Man assaults 3 MNPD Officers, grabs one by her ‘genital area’, per report

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Metro Police say they eventually found 30-year old Onreka Rozzek Gray on the front porch of  Sylvan Heights neighborhood Monday afternoon, after multiple calls reporting the man, who appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. Finding him was the easier part of their day, as he would assault three MNPD Officers before he made it to the booking desk.

The man refused to identify him himself to police, and was still screaming, and combative with officers, who determined he was unable to care for himself, and was causing a public disturbance. As he was being placed into custody, he resisted arrest by pulling away, turning his body, and kicking.

Onreka Gray (MNPD)

Onreka Gray kicked MNPD Officer Sekou Samassi in the leg, and while MNPD Officer Laura Mullin was assisting Gray in walking into the Sally port at booking, Gray grabbed Officer Mullin on the upper part of her leg, and grabbed her ‘genital area’, causing ‘offensive contact, per an arrest report.

After the above incident, MNPD Officer Matthew Jankiewicz took over escorting Gray toward the inner door of the Sally port at booking. At this time, Gray slipped and fell on t he wet floor, got back up, and kneed Officer Jankiewicz in the left inner thigh.

Onreka Gray, 30, is charged with 3 counts of assault of an officer, offensive contact, public intoxication, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. He is held in lieu of an $11,000 bond.

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