Roman Betancourt-Garcia charged with drag racing on I-24 in Antioch

19-year-old Roman Betancourt-Garcia was speeding on I-24 East, near Antioch Pike, in the late-night hours of November 26th. Officers observed him and a dark-colored Nissan traveling in and out of traffic at 105 miles per hour while racing. A traffic stop was conducted, officers spoke with Betancourt-Garcia, and he advised them he did not have a driver’s license. He was cited for drag racing. Betancourt-Garcia was booked on the citation on December 19th.

Slider Alexander Mandujano jailed after video posted online

Days after this video (in story) was posted online in late February, and even being named “Best Slider” by Scoop: Nashville, detectives had identified then-20-year-old Alexander Mandujano as the driver of the white Pontiac G8. Police say the video shows Mandujano “coming within inches of pedestrians” while “performing reckless maneuvers” near Trousdale Drive. A warrant was issued for his arrest in March, and he was booked this week on the outstanding charge.

Xavier Daimwood charged with inciting a riot during intersection takeover in Nashville

19-year-old Xavier Daimwood was jailed on November 19th after a group of street racers took over an intersection near Century Boulevard. Hermitage Precinct officers arrested four men from out of county early Sunday morning after they were found taking over the intersection of McGavock Pike at Century Boulevard doing donuts and burnouts in a white Dodge Charger.

Officers arrived at 1 a.m. to find more than 60 vehicles participating in the dangerous driving stunts. As they were approaching the intersection, they witnessed a man fire a gunshot into the air around bystanders and vehicles. A traffic stop was initiated on the Charger, which was blocking the roadway, when it fled from officers going more than 90 miles per hour onto Elm Hill Pike. Additional gunshots were seen coming from the Charger during the brief pursuit. The driver, Xaiver Daimwood, 19, of Shelbyville, was taken into custody after surrendering to officers on Donelson Pike at Lebanon Pike. He was charged with aggravated reckless driving, drag racing, evading arrest, disorderly conduct, inciting a riot, and driving under the influence.

Daniel Martinez-Long flees from drag racing traffic stop, chased by police helicopter

19-year-old Daniel Martinez-Long was jailed this week, charged with drag racing, drug possession, evading arrest, no driver’s license, aggravated reckless driving, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and more after attempting to flee from officers and a police helicopter on a high-speed chase. Police say Martinez-Long fled at speeds in excess of 100 mph on I-24 W while in close proximity to other vehicles. He fled after police attempted to apprehend him. He attempted to strike a police cruiser with his vehicle during the pursuit. He reportedly pretended to comply with a traffic stop at Great Circle Road, but he quickly placed his vehicle in reverse and attempted to strike the cruiser, swerving at the last minute and then placing his car in drive and speeding away. Once he was eventually tracked and stopped, officers located marijuana inside the vehicle and placed him into custody on a multitude of charges.

Nashville street racers brutally assault woman who confronted them about blocking road —Daniel Martinez-Long arrested

19-year-old Daniel Martinez-Long was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from April 10th when he was caught doing donuts and blocking traffic on Queen Anne Drive. Karina Agner told police that as she passed by Daniel, she lightly honked her horn and asked him to stop doing donuts and blocking the street. Daniel and a group of several other individuals approached Karina in an aggressive manner. Karina was standing outside of her vehicle at this time, and Daniel walked over to her and punched her in the face. She fell to the ground, and he started kicking her while she was on the ground. Karina told police that Daniel followed her and teased her about getting her “ass beat” and telling her he was going to kill her. She advised that she didn’t know Daniel but believed he lived down the street because his car was always parked there. The precinct created a photo lineup of possible suspects, and Karina was able to identify Daniel as one of the suspects.

Juan Jose Mendoza Soriano led police on chase “for the adrenalin rush,” per report

19-year-old Juan Jose Mendoza Soriano was jailed on June 24th after police saw him driving a white Buick SUV aggressively on Bell Road. He was observed crossing the double yellow lines and speeding to pass cars. Police then saw him run a red light and continue to travel to the wrong side of the road to pass other vehicles. Police activated their lights and sirens and attempted to pull him over, but he continued to speed off, trying to reach the vehicle’s maximum speed. Another officer deployed spikes, but Mendoza avoided the spikes and turned his lights off to black out his SUV. He then entered an apartment complex and bailed on foot. He was found in the wood lines and was taken into custody. He later told police that he ran from them due to adrenalin. Police found multiple open containers in his vehicle, and he blew a .043% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Nashville Police charge street racers & spectators with rioting in weekend arrests

Metro Nashville Police are trying out a new tool to deter street racers in Nashville… they’re charging organizers, participants, and spectators with rioting. It’s a bold move that likely won’t withstand a long-term challenge, and many street racers say they’re not worried, as they can only stop about 1/200 participants with limited air/ground resources…

VIDEO: Street Racer Jacob Derryberry jailed after shining laser light at police helicopter

21-year-old Jacob Derryberry was part of a large group of street racers in a parking lot on Corporate Way in the early hours of Sunday morning. Police had a helicopter in the area documenting the cars and crowd. Derryberry reportedly shined a laser beam, which was attached to a BB gun, at the occupants of the police helicopter. Derryberry then fled Corporate Drive and drove to Thorntons on Old Hickory Blvd, where pilots were able to direct ground officers to the vehicle. Video from the helicopter shows Derryberry moving from the driver’s seat into the passenger’s seat as offices arrived. Derryberry was also in possession of marijuana and had minor passengers in the vehicle.

Tanner Hollingsworth charged with drag racing after crash with injuries

21-year-old Tanner Hollingsworth was driving his white 2012 GMC Yukon alongside a Dodge Challenger while drag racing on April 15. Police say he admitted to being a part of “the group” that was also blocking intersections so that cars could spin inside the ‘pit.’ While he was racing the Challenger through an intersection near Fesslers Lane, he was unable to avoid an oncoming vehicle, and crashed into the vehicle, leaving the driver with injuries. Security video from nearby businesses showed him weaving in and out of traffic and racing before the crash. Hollingsworth was charged with drag racing via a state citation and was booked on the charge this week.

Drag Racer Andrea Samy Shehata jailed after chase on Murfreesboro Pike

18-year-old Andrea Samy Shehata was driving his 2010 white Nissan 370Z on Murfreesboro Pike on May 1 alongside two similar cars as they were being observed by police. Shehata and one other vehicle suddenly took off at a high rate of speed and Officer Hausman attempted a traffic stop on both vehicles for drag racing. Speeds reached over 100 mph in a 45 mph zone with Shehata splitting between cars as he crossed multiple lanes of traffic. He then merged onto Briley Parkway, where Nashville traffic was doing what it does, and stopped him in a traffic backup. He pulled to the side of the road and was taken into custody on multiple charges.