Woman tells Target employee she is Beethoven and threatens to slit her throat, per report

39-year-old Angela Beasley was charged with assault with a deadly weapon when a loss prevention employee confronted her about a pocket knife she was wielding. The report states Beasley identified herself as Beethoven, that she owned the state, and threatened to slit the Target employee’s throat.

Serial huffer strikes again… this time at Target

23-year-old Angelina Puryear was charged with inhaling or possessing to inhale fumes and theft of merchandise after she was found huffing an air duster in a Target bathroom on Lebanon Pike.

Shoplifter who stole $5,085 from Target tells police 2 strangers forced her to do it

Jamie Adair, 22, is facing a felony theft charge after she was caught on video filling bags with merchandise from target, taking them to her car without paying, then going back inside the store to do it all again. Adair then reportedly told police two strangers that she didn’t know forced her to shoplift.

2nd charged under Organized Retail Crime Act; Hit Target Stores 8 times in 10 days

Brooke Kelley, 27, who was wanted as the other half of a Target theft duo, has now been taken into custody and charged in Nashville under the Organized Retail Crime Act. The pair sold the stolen DVDs to McKay’s in Nashville.

Deborah Neely: Robbed man for Clif Bars & gallon of water #Arrested

Deborah Neely is waking up in jail this morning on five new charges, including one felony, after she went on a rampage Tuesday afternoon at the Madison Target shopping center. Target customer Joshua K Brooks was leaving the store in Madison after shopping for what included some Clif Bars & a gallon of water. As he was exiting the doors, Deborah Neely came from around a planter and brandished a pair of sharp scissors and swung at the victim. He jumped back with his bag in front of him, and…