Kristie Love stalks baby daddy’s ex-girlfriend

36-year-old Kristie Love was jailed on June 6th for stalking . Alexis Howard contacted officers at the South Precinct, telling them that Love was actively following her, so she drove to the police precinct for safety. Howard told officers that she knew of Love but did not know her personally. Howard also stated that she used to date and is still friends with the father of Love’s child, Deshon. Alexis also showed footage from May 31st, showing Love outside her apartment and knocking on several of the neighbor’s doors, asking for Howard by name. Howard told officers that Love has no reason to know where she lives or what car she drives but thinks she has been following and spying on Deshon to get information about her.

On June 6th, Howard was leaving her residence for an appointment when she saw Love pulling into her apartment complex, driving a white vehicle speeding up to get behind her. As Howard continued to go to her appointment, she noticed Love still following her. As they stopped at a red light, Love pulled up next to Howard, rolled her window down, and attempted to talk to her. Howard avoided contact with Love but noticed as they kept driving that Love was still tailgating her. Howard called the police and was directed to the precinct, but Love followed her into the front parking lot, which was caught on precinct cameras. Love exited her vehicle and knocked on Howard’s driver’s window but left the scene to avoid contact with officers as they exited the precinct. Howard told officers that she felt her life was in danger and was seeking a stalking warrant. A warrant was issued, and Love was taken into custody for stalking on June 9th.

Jacob Young stalks ex-girlfriend after they break up, says he’s in love with her

26-year-old Jacob Young was taken into custody for stalking on May 25th. On May 24th, Jasmine Costabile, Young’s ex-girlfriend, called the police to a Fernbank Drive residence. Costabile advised officers that Young had messaged her 43 times since April 11th, when she told him she did not want any more contact with him. She added that he showed up at her job at The Hustlers Club on Representative John Lewis Way South, where she notified her supervisor to have him leave as soon as he entered the bar. Costabile stated she had since changed jobs, adding that she now works at Midnight Express in Smithville, TN, which Young visited on May 17th when she wasn’t working. Costabile’s coworkers told her that Young asked them if she was there. Then, she said he had visited her residence three times since they had broken up. James Pruett, her roommate, confirmed that Young arrived at their home, adamant to speak with Costabile, but once Pruett mentioned getting the police involved, he left. Costabile said that on May 24th, she received multiple text messages from him stating he was in love with her. Following the investigation, officers obtained an arrest warrant for Young. He was later detained for the occurrence.

Bianca Rogers booked after threatening man’s life via text messages

34-year-old Bianca Rogers was taken into custody for stalking on May 24th, 2024. On May 23rd, 2024, Thomas Sweeney advised officers that between August 2nd, 2023, and November 16th, 2023, Bianca Rogers sent text messages to his phone. In these messages, Bianca threatened his life, which frightened him. Additionally, Bianca was involved with Brianna Rogers, who also sent Sweeney messages, threatening bodily harm to his two minor children and their mother on August 2nd, 2023. A warrant was issued for Bianca’s arrest, and she was later detained for the incident.

Breanna Morrison jailed after mother tells man she’s stalking him

24-year-old Breanna Morrison was taken into custody for stalking on May 23rd. On March 24th, Corey Jordan called authorities to Amalie Meadows, where he advised them that he and Morrison had only hung out to have sex. Jordan added that before contacting the police, Breanna’s Mother, “Queen,” texted him regarding her concern for him due to Morrison’s behavior. This is when she informed Jordan that Breanna was stalking him and sent him screenshots of their text thread, which included pictures of his residence and vehicles. Jordan said he called Breanna attempting to address her actions, but she wanted to come over to retrieve her undergarments. When Jordan told Breanna not to show up, he did not realize she was already sitting outside of his home. A warrant was issued for her arrest and she was later detained for the occurrence.

Angelo Dituro charged after putting tracking device on ex-wife’s car

34-year-old Angelo Dituro was taken into custody for stalking on May 1st. On April 28th, officers were dispatched to a Tamworth Drive residence, where they spoke with Alyssa Dituro, Angelo’s soon-to-be ex-wife, who advised them that she had been separated from Angelo since September of 2023. Alyssa added that during the discovery process of her divorce proceeding, she was made aware that Angelo disclosed he had placed a Tile tracking device in her Subaru. Angelo did this after their separation in October of 2023 and had been tracking Alyssa’s location. After separating, Alyssa purchased the Subaru and registered it solely in her name. She said she confronted him and demanded he remove the tracking device, to which he agreed only after she threatened to call the police. Alyssa stated the device was in the car’s headliner, behind the visor, and provided officers with photos of the damaged headliner and the tracker. Officers then obtained the warrants for Angelo’s arrest.

