DUI: Shawn Matthews crashes car after night of drinking on a Nashville Party Bus

29-year-old Shawn Matthews says the last thing he remembers Friday night was drinking on a Party Bus on the streets of downtown Nashville. Hours later, at 6 a.m. Saturday, Metro Nashville Police found his vehicle crashed into a parked car, with Matthews sitting in the passenger side of his vehicle. He did not remember driving or even getting into his car, or anything after the party bus. He says he remembers drinking five or six beers around 10 p.m. He still smells of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests.

Nashville scammer Paul Aniel arrested for 136th time, per police

Metro Nashville Police say 56-year-old Paul Aniel was arrested for the 136th time Wednesday, using his time-tested scam of soliciting passers-by on the roadway as he pretends to be broken down or out of gas. Multiple citizens called in to report he was attempting to flag them down on the on-ramp from 440 West to Hillsboro Pike. He was attempting to wave down a vehicle when officers arrived on the scene. He was taken into custody and charged with soliciting from a roadway. 

Jack Carpenter unable to handle his alcohol, found lying on downtown Nashville sidewalk

Metro Nashville Police responded to 3rd & Broadway early Thursday morning, where they found 25-year-old Jack Carpenter lying on the sidewalk in an extreme state of intoxication. Medics also arrived to assist due to his level of intoxication, and Carpenter became verbally aggressive with them, eventually refusing all assistance. He did not have a phone on him and was unable to provide officers with anyone to assist him back to where he was staying or the name of the place he was staying. He was given a place to stay for the evening, the Metro Nashville Jail, where he was charged with public intoxication.

Target Employee Romale Grant busted stealing Apple products from stockroom

21-year-old Romale Grant is charged with stealing $4,239 worth of Apple products from the White Bridge Target store, where he was employed. Police say during a two-week period, Grant took 8 pairs of 3rd generation AirPods, 8 Airpod Pros, and 1 iPhone 14. Grant admitted to taking the merchandise from the tech stockroom and concealing them in his clothing or a bag until he exited the store. He states he would then sell the merchandise “on the streets.”