DUI: Michael Hawkins has “one or two shots” before driving

36-year-old Michael Hawkins was jailed Friday morning after reports of a driver asleep behind the wheel. When police arrived, they observed Hawkins in the driver’s seat with the car still running. When he noticed the officers approaching, he attempted to drive away. Police ordered him to stop. He complied and stumbled out of his vehicle. When police asked for Mr. Hawkin’s license, he was reluctant and handed officers a handgun carry permit instead. The officer asked if there was a handgun in the vehicle, to which Mr. Hawkins replied that there was a gun in the center console. The gun was within reaching distance. When the police asked him how much he had to drink, he admitted to having “one or two shots” earlier that day. He was visibly intoxicated and leaning on his vehicle to maintain his balance. It was noted that Mr. Hawkins smelled strongly of cologne, which officers believed was a cover scent. Officers later noticed a slight smell of alcohol on his breath despite the overpowering scent of his cologne. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken into custody. During the vehicle search, officers located the handgun and a revoked license. Mr. Hawkins does not have any prior convictions or DUI.

Landlord Yousuf Ahmad charged with firing gun at tenant while intoxicated

33-year-old Yousuf Ahmad was reportedly intoxicated in the early hours of Sunday morning when he sent a text message to his tenant, Kisa Myrick, who lives next door. When she received the text, which advised she needed to move out, she went to the door of Ahmad’s home, but he did not answer. As she returned to her home, she says he came behind her and forced his way into her home while holding a black handgun. He reportedly grabbed her by her wrist and yelled at her, threatening to kill her, and fired the firearm.

During questioning, police say Ahmad repeated himself and would randomly yell and scream. He claims he only answered his door and went back to bed; however, his girlfriend confirmed to police that he followed the victim to her home, and police retrieved a Glock 22, along with a shell casing, on the front steps of the victim’s home.

Coleman Rutherford jailed on DUI and handgun charges early Sunday morning

22-year-old Coleman Rutherford was jailed in the early hours of Sunday morning after nearly wrecking his black Mercedes SUV. Officer Meskers observed Rutherford driving erratically on I-440 at 3:33 a.m. at a high rate of speed. He continued speeding onto Woodmont Blvd, nearly striking a guardrail. A traffic stop was conducted, and a handgun was visible in the already-open glove box as the officer approached the passenger-side window. Rutherford stated he was coming from his brother’s house in the Nations, where he had consumed beers earlier in the night. Coleman Rutherford performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. He later blew a 0.091% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Damon Hodge leaves Buchanan Street brawl to retrieve handgun

24-year-old Damon Hodge Jr. was arrested in the early morning hours of October 16th, following a police call of a large group of 10-12 people fighting with weapons near 1002 Buchanan Street. After arriving and being told that no one was on the scene, Hodge was seen approaching with a handgun and became combative with another group of individuals. When officers made contact with Hodge, they had to tell him multiple times to drop his handgun. Security stated that he was a member of the brawl they were called out for, and officers noticed he reeked of alcohol. When questioned, Hodge said that he was returning to defend himself from others who had attacked him. 

Thomas Alexander jailed for DUI and handgun possession on Broadway downtown

Officers observed 26-year-old Thomas Alexander turn onto Broadway, where the road was closed, and then turn in the lane of oncoming traffic on September 30th. Alexander was signaled to pull over and to get out of the vehicle. During the sobriety test, he showed multiple signs of intoxication and was placed into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol. Alexander was also in possession of a firearm while under the influence. He admitted to pre-gaming prior to driving.

James Jameson — too drunk to walk in Nashville

42-year-old James Jameson was jailed on September 24 after police found him sitting in the middle of Marita Avenue. He told officers that he was walking home and decided to sit down because he had a lot to drink. He slurred as he spoke and was unsteady on his feet. The officers had to help him to his feet and walk to the patrol vehicle. Officers asked Jameson if he had any weapons, and he stated that he did not, but when officers conducted a pat down, they located a loaded Glock 19 on his hip, a Ka-bar knife, and a pocketknife. Jameson was placed into custody and transported to Davidson County booking.

Corey Atkinson charged in assault of fiancèe while drunk with a handgun

24-year-old Corey Atkinson reportedly punched his fiancè in the face multiple times in the basement garage of 501 Commerce building Saturday morning, three witnesses told security. Security for the building told police that his fiancèe, Haylee Hall, said that Corey placed a handgun into her vehicle. The three witnesses attested to seeing Corey hit Haylee. Corey told police that he had consumed alcohol earlier in the evening and denied engaging in physical altercations with her, nor did he know of any weapon. Police observed a large amount of marijuana in Haylee’s vehicle and conducted a search. Inside the vehicle, they found a weapon under the driver’s seat. Corey and Haylee had dried blood on their lips. Corey said that their injuries happened after they drunkenly fell on the ground. He reportedly had visible signs of intoxication and struggled to answer simple questions. His speech patterns were erratic, police stated, and they arrested him for public intoxication.

Keishonna Stewart: multiple shots of Don Julio made me do it

21-year-old Keishonna Stewart yelled at police after she did not pull over immediately when they turned on their lights. Police flashed their lights at her after they saw her almost crash into another vehicle on Myatt Dr. When she pulled over in the center turn lane, she opened her door, and police saw a handgun under her driver’s seat. She refused to leave the vehicle when police commanded her to, so they had to pull her out. Keishonna resisted being placed into custody and refused to walk to the patrol car. Police noted the smell of alcohol on Keishonna and read her Miranda. While under Miranda, she willingly told police that she had drank “1 to 3 shots of Don Julio.” Police inventoried her vehicle and had it towed after she consented to a blood test.

Darius Harris jailed after carrying firearm in downtown Nashville while using drugs & drinking

26-year-old Darius Xavier Harris was a Margaritaville in downtown Nashville Friday night with female companions and a gun tucked into a holster on his waistband. Throughout the night, Harris indulged in the use of narcotics and alcohol, and as they were leaving the venue, one of the women took his gun from him and secured it in her possession due to his level of intoxication. A concerned citizen had observed Harris with the gun and contacted police, who arrived to find them on the sidewalk. As they secured the weapon, Harris became increasingly intoxicated and appeared to be overdosing. He was treated with Narcan and became coherent again. Officers attempted to issue him a citation, but he refused to sign it.

Brian Dominguez charged with underage DWI after crash on Briley Parkway

18-year-old Brian Dominguez was found off the Briley Parkway exit onto I-24 next to his car on the shoulder of the road with alcohol on his breath, a gun, and an “electric rig to inhale live THC resin” in his vehicle. On July 23rd Nashville Fire Department requested MNPD to respond to a possible driver under the influence on Briley Parkway. When they responded, they found Brian next to his car that had a wheel missing and described him as smelling strongly of alcohol. Through slurred speech, he told them that he was heading home after three shots of alcohol and admitted to owning the THC electronic rig, Glock 19, and a jar of THC resin found inside his vehicle. After performing poorly on his sobriety tests, he was placed into custody and transported to booking.