Dennis Pethke jailed after stealing $459,485 worth of his brother-in-law’s belongings

30-year-old Dennis Michael Pethke housesat for his brother-in-law, William Richey Jr., and his family while they were out of town from February 8th to February 11th. When they returned, they discovered several missing items, including high-end, luxury designer clothing, jewelry, handbags, and collectibles. They asked Pethke if anyone else had been in the house or if the doors had been unlocked while they were gone, and he told them that he was the only one in there. Then, after Richey Jr. told him that he alerted the authorities, Pethke called them and can be heard on a recorded call admitting to stealing over 200 items and selling them to pawn shops, consignment stores, and online retailers. Detectives located and placed a hold on one of the reported jewelry items in a pawn shop out of Murfreesboro. They discovered the seller was Pethke after verifying him by his Tennessee driver’s license. Officers were provided with text messages between the owner of a consignment store and Pethke, stating he wanted to sell several items listed in the police report. The owner was cooperative with the Richey family and willingly returned their items. The owner of the two other stores confirmed that Pethke sold the items and advised officers that he called them, stating he needed to retrieve them because they were stolen. The total cost of the stolen belongings was $459,485 at the time, but they had not finished tallying all their missing things and had only recovered 25 out of the 200 listed. Pethke was taken into custody for theft of property on February 21st.

Heather Spears kicks beer bottle at woman during altercation with husband

53-year-old Heather Spears was booked on a citation for her involvement in an altercation near her home on Laurel Park Drive on December 24th. Officers arrived at the area responding to a fight between Heather Spears and Jennifer Harwell. Officers spoke to both women and a witness to the incident, Brandall Gower, who is also Spears’ husband. Harwell advised that she met Gower when they were walking their dogs around the apartment complex. Harwell and Gower were sitting, talking, and having drinks when Spears came out of her and Gower’s apartment upset. Spears was upset because Gower was hanging out with people in the apartment complex instead of spending Christmas Eve at home. Spears proceeded to kick a beer bottle at Harwell, shattering it and causing the glass to land in Harwell’s lap. Harwell advised that she feared for her safety and was afraid Spears would continue to escalate the situation. Gower corroborated the story given by Harwell. Spears admitted to kicking the beer bottle and was cited. Heather Spears was booked on the citation on January 8th.

DUI: Liset Quesada Mendoza speeds down Charlotte Pike in BMW

32-year-old Liset Quesada Mendoza was speeding on Charlotte Pike in the early hours of December 2nd. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop. The BMW stopped in the roadway, and passenger princess Robert Koch stepped out of the car and approached officers aggressively, so he was detained. Then, officers spoke with Mendoza, who was visibly intoxicated and admitted to speeding and consuming alcohol. Mendoza refused to do sobriety tests, sign implied consent, or provide any information regarding her identity. Officers located her passport in her purse and were able to identify her. Mendoza was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, and not having a driver’s license.

DUI: Daniel Onofre has “Ten bottles of Corona” before falling asleep at the wheel

26-year-old Daniel Onofre was discovered asleep behind the wheel of a Black Nissan Altima on November 25th. When officers arrived at his door and began questioning Onofre, he was talking at a snail’s pace and seemed intoxicated. Once Onofre exited the car, there was a heavy odor of an alcoholic beverage. Officers peaked into his vehicle and observed an empty 24-pack Corona bottle in the back seat. Onofre told law enforcement that he only had “about ten.” Officers asked for Onofre’s license but provided them with a Mexican voter registration ID. Onofre was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence and driving without a valid license.

Andrew Malone charged with DUI after erratic driving on interstate

22-year-old Andrew Malone was jailed on September 30th after he was pulled over on I-40 after police observed him stopping suddenly near exit 201A.  A strong odor of alcohol came from the vehicle. His pupils were abnormally large, and his eyes were bloodshot. He had trouble keeping his eyes open while speaking with officers. The passenger in the vehicle admitted that they had both been drinking.  Malone declined to perform sobriety tests and refused to give a blood sample. Officers found an empty White Claw under the driver’s seat and a Tall Boy on the passenger’s side. Malone was then taken into custody and transported to booking.

Todd Gash charged in assault of ex-boyfriend and new woman living in their shared home

56-year-old Todd Gash got into a shoving match with his ex-boyfriend and told police he was a “big fat puss.” MNPD officers arrived at a residence on Upton Ln and spoke to Todd’s ex-boyfriend, the victim, Ben Worsham. Ben said he and Todd recently broke up but co-owned the house they currently live in. Ben’s friend, Tara Latham, moved in with them approximately three weeks ago, and that was the cause of Todd and Ben’s issues. Ben said that Todd arrived at the house, intoxicated, and began blaring his horn before he and Tara went outside to see what was happening. Todd then became angry and pushed Tara; Ben stepped in between them, then Todd and Ben got into a shoving match. During the incident, Ben said that Todd pushed him into a wrought iron fence, bruising his neck. Tara stated that she was uninjured by Todd shoving her. Police spoke to Todd, who said that Tara is “a bitch, a cunt with a capital C, and he fucking hates her” and that Ben “is a big fat puss.”