Man remains jailed on burglary charge after other cases are dismissed

31-year-old Onreka Gray was arrested and charged with public intoxication after refusing to leave a 7-Eleven where he was making customers feel uncomfortable with his intoxicated self.

Woman caught peeing in doorway found guilty of public intoxication

feat Fildes, Kathleen

47-year-old Kathleen Fildes was charged with public intoxication and indecent exposure after officers observed her urinating in public.

ARRESTED: Singer/Songwriter Clay Evans. Public Intox / Disorderly Conduct

Nashville Singer / Songwriter Clay Wisdom Evans, was arrested on his 3rd public intoxication charge this morning, just after last call. Evans was booked into the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office at 3:33 AM. UPDATE: Today’s public intoxication charge has been dismissed, however he remains out on Pre-Trial Diversion from a June 25th arrest for another public intoxication charge, as well as disorderly conduct. Evans was released from custody at just before noon, with an October 2nd court date for his previous charges, still open. Here was the affidavit from last…