Sirrirat Phundee sells alcohol to 19-year-old at Yoshi Sushi and Thai

35-year-old Sirrirat Phundee was issued a citation on December 14th when TABC conducted a minor compliance check at Yoshi Shushi and Thai on Bell Road. Phundee sold a 12oz bottle of Miller Light to a 19-year-old informant. She did check the minor’s ID prior to making the sale. The sale was witnessed by TABC Special Agent Fitzpatrick.

Alejandra Martinez Perez sells alcohol to a minor at Waffle Taco

24-year-old Alejandra Martinez Perez was issued a citation on December 14th when the TABC conducted a minor compliance check at the Waffle Taco on Bell Road. Alejandra sold a 12oz bottle of Bud Light to a 19-year-old informant and checked their ID. A TABC Special Agent witnessed the sale.

Asish Gurung sells 12oz Bud Light to minor at Everest Restaurant and Bar

24-year-old Asish Gurung was jailed on December 14th after the TABC conducted a compliance check at Everest Restaurant and Bar on Bell Road. Gurung is a server at the restaurant. Despite checking their ID, Gurung sold a 12oz bottle of Bud Light to a 19-year-old informant. A TABC special agent witnessed the sale. Asish Gurung was booked on the citation on January 9th.

Joseph Bates caught selling alcohol to minor at Kidd Wine and Spirits

29-year-old Joseph Bates was jailed on December 14th after the TABC conducted a compliance check at Kidd Wine and Spirits on Bell Road. Bates is a clerk there and sold a bottle of wine called Cotton Wood Creek to a 19-year-old informant. Bates sold the minor alcohol despite checking their ID and seeing they were underage. Joseph Bates was booked on the citation on January 9th.

Michael Chisholm charged with violating order of protection

38-year-old Michael Chisholm was at a residence on Linbar Dr. when he spoke to police on September 1st. He had a verified DCSO order of protection against him from his father filed on August 19th. Michael has no outstanding warrants and was arrested without incident for violating the order of protection.

Street racer Matthew Sledge caused a five-car accident on Interstate, per police

27-year-old Matthew Sledge was jailed on April 14th after causing a 5-vehicle accident leading to two people being injured on I440. Witnesses told police that a black Audi was drag racing another Audi, which led to 5 vehicles being involved and two injured. One of the vehicles involved was flipped over on the road. The witnesses told police a male exited the Audi and ran across I440 down the exit ramp. The male’s description matched an ID left in the vehicle. The car was registered to the individual matching the ID. Sledge also left his phone behind, which had directions leading to 5010 Old Hickory Boulevard.

While police were searching the vehicle, it had an overbearing odor of alcohol, and they found an unopened container of alcohol on the passenger side floorboard. Sledge has two prior DUI convictions and an extensive driving history, including a personal injury accident with points against his record, careless driving from Kentucky, and speeding as high as 32 mph over the speed limit, the latest being 102 in a 70mph zone. Sledge has also had his license suspended and revoked prior.

Ebony Harrison punches her father twenty times during rampage

18-year-old Ebony Harrison was jailed on March 20th after attacking her father and threatening to kill him at their home on Tanglewood court the week prior. Johnny Harrison told police that his daughter came home in a hurry and ran through the house knocking over a dog crate. When he asked her why she was in a hurry, she went over to him and started punching him in the face several times. Johnny said she punched him close to 20 times. Police observed a cut on the side of his head and dried blood on his arm and the floor. Johhny told police that Ebony said, “I’ll do you today,” and then stated 5 or 6 times that she was going to “kill him.” Johnny was able to shove her off. There is a history of domestic violence involving Ebony as the aggressor and her father as the victim.

Andreas Cauley: “I waited for her to get back in the car before I hit her”

56-year-old Andreas Cauley told police he waiting until his girlfriend, Kellie Gullage, got back into the car before he assaulted her. They were at his workplace at the Antioch Sam’s Club on May 19th having an argument, and he was upset that she had caused a scene where he was employed. He admits to the assault, during which he slapped and struck her on both sides of her face. She drove to the South Precinct to report the incident after it occurred.

Jordan Durham charged in assault of her boyfriend during knock-down-drag-out

25-year-old Jordan Durham is charged with the domestic assault of her boyfriend, Anthony Keith Phillips, after she says she was attempting to stop him from moving her items out of their shared apartment and caused an injury to his right arm. Both parties agreed that he pushed her away, striking her in the mouth in response, and she claims she was strangled and slammed into the wall. After an investigation by responding officers, Durham was determined to be the primary aggressor due to the severity of the injury, and both parties agreed that she initiated the physical contact.

Germari Jones charged after smashing a 10-pound weight through window at another man

Metro Nashville Police say 18-year-old Germari Jones (locally known as prettyboyy.mari on IG) was in a physical altercation with Tyler Melvin in Antioch. Prior to their arrival, Jones tossed a ten-pound plate-style weight through a glass door in an attempt to strike Melvin with it. Jones refused to be detained by police for questioning and fled from them after being free from their grip and running to his apartment. He eventually unlocked the door and was placed into custody.