Dubious Nashvillian terrorizes and pilfers local Kroger stores

21-year-old Kristopher Johnson was charged with two counts assault, evasion and theft after incidents involving shoplifting and assault at two Nashville Kroger stores. The most recent event was just days before Kristopher “Kris” Johnson’s 21st birthday.

ARRESTED: Burger King Employee steals computer cable so store can’t process credit cards

32-year old Kanisha Lunsford was taken into custody Wednesday on an outstanding warrant, charged with theft of a computer cable from Burger King in October, which caused the Nolensville Pk location to be unable to process credit card transactions.

DUI: East Nashville woman arrested in Kroger parking lot while going to buy wine

56-year-old Sharon Faison was jailed Wednesday afternoon, charged with DUI & resisting, after she was arrested in the parking lot of an East Nashville Kroger, where she drove up on a curb and told police she was going to buy wine.

East Nashville teen successfully buys $6,000 in giftcards with ‘Motion Picture Money’ from Kroger

Dyquan Anthony Collins, 18, was arrested at Caycee Homes on Tuesday on an outstanding warrant for felony criminal simulation after he successfully passed off over $6,000 in ‘motion picture money’ as cash to buy various gift cards at Kroger on Charlotte Pk. The warrant comes from a December 5th transaction, where Dyquan  Anthony Collins went into Kroger located at 5705 Charlotte Pike and purchased $6,000 worth of gift cards and presented the cashier $5,000 in counterfeit money as payment. The counterfeit bills (50 of them) were $100 denominations and they…

Kroger cashier skims $3600+ from register. Keishaun Johnson #Arrested

Keishaun Johnson, 18, was arrested on Wednesday for stealing over $3600 from Kroger over the past six months. Keishawn Johnson, was employed as a cashier at Kroger in Nashville. According to court documents, since October of 2017, Johnson has skimmed money from his register, totaling $3,650.96. According to Kroger’s loss prevention officer, Johnson would ring up cash purchases, give the customer their change back, and wait for them to leave. He then pocketed the cash and voided out the transaction. Johnson was charged with felony theft ($2500-$10000), and was released…

#EastNashville panhandler arrested after assault w/knife “I’m going to cut you, white bitch”

49 year old Lakeshia Bean is waking up in jail today, after she got a little crazy last night at the Jet’s Pizza in East Nashville with a foot long butcher knife. Monday night at 7:15 PM, MNPD responded to the Jet’s Pizza in East Nashville. Lakeshia Bean, 49, had approached a customer in the parking lot, panhandling. She got in her face and demanded money. The customer quickly went into the restaurant to place her order and remove herself from the situation. While placing her order, Lakeshia Bean came…

Jesse Applegate: Beer Isn’t Free #Arrested #FreeBeer

Jesse Applegate, beer isn’t free. In fact, this may be the most expensive beer ever after you count court costs, fines, restitution, and bonds. Jesse Applegate was arrested on Friday for loading up a shopping cart full of merchandise worth approximately $184 and pushed the cart past all points of sale without paying for the items. Applegate is currently held on a $2,000 bond and will appear in court on 03/26/18. He is a suspect in dozens of beer push-outs in the area. He is currently out on bond in…

Donna Newton: You gotta pay for those groceries! #Arrested #Shoplifting

Donna Newton, 56, was taken into custody Wednesday evening, on an outstanding warrant for walking out of Kroger without paying for her groceries. The defendant was observed by Loss Prevention, and is on video inside the Kroger located on Lebanon Pk to place $75.66 worth of items into a cart and push out of the store without paying. This morning, Newton posted a $1,000 bond via Free at Last, which cost her more than the total price of the groceries. She will appear in court on 04/06/18.