Ishan Patel charged in DUI crash in downtown Nashville parking garage

23-year-old Ishan Patel was involved in a car accident in the parking garage of the downtown Nashville Hilton in the early hours of November 27th. A security guard for the parking garage advised officers that he heard a loud bang from a distance, and as officers arrived, Patel was seen trying to flee the scene. The security guard stated that he convinced Patel to step out of the vehicle before the officers arrived. He was visibly intoxicated and told officers that he had two shots of vodka. Officers observed that he urinated on himself before they got to the scene, deemed him unable to take care of himself, and placed him into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.

Designated driver Andres Botello charged with DUI after downtown Nashville crash

23-year-old Andres Botello spoke to police after they responded to a vehicle crash on James Robertson Pky on September 24th. He said he was driving down Rosa L Parks Blvd when a car cut him off, and he lost control of the vehicle, attempting to avoid an accident. Police reported that his vehicle caused a large crash scene, stretching the full length of the intersection, and Andres struck a curb at a high speed. With bloodshot eyes and unsteady on his feet he told police that he was a designated driver for his friends. He said he was dropping them off after they were on Broadway, but he only had one beer and mixed drink earlier. Police asked him to perform sobriety tests, he agreed and showed signs of intoxication. Andres agreed to provide a breath sample, yielding a 0.178% BAC.

Tourist Zackary Mack tosses wife into hotel closet after assault

41-year-old Zackary Mack was jailed on Saturday after police responded to a 911 hang-up. A call text stated, “Female voice, get out! Hit me.” When officers arrived at the Westin on Clark Place, security brought Kathryn Lett to the lobby. She told officers that she and her husband only argued and nothing physical happened. When officers contacted Mack, he had a welt under his left eye with a small cut. Officers asked Mack how he got the welt on his face, and he stated vaguely that his wife threw something at him. After interviewing Lett, she disclosed that Mack got in her face during the argument and began to place his hands around her neck, strangling her while throwing her onto the bed. Lett stated they struggled before she hit Mack in an attempt to get him off her. Mack proceeded to throw Lett into the hotel room closet. Lett was then able to break free and alert the hotel security. Officers saw a mark around Lett’s neck and determined that Mack was the aggressor before arresting him.

Shannon Furlough punches boyfriend’s nose, bites his shoulder during argument

On Tuesday, 43-year-old Shannon Furlough was seen arguing with her boyfriend, Michael Connors, in the lobby of Sentral SoBro by security. The security told police that he followed Shannon and Michael upstairs to their floor to contact them. The police knocked on their door several times before Michael answered and told them that he and Shannon argued. He also said that she hit him in the nose, causing it to bleed, and bit his shoulder. Police noticed blood in the loft from his nose, and Michael said he did not wish for the police to intervene and get Shannon in trouble. Shannon arrived back at the loft while the police spoke to Michael, with blood at the top of her head. She told police that she did not know where Michael received his injuries and that they only argued. Also, she said that she only returned to the loft to gather her belongings and leave. Police determined she was the primary aggressor, so she was arrested for domestic assault.

Liam Smith attacks wife when he’s asked to help out around the house, threatens to kill her

37-year-old Liam Smith was jailed on Mar 7th for threatening to kill his wife during an argument that turned violent on Mar 2nd at their home on Myatt Drive. Marion Kirkpatrick stated she and her husband got into an argument about him needing to start carrying his weight around the house and helping with their daughter. She said those statements upset Smith, and he became verbally abusive, so she shut herself in her bedroom and barricaded the door. Mr. Smith pushed the door open, came into the bedroom, and said if she woke him up again, he would kill her. Kirkpatrick responded by saying, “I bet you will.”

Smith then approached her, and she tried to cover herself with a blanket. Smith reportedly pushed her off the bed onto the floor and pinned her next to the wall and on top of their dog. When this happened, her arm became stuck on a nightstand next to her bed, creating a large bruise on her right tri-cep and a scratch on her left foot. The injuries the police observed were consistent with her statement, and Smith was charged with assault. He was booked on that warrant this week.