Lissandra Menu Lopez charged with selling alcohol to a minor

On September 15th, the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TBAC) conducted a compliance check at El Aguaje restaurant on N. Gallatin Pike. 22-year-old server Lissandra Menu Lopez sold a Corona to an underage undercover informant. The ID of the person served showed as underage, and they were still served after Menu Lopez checked the ID.

Bryanna Allen charged with serving alcohol to a minor at Outback Steakhouse

The TABC conducted a minor compliance check at Outback Steakhouse on N. Gallatin Rd. on September 11th. The server, 24-year-old Bryanna Allen, served a 12oz Corona to an underage undercover informant. The minor’s DOB is 5-30-2003, and Allen checked the license before serving her. She was issued a citation for the charge, and was booked this week.