Seth Russell steals $1000 worth of merchandise from Craft Vapor

23-year-old Seth Russell broke into Craft Vapor on Highway 70 South in the early hours of May 8th. A concerned citizen observed this, alerted the authorities that Russell was stealing vapes, and provided them with a description of him. Then, when they arrived, they noticed Russell in the parking lot behind the location, holding two large bags as they approached. The bags were filled with several boxes of vapes, jars of THC, and around 25 packs of Delta-8 gummies, totaling about $1,000. Officers investigated the store and discovered all the glass displays were broken; some had missing items, and others were just damaged. Russell had a flashlight in his backpack with marks on the hilt. Russell was then taken into custody for burglary, vandalism, and theft.

Man found engaging in early morning “door” play

19-year-old Seth Russell was charged with 2 counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance and public intoxication after police found him at Royal Range USA “appearing to manipulate the door.”