William Donovan stalks woman, gives flowers to her children

65-year-old William Donovan was taken into custody for stalking. In 2022, Donovan came to Sara Evans’s home twice and brought flowers to give to her children. The first time, she was not there, but the second time, she was and told him she did not want him there. She advised she was afraid of being harmed. Then, on April 21st, 2024, he returned for the third time, so Sara alerted the authorities. When officers arrived, they spoke with Donovan, who stated that he was aware of not being welcome at Sara’s home but continued to do so, adding that he slept in her yard the night prior without her knowing. He was taken into custody for the incident on April 21st.

Brandon James charged after following ex-girlfriend around, sending her numerous threats

35-year-old Brandon James was seen stalking his ex-girlfriend, Calista Hodges, at the Family Safety Center on April 7th. When officers arrived, they made contact with security. Security stated that they observed James following Hodges to the mentioned location and engaging in an argument. Once Hodges entered, James attempted to follow behind her but was halted by security. Security separated the two and then took Hodges to a safe room. James stood at the door and occasionally looked through the glass door as if he were waiting for Hodges. After 30-45 minutes, security approached James again and allowed him inside to use the restroom, which he stayed in until police arrived. The entire situation was documented via surveillance cameras. Officers spoke to Hodges about the incident, and she provided them with text messages, videos, and emails of threats that she received from James. James was explicitly told multiple times in the messages to stop contacting her and to leave her alone. Hodges also stated that James drove by her house on several occasions. Hodges informed officers that James found her while she was on a date with a friend. When James saw her, he attempted to box her car in with his. Hodges approached him about his stalking-like behavior, but this only led to James grabbing her by the wrist. As James grabbed her, he caused multiple scratches on her wrist. James continued to follow Hodges throughout her day, including when she went home. That is when she decided to go to the Family Safety Center. Brandon James was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and stalking.

TSU professor Brian Nagy exposes himself to neighbor’s doorbell camera multiple times

52-year-old Brian George Nagy, an Assistant Professor at TSU, inappropriately exposed himself to his two neighbors on Meharry Boulevard in the early hours of March 14th. The victims notified the police of the incident and provided them with video footage showing Nagy, at 12:39 a.m., walking up to and facing their camera, yelling, “Take a look at my dick,” and, “You want to see my dick?” After screaming at the camera, he pulled his pants down, exposed his genitals, yelled at the camera again, and walked out of camera view. Three minutes later, he returned to the backyard camera, turned around, and pulled his pants down, showing his bare buttocks. He smacked his buttocks repeatedly for about 14 seconds on the camera before pulling up his pants and leaving. Then, at 1:40 a.m., he approached the backyard camera and showed his buttocks again while sticking up his middle finger from behind before walking out of camera view. He came back a minute later, “mooned” the camera again, left, and at 2:36 a.m., “mooned” the camera for about 5 seconds for a final time.

On March 20th, between 1:33 a.m. and 3:39 a.m., Nagy continued to go to the same neighbor’s camera, flipping them off, yelling obscenities, exposing his buttocks, and placing them in fear for their safety. He was also seen via camera, completely nude, with only a sock covering up his penis while shaking it from side to side. Nagy was taken into custody for four counts of indecent exposure and two counts of stalking on March 22nd.

Robert Gerling charged with stalking woman from ‘Hinge’ dating app

36-year-old Rob Gerling matched with Alexandra Johnson on the ‘Hinge’ dating app in March of 2023. During their first conversation, he reportedly used derogatory terms toward women, and Johnson told him they were not a match and that was the end of their interactions. On August 19th, Gerling reportedly began to call and send threatening messages to her workplace. On August 26, he sent 19 texts and called eight times. He then showed up at her workplace, sent her photos of her workplace, and even confronted one of her coworkers. A neighbor’s security camera also captured him in his “Seamless Gutters” business vehicle around her home. The victim was placed in fear for her safety, and Gerling was charged with stalking.

Cristian Robelto charged with stalking estranged wife

32-year-old Cristian Robelto was found in a parking lot by police after his estranged wife and another man called them on August 10th. Elizabeth Maffiold, Cristian’s estranged wife, told police that she told Cristian that she did not want any contact with him. But, she said, Cristian keeps showing up to her place of work, and there is a report of him being there on August 6th. Elizabeth said that she and another witness saw Cristian in his car in the parking lot near them that day, so she called the cops. He was placed under arrest for stalking.