Man accuses daughter of stealing money, calls her a “bitch, hoe, you a slut like your mama!”

41-year-old Rakeem Mcclure was charged with aggravated assault after police say he attacked and strangled his daughter because he thought she stole his money.

Woman claims dispute with dad over EBT card was nonviolent; charged after police see his bruises

feat Maddox, Ruby

44-year-old Ruby Maddox was charged with domestic assault after her father reported to police he had been in an argument with his daughter when she punched him in the face, shoulder, and belly.

Man threatens to kill girlfriend and her children as her father listens on phone line

feat Frazier, Trevarius

27-year-old Trevarius Frazier was charged with domestic assault after he pushed his girlfriend, called her a “bitch”, then threatened to kill her and her children.

Intoxicated man throws ex on ground; ex was worried he was going to call crack dealer

feat Wilkinson, Landon

22-year-old Landon Wilkinson was charged with domestic assault after he attempted to leave a party while intoxicated and threw his girlfriend to the ground when she tried to stop him.

Fort Campbell soldier breaks into car wash, found behind cash register

feat Inman, Ethan

21-year-old Ethan Inman was charged with public intoxication, criminal trespass, and vandalism after he broke into a car wash, was found behind the cash register by police, and appeared to be under the influence, per report.

Woman charged with child abuse of a 6-year-old she was babysitting

48-year-old Michelle Railey was charged with child abuse after a 6-year-old she was babysitting before school, told staff that Railey had slapped her when she did not stop watching television.

Man remains jailed on burglary charge after other cases are dismissed

31-year-old Onreka Gray was arrested and charged with public intoxication after refusing to leave a 7-Eleven where he was making customers feel uncomfortable with his intoxicated self.

Man accidentally shoots into neighbor’s apartment with his AR-15

35-year-old Philip Restifo was charged with reckless endangerment after he was testing his AR-15 and accidentally fired into his neighbor’s apartment.

Mother punches daughter in face over not getting her cigarettes while in hospital

56-year-old Vanessa Mooreland was charged with domestic assault, and her daughter, 36-year-old Temika Mooreland, was charged with violation of an order of protection after months of arguing.

#LashingOut: Woman holds butcher knife to boyfriend’s head after hearing rumors

33-year-old Charquis Scales was charged with aggravated robbery after holding a butcher knife to the left side of her boyfriend’s head after hearing rumors that he was texting another woman.