Man remains jailed on burglary charge after other cases are dismissed

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31-year-old Onreka Gray was arrested and charged with public intoxication after refusing to leave a 7-Eleven where he was making customers feel uncomfortable with his intoxicated self.

On November 5th, Officers arrived at the 7-Eleven located on Nolensville Pike in reference to a disorderly individual who was making customers and employees feel uncomfortable. When officers made contact with the individual, they could smell a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and noted he also had bloodshot, watery eyes. The officers later confirmed the individual was Onreka Gray. Due to being unsteady on his feet, having difficulty maintaining balance, and refusing to leave the location, the officers deemed him to be a danger to himself, and he was taken into custody.

Onreka Gray(MNPD)
Onreka Gray(MNPD)

Gray has a history of crime and was already waiting for a court date regarding a burglary. After this November 5th incident, he was arrested again on November 7th, and charged with another public intoxication, drug paraphernalia, and disorderly conduct. He was found guilty of disorderly conduct and all other charges from the 5th and 7th were dismissed.

Onreka Gray remains jailed on the October 23rd burglary charge and his next court appearance is scheduled for November 19th.

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