Seth Russell steals $1000 worth of merchandise from Craft Vapor

23-year-old Seth Russell broke into Craft Vapor on Highway 70 South in the early hours of May 8th. A concerned citizen observed this, alerted the authorities that Russell was stealing vapes, and provided them with a description of him. Then, when they arrived, they noticed Russell in the parking lot behind the location, holding two large bags as they approached. The bags were filled with several boxes of vapes, jars of THC, and around 25 packs of Delta-8 gummies, totaling about $1,000. Officers investigated the store and discovered all the glass displays were broken; some had missing items, and others were just damaged. Russell had a flashlight in his backpack with marks on the hilt. Russell was then taken into custody for burglary, vandalism, and theft.

Christian Villafuerte throws dog bowl at ex-girlfriend after dog urinates on floor

28-year-old Christian Allen Villafuerte had a domestic incident with his roommate and ex-girlfriend, Iris Anguiano, at their Club Parkway apartment on April 25th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Anguiano, who told them she and Villafuerte argued about their dog urinating on the floor. She said during the argument, Villafuerte threw a $30 dog bowl at her and damaged it. Then, Anguiano stated he punched the mirror in her room, valued at $40, and caused it to shatter. Additionally, Villafuerte broke a dog food storage bin, which was worth $20. When officers spoke with Villafuerte, he told them he had punched a mirror and cut himself. He also admitted to throwing the dog bowl. Villafuerte was taken into custody for vandalism.

DUI: Stephen Tucker drives car into a ditch after drinking four beers

39-year-old Stephen Tucker had a single-vehicle accident near Old Harding Place and Highway 100 on March 8th. He was standing near the rear of his vehicle, in a ditch, when officers arrived and told them he had four beers throughout the night. Officers noticed Tucker showed multiple signs of impairment, and he consented to sobriety tests but performed poorly and agreed to provide a breath sample, which resulted in 0.109 BAC%. Tucker was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

DUI: Andrew Grisham drives into wood line near Old Hickory Boulevard after drinking

26-year-old Andrew Blake Grisham drove off the road and into the wood line near Old Hickory Boulevard and Ridgelake Parkway in the early hours of March 6th. When detectives arrived, Grisham emerged from the wood line and advised them he was driving the vehicle. Officers noticed Grisham exhibited signs of intoxication as he refused to do sobriety testing and provide a breath or blood sample. Grisham was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.

Andrew Malone charged with DUI after erratic driving on interstate

22-year-old Andrew Malone was jailed on September 30th after he was pulled over on I-40 after police observed him stopping suddenly near exit 201A.  A strong odor of alcohol came from the vehicle. His pupils were abnormally large, and his eyes were bloodshot. He had trouble keeping his eyes open while speaking with officers. The passenger in the vehicle admitted that they had both been drinking.  Malone declined to perform sobriety tests and refused to give a blood sample. Officers found an empty White Claw under the driver’s seat and a Tall Boy on the passenger’s side. Malone was then taken into custody and transported to booking.

Ethan Brown jailed after DUI crash in West Nashville

18-year-old Ethan Hunter Brown crashed his vehicle late Friday night on Charlotte Pike, according to police, who say he rear-ended another vehicle. A witness observed Brown throw a ‘Twisted Tea’ alcoholic drink from the vehicle immediately after the crash. Officers located the Twisted Tea and spoke with Brown, who was slurring his speech and reeked of alcohol. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. 

Soldier Bradley Cheek: “I’m 170 pounds of pure muscle, and if I wanted to, I could destroy you.”

21-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Bradley Cheek was Jailed on April 22 for attacking his ex-girlfriend after she picked him up from Broadway and allowed him to stay the night. Mr. Cheek called his ex, Hannah Gibbs asking for a ride and a place to stay. When they arrived at Gibbs’ place, they started to argue, and she told Cheek to leave several times. Gibbs told police that he walked out of the bedroom, so she got up and locked the door behind him, but he threatened to “Kick the door down in 2 seconds.” She decided to open the door, and he whispered, “It was a good decision because I’m 170lbs of pure muscle, and if I wanted to, I could destroy you.”

Gibbs then turned her head away from Cheek, and he grabbed her by her neck with both hands until she started to cry, and he let go. When she tried to leave the bedroom, he put his hands on her face to stop her. Gibbs returned to her bed and tried to leave again, but Cheek picked her up and put her back on the bed. Gibbs said every time she tried to leave after that, he would pull her back by her hair as he stood in the doorway. Gibbs showed the police a video of Cheek blocking the bedroom doorway. We previously covered Cheek in July for the assault of his wife.

Ethan Morris & Anna Kuba both jailed after neither could act like an adult during a fight

25-year-old Ethan Morris and his ex-girlfriend, 32-year-old Anna Kuba, were both jailed Sunday after neither could act like a full-grown adult. Ethan says Anna sent him text messages, but he was downtown and didn’t notice them. Once he was home, she showed up at his home and, using a key from when she lived there, entered the residence and began to argue. She reportedly threatened to get him fired from his job, and he took her phone, so she could not make that phone call. She then struck him in the side of the neck, leaving scratch marks, and dented his guitar case by kicking it, destroying a wall outlet in the process. He then placed her in a “rear-naked choke and full body block,” which resulted in her nearly passing out. Both parties were transported to jail.

DUI: Shawn Matthews crashes car after night of drinking on a Nashville Party Bus

29-year-old Shawn Matthews says the last thing he remembers Friday night was drinking on a Party Bus on the streets of downtown Nashville. Hours later, at 6 a.m. Saturday, Metro Nashville Police found his vehicle crashed into a parked car, with Matthews sitting in the passenger side of his vehicle. He did not remember driving or even getting into his car, or anything after the party bus. He says he remembers drinking five or six beers around 10 p.m. He still smells of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests.

Nashville scammer Paul Aniel arrested for 136th time, per police

Metro Nashville Police say 56-year-old Paul Aniel was arrested for the 136th time Wednesday, using his time-tested scam of soliciting passers-by on the roadway as he pretends to be broken down or out of gas. Multiple citizens called in to report he was attempting to flag them down on the on-ramp from 440 West to Hillsboro Pike. He was attempting to wave down a vehicle when officers arrived on the scene. He was taken into custody and charged with soliciting from a roadway.