Liam Smith attacks wife when he’s asked to help out around the house, threatens to kill her

37-year-old Liam Smith was jailed on Mar 7th for threatening to kill his wife during an argument that turned violent on Mar 2nd at their home on Myatt Drive. Marion Kirkpatrick stated she and her husband got into an argument about him needing to start carrying his weight around the house and helping with their daughter. She said those statements upset Smith, and he became verbally abusive, so she shut herself in her bedroom and barricaded the door. Mr. Smith pushed the door open, came into the bedroom, and said if she woke him up again, he would kill her. Kirkpatrick responded by saying, “I bet you will.”

Smith then approached her, and she tried to cover herself with a blanket. Smith reportedly pushed her off the bed onto the floor and pinned her next to the wall and on top of their dog. When this happened, her arm became stuck on a nightstand next to her bed, creating a large bruise on her right tri-cep and a scratch on her left foot. The injuries the police observed were consistent with her statement, and Smith was charged with assault. He was booked on that warrant this week.