“I’ve had beers”, says arrested man with a toy sword who picked up a Kroger employee #ItsYourBirthday!

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Metro Nashville Police responded to a report of a person with a weapon at a local Kroger on June 15th. 26-year-old Adelin Sepa was located while roaming the parking lot with a toy sword in his belt. An employee says Sepa picked him up and swung him around “for his birthday”, before moving on to swing his sword at customers at the fuel center.

Police arrived at Kroger at 5771 Nolensville Pike Tuesday evening after someone called to report a man with a weapon. Multiple people were directing officers to the man in the parking lot, later identified as Adelin Sepa. As officers approved him, he volunteered “I’ve had beers” as a greeting to them. Kroger employee Andrew Bixler employee explained that he and a co-worker was discussing his birthday when Sepa overheard their conversation and approached them. Sepa said he wanted to “pick him up” for his birthday, an offer the employee declined. Not deterred by the refusal, Sepa grabbed the man from behind and lifted him into the air in a “Heimlich” style position, and exclaimed: “It’s your birthday!”. The young employee repeatedly asked to be put down, however, Sepa continued to hold up off the ground.

Adelin Sepa (MNPD)
Adelin Sepa (MNPD)

After eventually putting the birthday boy back down, Sepa walked to the fuel center in the parking lot and began to swing his toy sword at different customers. Officers determined the “birthday lift” to be an assault, and that Sepa was too intoxicated to remain in public.

Adelin Sepa was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, charged with assault and public intoxication. Sepa remains jailed in lieu of a $2,000 bond. Sepa has been arrested over twenty times in Nashville since 2018.

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