VIDEO: Destiny Broome threatens to “air out” Ride and Drive and hides at Wendy’s next door

20-year-old Destiny Broome caused a disturbance at the Ride and Drive on Gallatin Pike on January 12th. Officers arrived at Wendy’s nearby, where a witness helped them locate Broome in the women’s bathroom with the door locked. Her boyfriend, Quinton Mitchum Jr., tried to tell officers that she was not in there and repeatedly interfered while they worked to get Broome out of the bathroom. He yelled at them and tried to enter the bathroom, so they detained him. As officers attempted to handcuff him, he resisted by putting his hands to the front of his body. Officers believed Broome had a firearm in her possession, but Mitchum Jr. insisted it was his. Broome initially refused to exit when they commanded her to, and when she eventually did, she was uncompliant with their orders to put her hands behind her back. Broome repeatedly resisted as they detained her, and a subsequent search yielded a small bag of marijuana in her front pant pocket, a small black bag containing a black semi-automatic handgun, a digital scale, rolling papers, and several 9mm rounds in the trashcan of the restroom.

Ryan Demoss and April Ruiz from Ride and Drive advised officers that Broome had come by to test drive a vehicle, but when she provided her ID, they realized that she and her boyfriend were blacklisted for previously wrecking a car, so they did not allow her. She argued with them, turned over a small table, causing the glass vase that was on it to shatter, before stating, “I will air this b!tch out,” as she put her hand inside her hoodie, where Demoss said he had seen the butt of a black handgun, which she cannot possess being underage. Demoss further explained that he observed Mitchum Jr. remove the gun from Broome’s hoodie and place it in his black bag before they stepped into the Wendy’s, where he positively identified her with the police on a “show-up.” Broome was taken into custody for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, simple possession, weapon possession under prohibition, resisting arrest, tampering with evidence, vandalism, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

DUI: Justin Doig claims hitchhiker “must have drugged his drink” with a narcotic, causing crash

36-year-old Justin Doig was revived with Narcan after crashing his car into oncoming traffic on Gallatin Pike and being found unresponsive behind the wheel. He performed poorly on all field sobriety tests and agreed to have his blood drawn, but repeatedly told officers that narcotics might be in his system as he believed a hitchhiker he picked up earlier had drugged his drink.

Intoxicated Woman found wandering in middle of Gallatin Pike — Cailin Daily arrested

An intoxicated 24-year-old Cailin Daily wandered into the middle of Gallatin Pike just before 1 AM Friday morning, telling police she had just left a friend’s house and was unable to locate her vehicle, which was parked ‘somewhere’ on Gallatin Pike. Due to her extreme level of intoxication and inability to provide an address or phone number of a friend to assist her, she was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Men involved in crash; one tells occupant of other vehicle “This is my car now”

22-year-old Jordan Stine and 24-year-old Wyatt Matthews were charged with carjacking when they got into an accident with the victim, stole his vehicle, and punched him in the face before fleeing the scene in their original vehicle.

Woman found driving stolen car with weed jailed on $10k bond

41-year-old Shakeita Harris was charged with vehicle theft, marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, and driving on a revoked license after being stopped for not maintaining her lane. The vehicle she was driving had been reported stolen.

Woman follows boyfriend to bus station and punches him repeatedly in the face

feat Worsham, Sarah

49-year-old Sarah Worsham was charged with domestic assault after she followed her boyfriend and hit him in the face repeatedly when he tried to leave her home and go to the MTA bus station.

Trio steals Toyota Corolla from Walmart parking lot

36-year-old Brian Riley, 41-year-old Lora Pope, and 30-year-old Jeremy Brown were charged with theft of a vehicle after they were caught by police inside of a stolen car and was caught on video in the act, per report.

Kroger trespasser ‘refuses to listen’ to warnings

50-year-old Damon Washington was charged with public intoxication and criminal trespassing in a Kroger parking lot after being warned twice to stay off the property. Police also found him to be intoxicated and barely able to stand, per report.

East Nashville man charged with DUI mere footsteps from his front door

31-year-old Matthew Depew was charged with driving under the influence of an intoxicant when police found his vehicle had left the roadway. Depew’s blood alcohol content was .185.

Girlfriend socks boyfriend over argument at McDonald’s

35-year-old Sigrid Boyer was charged with domestic assault after an argument over a pair of socks turned physical.