Dylan Stephens charged with selling alcohol to a minor at Roze Pony

32-year-old Dylan Morgan Stephens served a $13 ‘Pretty Pony’ cocktail (that’s Street Pumas Vodka shaken with clarified strawberry, lemon & topped with sparkling rosé, in case you were curious) to an undercover person “Manuel” using an ID that stated they were 20 years old. The undercover TABC operation occurred at the Roze Pony on Harding Pike on a Wednesday afternoon in January. She was booked on the citation this week, charged with underage alcohol sales to a minor.

Karstea Johnson charged with selling beer to a minor during Predators game at Bridgestone

28-year-old Karstea Johnson sold a Michelob Ultra to a confidential informant with the Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC), who presented an ID stating their age as 19, which Johnson visually checked. A special agent witnessed the sale, which occurred during the Nashville Predators hockey game on December 13, and issued a citation to Johnson for the crime. She was booked on that citation this week.

Kenneth Doughtery charged with underage alcohol sales at Titans Game

60-year-old Kenneth Dougherty was booked on a citation Tuesday, charging him with selling alcohol to an underage person at a Titans game in November. TABC agents say he sold a Michelob Ultra to a person working as an undercover agent, who provided an ID with a DOB of 05/03/03, making them appear as a 19-year-old. Doughtery reportedly checked the ID and still sold them the alcohol.

Oksana Havrushenko charged with selling alcohol to a minor at Bella Napoli Pizzeria

TABC agents conducted a “minor compliance” operation at Bella Napoli Pizzeria in Edgehill Village, where 24-year-old Oksana Havrushenko served a Michelob Ultra to a 19-year-old. She is charged with selling alcohol to a minor.

Party Bus owner bought $30K untaxed alcohol at Fort Campbell & sold w/o license on party barge — Bob Pizzitola

Robert ‘Bob’ Pizzitola and his wife Susan own ‘Nashville Party Barge’ which operates as one of the largest party bus companies in downtown Nashville, some of which cater specifically to bachelorettes and mural tours. An undercover operation by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) revealed Robert, who is a veteran, traveling to the commissary at Fort Campbell, KY, and purchasing large amounts of untaxed alcohol. He would then sell the liquor on his Nashville party bus tours without any license to sell alcohol and without paying any taxes. Detectives say the couple had bought approximately $30,000 in untaxed liquor and transported it back to Tennessee for resale without a permit or license.

Daniel Marchesi cited for selling wine to a minor at West Meade Wine & Liquor

TABC’s undercover informant ‘Daphne’ was back in action as she attempted to buy a bottle of Mark West California Pinot Noir at West Meade Wine & Liquor on July 28th using a Tennessee ID with a DOB of 08/18/2003. The store’s clerk, 26-year-old Daniel Marchesi, who is currently out on bond for a DUI charge, reportedly sold her the 750 ml bottle while the transaction was witnessed by TABC Special Agent Williams. He is cited for selling alcohol to a minor.

TABC criminally charges collector for selling a bottle of Van Winkle without a license – Eric Adams

Undercover agents with TABC (Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission) messaged with 35-year-old Eric Adams, who they say had posted a 12-year-old bottle of Van Winkle Bourbon for sale in a private Facebook Group used as a secondary sales market.

The agent, Ryan Spraggins, agreed to meet and purchase the 750ml bottle, and Adams showed up at the agreed-upon location, which was the Music Valley Cracker Barrell, and completed the transaction. At that time, Adams was notified he had sold liquor without a proper license and was issued a state citation for possessing, transporting, and selling alcoholic beverages for resale without a license. Adams was booked on the charge earlier this month.

Downtown bouncer sold bottles of Jack Daniel’s to undercover TABC Agent — Tyler Hunt

31-year-old Tyler Hunt was recently booked on a misdemeanor citation charging him with reselling liquor without a license. An undercover agent from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) responded to a craigslist ad on November 4th, which offered 5 bottles of ten-year-old Jack Daniel’s Whiskey for sale. The agent met Tyler Russell Hunt at Bicentennial Mall in downtown Nashville to complete the transaction and purchased the bottles for $600.

It was not immediately known where or how Hunt acquired the bottles of Whiskey. Hunt’s social media profiles list him as working at a downtown bar/venue, and his citation list ‘PLE Security’ as his place of employment. Hunt is scheduled to appear in court again in January. When reached via phone, he referred all questions to his attorney.

19-year-old & intoxicated at Rippy’s on Broadway — Christian Ham arrested

19-year-old Christian Clayton Ham, from Oklahoma, posted photos of him drinking at Nashville bars on social media this weekend, with his family. Late Saturday night, he was at Rippy’s on Broadway when venue security was attempting to get him to leave, but he didn’t want to go. He is charged with public intoxication and underage drinking.

Clarksville bar loses liquor license for 6 months after violating executive orders amid pandemic

Tarboosh Hookah Bar in downtown Clarksville has agreed to a six-month suspension of its liquor license, after the TABC (TN Alcoholic Beverage Commission) filed suit, alleging violations of multiple executive orders, refusing to provide records to the TABC, failing to keep records of purchases and sales of liquor, and overall posing a risk to public safety.