Nashville man charged with stalking using Apple AirTag in victim’s car — Taras Johnson

45-year-old Taras Johnson is charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend, Lashonda Campbell on several occasions, one of which reportedly involved him tracking her via an Apple AirTag in her vehicle. The pair have a long history of back-and-forth disputes using the court system, many of which are eventually dropped due to the other becoming unwilling to testify.

Stalking: Woman breaks into ex-boyfriend’s home; is bitten by his dog — Carla Hilliard

49-year-old Carla Hilliard was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Saturday on multiple outstanding warrants related to the stalking of her ex-lover, Ronnie Perfect. The couple ended the relationship in late September, and since that time Hilliard has continued to stalk and harass 60-year-old Ronnie Perfect. Some of the incidents include her showing up at his home and work and refusing to leave, she then used a heavy marker to write “Fa***t Loser” on the hood of his vehicle at his workplace.

Most recently she broke into his home, chased him through the residence, and only fled after his dog bit her, leaving a trail of blood on her way out. She is free on a $5,000 bond.

Woman goes crazy when man attempts to end relationship: gun, taser, baseball bat, stalking — Mary Louise Williams

22-year-old Mary Louise Williams reportedly went and got her boyfriend’s handgun and threatened to shoot him with it when he told her he wanted to end the relationship on December 12th. After a struggle over the gun, her boyfriend, DayLaquan Kelly, was able to take it from Mary and place it in his pocket. Mary then produced a taser and used it on the victim several times all across his body, resulting in swelling and marks.

That same day at 11 a.m., the victim was sitting in his living room when Mary’s voice suddenly began to broadcast from his home security camera, saying she could see him and knew he had company over there. He immediately unplugged the power to the camera. 90 minutes later, the victim went outside to walk his two dogs and found Mary carrying a baseball bat while walking away from his car, which now had three broken windows, a broken tail light, and 4 flat tires that had been clearly stabbed with a knife, according to officers.

She then attempted to beat him with the metal baseball bat as he confronted her. Mary Louise Williams is charged with stalking, two counts of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and felony vandalism. She is jailed in lieu of a $27,500 bond.

59-year-old Anthony Joyner charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend: She’s just not that into you

57-year-old Anthony Joyner was booked into jail this week on an outstanding warrant, charging him with stalking. Court records allege that despite being broken up, he continues to come through his ex-girlfriend’s line at her place of employment, drives by her house to see if she’s home, and knocks on her door. Joyner is charged with stalking and is free on a $1,000 bond.

41-year-old woman charged with stalking new girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend — Ebony Foxx arrested

41-year-old Ebony Patrice Foxx was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Thursday, charged with stalking Bianca Marie McClain. Court records allege Foxx followed her to multiple places, including Walmart and Ponobes. One time she asked someone to let her out of the vehicle so she could assault her, and she later appeared at Ponobes Party Bar & Grille after McClain posted on social media that she would be there. Foxx reportedly “popped up” and said “What’s up now!” before security had to escort McClain to her car. The beef reportedly stems from McClain being in a relationship with her ex-lover. She is free on pre-trial release.

West Nashville: Woman charged with stalking of ex-boyfriend, continues to appear inside his home uninvited

32-year-old Amber Dawn Dills faces charges of stalking, assault, and vandalism after she continues to show up at her ex-boyfriends home, twice in the same day, letting herself inside, making threats, assaulting him, and damaging his vehicle. She fled before police arrived the first time, and the second time she attempted to unsuccessfully hide under a truck.

Man charged with stalking the mother of his unborn child after continuously asking her to buy him things

22-year-old Don’Tajhano Boyd is charged with stalking after his ex-girlfriend, and mother of his unborn child, says he continues to show up at the Charlotte Pk Walmart where she works, and begs for her to buy him things. The pair have been split up romantically since February, yet he comes to the store asking for things approximately once per week.

Man charged with stalking ex-coworker who moved to New York to escape him

32-year-old Farid Qadiry was charged with stalking and violating an order of protection when an old co-worker showed police text messages and photos he had sent her even after she had an order of protection filed against him.

Man stalks ex-girlfriend at COVID testing site

21-year-old Jeremiah Brown was charged with stalking after he showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s home unannounced, then showed up at her job and pretended to be getting a COVID test.

Ex-Boyfriend charged with stalking after following woman side-by-side on one lane road

54-year-old Charles Garraghty was charged with stalking after he aggressively followed his ex-girlfriend, in his vehicle, multiple times, and showed up at her home after being told to stay away.