Jerome Hughley breaks girlfriend’s phone during argument over infidelity

27-year-old Jerome Hughley was arguing with his girlfriend of six years, Kristina Jennings, in the early hours of Monday morning. Hughley told officers that Jennings broke his phone due to an earlier agreement dealing with infidelity, which prompted him to later on during the day take her phone from her and smash it when they both got back to their hotel. When later questioned by officers, Hughley and Jennings admitted they broke each other’s phones. Hughley was taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

Edie Bjerstedt breaks boyfriend’s glasses during argument

32-year-old Edie Bjerstedt was jailed on Tuesday for vandalizing her boyfriend’s property after an argument on Lea Avenue. Edie stated that she and William McPeak had been dating for about six months. They argued after a night out, and Williams began throwing her personal items around the room and threatened to throw her cell phone in the toilet. Officers observed personal items scattered throughout the home. William told officers that during the argument, Edie twisted up his glasses and broke them. The officers observed the broken glasses, and Edie admitted to destroying them and being the cause of escalating the altercation.

Shyanne Hoffman assaults woman over rented scooter outside of Titans Stadium

Officers were dispatched to a fight that occurred at Titans Way on September 9. Officers spoke with the victim, who stated she was approached by 19-year-old Shyanne Hoffman, who she did not know, and a fight ensued over a rentable scooter. Officers observed visible injuries to the victim’s face and knees. Surveillance footage provided to Officers by Titans Stadium shows Hoffman actively fighting the victim. She was issued a citation for assault and was booked this week.

Designated driver Andres Botello charged with DUI after downtown Nashville crash

23-year-old Andres Botello spoke to police after they responded to a vehicle crash on James Robertson Pky on September 24th. He said he was driving down Rosa L Parks Blvd when a car cut him off, and he lost control of the vehicle, attempting to avoid an accident. Police reported that his vehicle caused a large crash scene, stretching the full length of the intersection, and Andres struck a curb at a high speed. With bloodshot eyes and unsteady on his feet he told police that he was a designated driver for his friends. He said he was dropping them off after they were on Broadway, but he only had one beer and mixed drink earlier. Police asked him to perform sobriety tests, he agreed and showed signs of intoxication. Andres agreed to provide a breath sample, yielding a 0.178% BAC.

Tourist Zackary Mack tosses wife into hotel closet after assault

41-year-old Zackary Mack was jailed on Saturday after police responded to a 911 hang-up. A call text stated, “Female voice, get out! Hit me.” When officers arrived at the Westin on Clark Place, security brought Kathryn Lett to the lobby. She told officers that she and her husband only argued and nothing physical happened. When officers contacted Mack, he had a welt under his left eye with a small cut. Officers asked Mack how he got the welt on his face, and he stated vaguely that his wife threw something at him. After interviewing Lett, she disclosed that Mack got in her face during the argument and began to place his hands around her neck, strangling her while throwing her onto the bed. Lett stated they struggled before she hit Mack in an attempt to get him off her. Mack proceeded to throw Lett into the hotel room closet. Lett was then able to break free and alert the hotel security. Officers saw a mark around Lett’s neck and determined that Mack was the aggressor before arresting him.

Shannon Furlough punches boyfriend’s nose, bites his shoulder during argument

On Tuesday, 43-year-old Shannon Furlough was seen arguing with her boyfriend, Michael Connors, in the lobby of Sentral SoBro by security. The security told police that he followed Shannon and Michael upstairs to their floor to contact them. The police knocked on their door several times before Michael answered and told them that he and Shannon argued. He also said that she hit him in the nose, causing it to bleed, and bit his shoulder. Police noticed blood in the loft from his nose, and Michael said he did not wish for the police to intervene and get Shannon in trouble. Shannon arrived back at the loft while the police spoke to Michael, with blood at the top of her head. She told police that she did not know where Michael received his injuries and that they only argued. Also, she said that she only returned to the loft to gather her belongings and leave. Police determined she was the primary aggressor, so she was arrested for domestic assault.

Carson Bradford jailed after drunkenly coming out of left field at Sounds Stadium

19-year-old Carson Bradford is free on a $100 cash bond after being charged with trespassing at the Nashville Sounds Stadium / First Horizon Park. Security observed Bradford enter from left field in the early hours of Saturday morning and confronted him. Bradford stated he was walking from downtown and was trying to get back to his friend’s house in midtown. He was oblivious to the fact he was standing in the middle of a baseball field. He was detained and transferred to the custody of Metro Nashville Police, who transported him to booking. 

DUI: Noah Cooper, 20, found passed out behind wheel of running vehicle

20-year-old Noah Cooper was found unresponsive behind the wheel of his running car early Sunday morning. Police arrived to find multiple people attempting to wake Noah. After intense banging on the windows, he awakened and was safely removed from the vehicle. He admitted to drinking earlier, and reportedly reeked of alcohol. He refused all testing, stating there would be alcohol in his system.