Joseph Konrath drunkenly fights man for bumping into him on Broadway

41-year-old Joseph Konrath was booked Monday morning when police were notified that two men were actively fighting behind a marked police car. Police were on the corner of Rep John Lewis and Broadway and rushed to the area to find bystanders attempting to break up the fight. The police announced themselves, and the citizens broke off to allow them to take over. As police attempted to separate the men, a drunk woman, Caitlin Chism, repeatedly intervened and had to be removed from the area. Once police separated the involved parties, Joseph Konrath and Isaiah Lofton, police began questioning them. Konrath stated that he “bumped into a dude, and next thing he knows, he was on the ground being arrested.” Police asked him several times what happened, but he couldn’t remember. While conducting a search, officers found an empty beer bottle in his jacket pocket. Konrath was visibly intoxicated and smelled strongly of alcohol. He was taken into custody and continued to be disorderly on the way to booking.