William Donovan stalks woman, gives flowers to her children

65-year-old William Donovan was taken into custody for stalking. In 2022, Donovan came to Sara Evans’s home twice and brought flowers to give to her children. The first time, she was not there, but the second time, she was and told him she did not want him there. She advised she was afraid of being harmed. Then, on April 21st, 2024, he returned for the third time, so Sara alerted the authorities. When officers arrived, they spoke with Donovan, who stated that he was aware of not being welcome at Sara’s home but continued to do so, adding that he slept in her yard the night prior without her knowing. He was taken into custody for the incident on April 21st.

Grant Obersteadt charged with DUI after crash on Hillsboro Pike

43-year-old Grant Thomas Obersteadt rear-ended another vehicle on Hillsboro Pike early Wednesday morning while driving his Toyota Tacoma just a short distance from his home and ran off the roadway. Police spoke with Obersteadt and report the smell of alcohol coming from his breath, along with slurred speech and being lethargic. He denied drinking and stated he had only taken his prescribed Vyvanse one hour before driving. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. 

Stephanie Hiscock refuses to leave ex-girlfriend’s house, despite order of protection

39-year-old Stephanie Hiscock was at her ex-girlfriend’s house on December 4th when deputies served her with an order of protection filed by her girlfriend, Jennifer Roehl. Officers advised her she would have to leave the property or she would be in violation of the order. She was allowed multiple opportunities to leave the property but refused to do so. She was given a final warning to leave or be arrested, and she refused. Hiscock was taken into custody and charged with violating an active order of protection.

Preston Jacob Mercer charged with assaulting girlfriend with her glasses

19-year-old Preston Jacob Mercer was with his girlfriend, Audrey Barrett, at the Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet on Nolensville Road when they got into an argument. Once they were outside, the disagreement continued and she states Preston grabbed her glasses and threw them at her. Once back home, police responded to the residence to take a report and observed a small cut and swelling to the victim’s forehead consistent with glasses striking her in the head. During an interview, police say Mercer stated he threw “something from the car that may have been the glasses”.

Man assaults 3 MNPD Officers, grabs one by her ‘genital area’, per report

30-year old Onreka Gray kicked MNPD Officer Sekou Samassi in the leg, and while MNPD Officer Laura Mullin was assisting Gray in walking into the Sally port at booking, Gray grabbed Officer Mullin on the upper part of her leg, and grabbed her ‘genital area’, causing ‘offensive contact, per an arrest report.

He then slipped and fell on the wet floor, got back up, and kneed Officer Jankiewicz in the left inner thigh.

DUI: Man tells police imaginary friend was driving his vehicle when it wrecked into a pole

26-year-old John Thomas Couch told police that it was his vehicle wrecked in the street, but he was not in the vehicle when the crash occurred. Little did he know that a local bar had already called police with his description and license plate number, to report him as a drunk driver.