Small town Mayor Michael Cherepko jailed in Nashville after causing drunken disturbance 

46-year-old Michael Cherepko, who is the Mayor of the small town of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, found himself in a Nashville jail cell just hours after his own city’s Christmas parade this weekend. Just after 2 a.m. Sunday, Metro Nashville Police Officers were flagged down near Whiskey Row for a man causing a public disturbance. Cherepko was reportedly “extremely intoxicated” and was ranting about losing his credit card. Security confirmed that the Mayor closed his tab at 1:15 a.m., when his card was returned to him. Mayor Cherepko admitted he was “messed up” when talking with police. He was advised to come back tomorrow and see if he could locate his credit card, and he seemingly left the area. Twenty minutes later, Cherepko returned, too intoxicated to reason with, and caused another disturbance with security. He was detained for Metro Police, who took him into custody after he was unable to locate anyone to retrieve him to a safe place.

Craig Miller stands in middle of Broadway, shows everyone his “Male Parts”

25-year-old Craig Miller was disorderly at Shake Shack on the night of November 10. Miller was in a fighting stance when officers arrived, so they put him in handcuffs before talking to the other citizen involved, who wished to remain anonymous, who advised them that Miller approached him and tried to take the Nikes he just purchased. A security guard from Legend’s Corner approached officers when they were talking to Miller and were advised that earlier, he was showing his male parts to everyone in the middle of the road, even with children present. Miller was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

Riley Elizabeth Ebert bites the thigh of MNPD Officer during arrest; kicks another

22-year-old Riley Elizabeth Ebert is jailed on a $6,500 bond after biting MNPD Officer George Poulos on his leg, as her teeth ripped his pants, kicking him in his thigh, and kicking Officer Dennis Diesel twice. Officers encountered Ebert as she was standing outside a black truck that was parked in the center of Broadway in downtown Nashville. The driver, her boyfriend, stated she was extremely intoxicated and continued to jump out of the vehicle at least three times prior to police arrival. She refused to stay inside the vehicle and was eventually taken into custody. During the arrest, she was combative and assaulted both officers. 

Patrick Seckinger brawls at Twelve Thirty Club

35-year-old Patrick Seckinger was the third person this weekend to brawl with a bouncer at the Twelve Thirty Club in downtown Nashville. Metro Nashville Police were called to the disturbance just before midnight on Saturday and found Seckinger visibly intoxicated. He became immediately aggressive and agitated with the police when they asked him to explain what happened. When informed he was detained, he took a fighting stance with police and was taken into custody.

Adam Bozeman jailed after fight in downtown Nashville

25-year-old Adam Bozeman was observed fighting with two other individuals in the middle of the intersection at 3rd & Broadway in the early hours of Sunday morning in downtown Nashville. He swung at one of the individuals with a closed fist and missed. The victim then stepped up and pushed Bozeman back onto the ground. As Bozeman started the altercation, he was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct. The victim didn’t wish to prosecute for the assault. 

James Bond offers Nashville police $200 to free him from arrest

31-year-old James Bond offered Metro Nashville Police officers $200 to free him after he was arrested on Broadway early Sunday morning. Bond was initially kicked out of Rippy’s Honky Tonk for being “unruly” inside the establishment. He then began to fight with security as he was being escorted out of the bar. Police took custody of him outside, where he continued to be irate and attempted to kick and headbutt officers. Once inside the patrol car, he began to shout slurs at police and nearby pedestrians and then attempted to exchange $200 for his freedom.

Georgia tourist Corey Moore struggles with police at Jason Aldean’s Bar

30-year-old tourist Corey Moore was causing a disturbance with bouncers and Metro Nashville Police Officers outside of Jason Aldean’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning. During the disruption, officers approached Moore to detain him, and he then attempted to walk away from the situation. Officers blocked his path, and he then grabbed onto an officer and began to physically struggle with the officers. He was then pressed against a wall to be cuffed and taken into custody.

Tourist Anthony Marcino stumbles out of downtown bar and lands on sidewalk, too drunk to stand

Anthony Marcino FEAT

21-year-old Anthony Marcino was jailed on May 20th after stumbling out of the Nashville Underground bar on Broadway and falling into a crowd of people. He fell backward, hit his head on the ground, and was laid out for a long period of time. Police went over to check on him, and he wasn’t able to speak clearly. Police couldn’t find Marcino’s friends to care for him, so they gave him some time to call an Uber to take him to where he was staying, but Marcino couldn’t figure out how to use his phone. He was taken into custody as he was a danger to himself if left alone in downtown Nashville.

Christian Ryan ends up drunk and passed out in bushes after brunch in downtown Nashville

23-year-old Christian Ryan was found passed out behind a bush on Symphony Place in downtown Nashville just before 1 a.m. Sunday. Officers were able to awaken Ryan, who was “somewhat coherent.” He wasn’t sure how he ended up in the bush, but stated he remembers going out to brunch with his friends Saturday morning, and “somehow ended up on Broadway.” He was unable to locate or contact his friends to retrieve him and was still unable to stand on his own. Due to his extreme level of intoxication, Ryan was taken into custody and transported to booking.

DUI: Chelsea Chamberlain crashed into Belmont Blvd home after drinking at nearby bar

Police say 28-year-old Chelsea Chamberlain crashed her vehicle into the front of a multi-million dollar home on Belmont Blvd, owned by Attorney Robert Eric Thornton, causing significant structural damage. The homeowner says she and a passenger fled the scene after the crash but caught up with them about 100 feet away, which is where officers located everyone involved. Chelsea says she was attempting to take her friend home at the time of the accident and admitted she had been drinking at a bar down the street. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a 0.179% BAC on a breathalyzer.