DUI: Noah Cooper, 20, found passed out behind wheel of running vehicle

20-year-old Noah Cooper was found unresponsive behind the wheel of his running car early Sunday morning. Police arrived to find multiple people attempting to wake Noah. After intense banging on the windows, he awakened and was safely removed from the vehicle. He admitted to drinking earlier, and reportedly reeked of alcohol. He refused all testing, stating there would be alcohol in his system. 

Brian Dominguez charged with underage DWI after crash on Briley Parkway

18-year-old Brian Dominguez was found off the Briley Parkway exit onto I-24 next to his car on the shoulder of the road with alcohol on his breath, a gun, and an “electric rig to inhale live THC resin” in his vehicle. On July 23rd Nashville Fire Department requested MNPD to respond to a possible driver under the influence on Briley Parkway. When they responded, they found Brian next to his car that had a wheel missing and described him as smelling strongly of alcohol. Through slurred speech, he told them that he was heading home after three shots of alcohol and admitted to owning the THC electronic rig, Glock 19, and a jar of THC resin found inside his vehicle. After performing poorly on his sobriety tests, he was placed into custody and transported to booking.

Juan Jose Mendoza Soriano led police on chase “for the adrenalin rush,” per report

19-year-old Juan Jose Mendoza Soriano was jailed on June 24th after police saw him driving a white Buick SUV aggressively on Bell Road. He was observed crossing the double yellow lines and speeding to pass cars. Police then saw him run a red light and continue to travel to the wrong side of the road to pass other vehicles. Police activated their lights and sirens and attempted to pull him over, but he continued to speed off, trying to reach the vehicle’s maximum speed. Another officer deployed spikes, but Mendoza avoided the spikes and turned his lights off to black out his SUV. He then entered an apartment complex and bailed on foot. He was found in the wood lines and was taken into custody. He later told police that he ran from them due to adrenalin. Police found multiple open containers in his vehicle, and he blew a .043% BAC on a breathalyzer.