Fox17 Meteorologist Greg Bobos jailed for DUI after late-night crash

35-year-old Fox17 television meteorologist Greg Bobos told police he consumed “a couple of mimosas” before crashing his car at the Kroger on Monroe Street on Christmas Eve. There were no injuries, only property damage, but the other involved individual observed that Bobos may have been impaired. Officers made contact with Bobos and immediately noticed alcohol coming from his breath, along with extremely watery eyes. He admitted to drinking the champagne mimosas and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. Bobos refused a breathalyzer and was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Anna Lucia part of Romanian trio stealing meat from Kroger store

21-year-old Anna Lucia was jailed Friday evening after shoplifting at the Kroger on Northcreek Boulevard. Lucia was part of a group of suspects that were caught on camera putting various types of meat inside bags they had brought into the store. The loss prevention employee and an officer chased the subjects to the parking lot as they approached their vehicles. It was discovered that the subjects had concealed $391.33 worth of meat inside the bags. They couldn’t produce identification nor state where they lived, only that they were from Romania. Due to the high likelihood they would fail to appear in court, they were all taken into custody.

Kroger clerk Tobias Poindexter charged with selling wine to a minor

31-year-old Tobias Poindexter sold a bottle of Bay Bridge wine to a female confidential informant who was working with the TABC during a compliance check operation on March 30. She presented with an ID showing her date of birth as 05/30/03, making her 19 years old. He is charged with selling alcohol to a minor and was booked this week on the citation.

Darius Coleman destroyed over a quarter-million dollars of frozen food at Kroger

Police say 21-year-old Darius Coleman destroyed over $250,000 worth of food at a Nashville Kroger store over the past year. Coleman, who was in charge of the store’s frozen food department, says he would often throw away excess items in the freezers to “make it look neat” and that he didn’t want his freezers full of extra product. When the backstock would not fit neatly into the frozen section, he would throw it away to “reduce clutter.” Coleman admitted to his actions and stands by them. Kroger corporate asked he be prosecuted for vandalism.

Trio of boosters busted at Kroger — Cristina Ion, Petcu Narasa, & Serban Anita

Three women were jailed after pushing $2,799.06 worth of merchandise in three carts out of the Goodlettsville Kroger on February 2. Loss prevention recovered the shopping carts and merchandise in the parking lot. 26-year-old Cristina Ion, 35-year-old Petcu Narasa, and 32-year-old Serban Anita were located nearby when police arrived and were taken into custody.

Madison Kroger Employees arrested after cashback fraud scheme — Zakkyah Boleyjack & Diane Colt

18-year-old Zakkyah Boleyjack & 37-year-old Diane Colt were both recently booked into the Metro Nashville Jail after having embezzled over $3,400 from a Madison Kroger. The pair initially worked together, where one would log in and create a cashback slip while the other would log in and pull the money. AFter Boleyjack was no longer employed, Colt continued the thefts on her own. In total, Boleyjack pocketed $1,080, while Colt took home $2,380 in cash. Both are charged with felony theft and are free on pre-trial release.

Woman charged with shoving man to ground after he confronted her about illegal handicap parking — Barquita Williams

38-year-old Barquita Williams is charged with assault after she pushed a man to the ground who confronted her when she illegally parked in a handicapped parking spot at the Inglewood Kroger. Video footage captured the incident, and a citizen captured her license plate number, leading police to make the arrest. She is free on pre-trial release. Earlier in the month, Williams brought a handgun to an East Nashville High School where she got into a fight on campus.

East Nashville Kroger employee confesses to stealing nearly $15,000 — Tavaris James

26-year-old Tavaris James was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Wednesday night, charged with stealing $14,733.45 from his employer, the East Nashville Kroger. In a videotaped confession, James admitted on most days he worked he would sign into the self-checkout system and issue a voucher for around $500 and then either cash it out or load it onto his own debit card or a chime card. He would then spend the money on himself and his family, which he often documented in his shopping bags on social media. He is charged with felony theft and free on a $15,000 bond.

“I’ve had beers”, says arrested man with a toy sword who picked up a Kroger employee #ItsYourBirthday!

Metro Nashville Police responded to a report of a person with a weapon at a local Kroger on June 15th. 26-year-old Adelin Sepa was located while roaming the parking lot with a toy sword in his belt. An employee says Sepa picked him up and swung him around “for his birthday”, before moving on to swing his sword at customers at the fuel center.

Registered sex offender charged with Kroger burglary

44-year-old William Brake was charged with burglary after Loss Prevention staff at a Kroger he was banned forever from, saw him on camera taking $681 worth of food without paying for it.