest of Hockaday, who lives in Williamson County, last year. He was booked on the outstanding warrants overnight.

Jesus Castro charged with stalking after women took action when police would not help them

A Nashville woman says 55-year-old Jesus Castro has stalked her and other women in a local neighborhood. She was walking her dog on January 2 when a silver Nissan Altima drove past her and pulled to the side of the road ahead of her. As she walked past the vehicle, Castro noticed the dog with her. Another woman suddenly appeared and began to bang on the window of the vehicle stating she had seen him following other women and that police were being contacted. Castro drove away. The other woman stated Castro had been driving around the neighborhood “cat-calling” women, mostly in Spanish.

Officers contacted the man at his house, and he initially denied ever being in that area until he was shown photographs of him that multiple women had posted online. He then apologized for his behavior and stated he wouldn’t do it again. Later that evening, he was captured on video returning to the area and cat-calling women. His behavior continued for the next two weeks, during which time multiple women continued to document his behavior as they felt they were getting no assistance from the police. Officers observed him parked on Lischey Ave on January 16 as he was honking at one of the same women as she walked by. As she walked around the block, Castro continued to drive past her and make gestures and statements.

Officers also documented another incident that occurred while she was on the phone with the police. After the police continued to be of no assistance, one of the women sought a private prosecution warrant with the night court magistrate, and Castro was charged with stalking.

Bryce Denton charged with stalking ex-girlfriend, tossing things from balcony

25-year-old Bryce Denton was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with stalking. His ex-girlfriend, Rebekah Fox, says that in May 2021, she found flowers on her doorstep with a note signed by Bryce, and later that night, he knocked on her door, but she didn’t let him in. She continued to have him blocked on all known numbers and social media accounts, yet he continued to find ways to contact her via new profiles on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, where he referend her place of work with her photo. In December 2021, the victim received a call from her property management informing her that her belongings were scattered about a common area of the complex. It was discovered Bryce left a note after he tossed her things from her balcony.

Dominic Lambert arrested 3 times in 2 days after stalking woman who turned him down

32-year-old Dominic Eugene Lambert has now been arrested three times within 48 hours. We first covered him earlier this week when he continued to call, text, and harass Morgan Heath-Powers, who has an active order of protection against Lambert. The order of protection was granted after hundreds of calls, texts, and emails when he expressed a romantic interest in her, and she advised him she did not feel the same way.

After he posted a $2,000 bond on the initial arrest, he emailed her several more times, one of which talked about his new arrest and jail experience, “Thanks for that! I made new friends, had a new experience, got free food, and entertainment… it was pretty nice! I still adore you just as I have since I first met you and told Rohan I thought I might marry you.” He was then taken into custody for once again violating the order of protection and released on a new $3,500 bond.

While he was jailed this second time for violating the no-contact order, he used the recorded jail phone to call her five more times. Once that report was processed, a new warrant was issued for his arrest, charging him with aggravated stalking. He was arrested for the 3rd time late Wednesday afternoon on the felony charge and released on a new $10,000 bond.

TruFit Athletic employee Ifeanyi Duru charged with harassment and stalking after his termination

34-year-old Ifeanyi Duru is charged with stalking and harassment after he couldn’t accept his termination of employment with the TrueFit Athletic Club in Nashville. Duru was terminated on September 29th and afterward continued to call the TruFit gym, current employees, and the Vice President, to who he also sent text messages. His calls and texts consisted of threats, such as “Try me. I’m coming back there to show you. I dare you to try me! let me show you that I’m a man.” He also returned to the property while yelling and cursing at staff but fled before police responded to the call.

Clarksville won’t investigate touching/sexual harassment complaints on Roxy’s Ryan Bowie; he will continue working with the city’s landmark theatre

In the time since a half-dozen complaints have been received about Roxy Theater Director Ryan Bowie, alleging inappropriate touching, assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and inappropriate relationships with actors under his employ, two members of the Roxy’s Board of Directors have now resigned in protest as its own executive committee cleared Bowie of any wrongdoing, despite making changes including an HR director position and an “intimacy choreographer.”

Bowie’s name is closely associated with the Roxy Theatre, the City of Clarksville, and the Children’s Theatre programs; however, the city, led by Mayor Joe Pitts, says they can’t investigate the allegations because he’s not actually a city employee and isn’t bound to any ethics rules the city may have in place.

Emails obtained by Clarksville Today show the Roxy Board determined that “any of the allegations made against Mr. Bowie do not rise to the level of liability from a legal standpoint,” so they would no longer investigate the matter, either.

Citizens have been clear, whether there is a legal liability or not, where there’s smoke, there is likely fire, and this many complaints didn’t happen overnight or from single incidents. Citizens, actors, and even the APSU Threatre program professors have all made it clear — The Roxy can’t continue on its current path with the city and the children’s theatre program with Ryan Bowie at the helm, and if we’re waiting on a “legal liability,” the damage will have already been done to the Roxy & the City of Clarksville. Bowie is an agenda item on Thursday’s City Council Meeting at 4:30 p.m. [more documents inside full story…]

Actors say Clarksville’s Roxy Theatre Director Ryan Bowie harassed, stalked, touched without consent

An actor at the Roxy Regional Theatre in Clarksville says he and a dozen others have been victims of harassment and inappropriate conduct by Director Ryan Bowie for at least the past year, with some complaints going back much further. In January, after several actors detailed formal complaints, the theatre’s Board of Directors & the Executive Committee admitted “mistakes have been made” and determined that Bowie, along with other staff, would enroll in “extensive HR training,” and someone on-site would be trained as an “Intimacy Choreographer.” Additionally, an HR Director would be appointed. Now that the city is directly involved with the theatre and its liability, the actors, and some city council members, are still concerned about ongoing issues at the downtown Clarksville landmark and are calling for action — they want Bowie removed as the Executive Director, weary of several lawsuit threats involving his actions.

Kierra Jemison stalks boyfriend, throws knives, tries to run over him with car, threatens to have him killed

24-year-old Kierra Symone Jemison was jailed Monday on multiple charges, including felony stalking and felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Court records show that just after lunch on Monday, Jeremiah Brown called 911 from an Arby’s on Gallatin Pike to report his ex-girlfriend, Keirra Jamison, threw a knife at him as he was walking along Gallatin Pike near Madison Square. He says she’s stalked him for a while and has stalking warrants outstanding from July. After she found him walking, she reportedly exited her vehicle and accused him of wanting to sleep with other women. He avoided her attempt to stab him, but she returned to her car and then threw a large cooper Chef’s knife at him, striking him in the elbow, requiring stitches. He also had injuries to his neck, which appeared to be from her fingernails when she was grabbing at him.

She was also served with a warrant from July charging her with stalking after she followed Jeremiah and his new girlfriend and ‘rolled up behind them’ as they parked at a residence. She attempted to run over him with her car during that incident, which was captured on a store’s security camera. An hour later, she texted him she was sending her people over to “sweep” his apartment, which he took as an immediate threat to his safety.