Wanda Moores steals $200 worth of items from Walgreens, tells police it was “spur of the moment” thing

41-year-old Wanda Moores stole from the Gallatin Pike Walgreens around 9:26 p.m. on March 2nd. Officers observed Moores running away from the establishment with a cart full of merchandise before loading it into a car with a male, later identified as Heath Lee Parker. Deborah Carter Lunsford, a Walgreens employee, ran outside and filmed them driving off. The police got behind the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop near a Shelton Avenue residence, where they identified Moores as the driver. During their investigation, they were advised that about $200 of items were stolen from the location. Moores was detained and Mirandized, under which she stated they had stolen the merchandise because they could not afford it. Moores added that it was a “spur of the moment” thing and not a planned theft. Despite this, officers located a written list detailing what items to steal which matched the recovered goods inside the vehicle. She was then cited for the occurrence. She failed to book by March 27th, so a bench warrant was issued on April 4th. Moores was booked on the citation of theft on April 10th.

April Steele charged with felony burglary of $277 worth of merchandise from Walmart

36-year-old April Steele was jailed on Sunday morning on an outstanding warrant from March 1st after stealing from a Walmart on Nolensville Pike. A loss prevention employee witnessed Steele put makeup, food, jewelry, and clothes into a black bag in her cart. She was stopped by the witness and detained. Steele signed a trespassing agreement in 2021 and was in violation as she knew she was banned from that Walmart, making this a felony burglary charge. The total amount of Merchandise was $276.68.

Dominick Hallums is fired in the AM; robs 7-Eleven of lottery scratch-offs in the PM

25-year-old Dominick Hallums was working at the 7-eleven on Smith Springs Road the morning of December 27th until he was fired. A few hours after his termination, he returned to the store at 5:45 p.m. without permission and walked behind the counter, and took $1,200 worth of Tennessee Lottery scratch-off ticket bundles. The manager was able to identify Hallums from a security video, and a felony burglary warrant was issued for his arrest. He was booked this week on that outstanding warrant.

Kaylee Hand pushes cart out of target with $1K in unpaid merchandise

Police say 30-year-old Kaylee Ruth Hand walked into the Target store on Charlotte Pike Wednesday and filled a shopping cart full of merchandise worth $1,019. She then pushed the full cart past all points of sale and attempted to exit the store when she was stopped by loss prevention. Officers arrived and took her into custody for felony theft.

Melissa McClain has NY strip, loaf of bread, Clifty farm ham & ribeye in her purse at Kroger

59-year-old Melissa Gay McClain pulled a loaf of swirl bread, a Clifty Farm ham, a NY Strip steak, and a boneless beef ribeye from her purse after she was caught shoplifting on December 10th at a Clarksville Pike Kroger in Nashville. Loss prevention initially observed her taking the items and passing the self-checkout area. She stated she was low on food at home and only had $3 on her food stamp card, so she was forced to steal the food to eat. The loss prevention officer, Latosha Michelle Hall, called Metro Nashville Police, who asked if she wanted to prosecute for the crime. She stated she was a contracted 3rd party employee for Kroger, and she personally wanted to prosecute for the theft, signing a private protection warrant. McClain is free on a $1,000 bond.

Best Buy Booster busted — Tykerria Foxx

18-year-old Tykerria Foxx is charged with theft after police say she walked into the Rivergate Best Buy store, selected two Playstation controllers valued at $150, and fled out the front door. She was able to be identified by police with assistance from loss prevention. Once the warrant was signed on September 29th, she was booked on the warrant on October 3rd.

Colleen Thomas says a “memory issue” caused her to steal from airport store while waiting for flight

Nashville Airport Police say 38-year-old Colleen Joy Thomas, of Virginia, walked into the Arts of the District store inside Concourse A of the Nashville Airport and stuffed her pockets full of electronics, and left the store. In addition to the multiple Apple Airtags, guitar picks, and an Apple device charger she pocketed, she grabbed a Helix power bank and a pair of Apple Airpods Max while the cashier was distracted. The store manager, Jason Messick, confronted her in the concourse and she returned the larger items she had stolen. She stated she has a “short-term memory issue” which often causes her to forget things and suggests that’s why she didn’t pay for the items.

When police arrived they asked if she had anything other than the larger items in her hands, which she “forgot” to pay for, and she stated she didn’t believe so, but had an issue with her memory. She consented to a search of her luggage and backpack, which revealed the other missing items, which brought her total theft to a value of $1,053.06.

Man in Walmart stopped by loss prevention; search yields concealed baby clothes and crack pipes

32-year-old Joshua Polk was charged with theft of merchandise and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia after he and a partner tried to steal baby clothes and toys while holding two crack pipes.

Man jailed for theft again, this time for $10 worth of electronics

29-year-old Kalwin Perrin was charged with theft of merchandise after he was caught leaving Walmart with $10 of electronics he failed to purchase.

Man caught stealing groceries found to have 12 outstanding warrants

33-year-old Charles Gordon was charged with theft and criminal impersonation after he gave officers an incorrect name and date of birth, and was discovered to have twelve outstanding warrants.