Keanah Fitzpatrick charged with public intoxication downtown, held on Florida warrant

Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative Sunday encountered 31-year-old Keanah Fitzpatrick, who was causing a scene at 3rd & Broadway in downtown Nashville. As they were taking her into custody on a simply public intoxication charge which would have been dismissed eight hours later, mobile booking received a notification she had an open warrant out of Florida for which they wanted to extradite her. Fitzpatrick was transported to jail, where she awaits extradition.

Tabitha Rodriguez too drunk for Bridgestone Arena #Arrested

Metro Nashville Police say 27-year-old Tabitha Rodriguez was entirely too intoxicated at the Bridgestone Arena in downtown Nashville to be able to care for herself when they encountered her. She had no one to take care of her and was unable to provide any specifics on where she was staying. She was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Married tourists visit Nashville Jail while on vacation in Music City — Ralph & Rhiannon Martinez

Metro Nashville Police Officer Jaren Breece responded to a fight call at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row on Broadway in downtown Nashville to find 44-year-old Rhiannon Martinez ending her fight with another patron, and he advised her to leave the property. She cursed toward the other involved party and began to leave but turned back around and continued to instigate the fight further. She was extremely intoxicated and unable to care for herself, so she was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. As she was being placed into custody, 51-year-old Ralph Martinez began to interfere with her arrest and was advised to stop. As he continued to interfere after being given chances to walk away, he was also placed into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Andrew Porter jailed after fighting with security at Tin Roof Bar in downtown Nashville

In the early hours of Sunday morning, 21-year-old Andrew Porter was fighting security staff at the Tin Roof on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Metro Nashville Police arrived to assist and observed the first-year drinker to reek of alcohol and be unsteady on his feet. Security declined to prosecute for the assault, so he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Jeshua Torrens charged after fighting outside Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville Saturday encountered 26-year-old Jeshua Torrens as he was attempting to fight random people who were walking outside of Kid Rock’s Bar. He reportedly reeked of alcohol and appeared extremely intoxicated. As he was being arrested for public intoxication, Torrens balled up his fist and attempted to punch Officer Cottrill and then tensed up his body and used his legs to resist being placed in the back of a patrol car.

VIDEO: Influencer Kayden Blackwell (itsskbbb) jailed in Nashville after Broadway brawl

19-year-old Kayden Blackwell, better known to his nearly 1 million fans on TikTok as ‘@itsskbbb’, and to his OF followers as ‘lillboyjohnny,’ was jailed in Nashville early Sunday morning after brawling on Broadway. Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville were alerted to a fight in progress at 301 Broadway, where Blackwell was in a fight with Jack Zuckowsky. Officers observed Blackwell punch Zuckowsky, and they pulled him away from the tussle and placed him into custody. Blackwell reeked of alcohol and was spotted earlier in the evening drinking and accompanied by Tayler Holder at points during the evening’s escapade.

Tourist Ryan Creamer charged with carrying a handgun on broadway while intoxicated

26-year-old Ryan Creamer, of Pennsylvania, was kicked out of Second Fiddle at 420 Broadway has police encountered him on the sidewalk. He was heavily intoxicated and had been causing a disturbance inside the venue. As police attempted to assist him, they noticed he was carrying a handgun in his waistband while intoxicated. He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Woman charged with aggravated assault of baby’s father after police determined she lied — Miracle Nicole Beach

22-year-old Miracle Nicole Beach was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail after they determined she wasn’t being truthful and was actually the one that assaulted the father of her child, not the other way around, as she initially claimed. Police initially met with the victim, and father of her child, DeAngelo Talley, who told them the two former lovers had gotten into an argument about him “grabbing his belongings from the apartment”. He told police that nothing else happened and he “didn’t want to put the mother of his child in any type of trouble”.

Miracle spoke to an officer and says the argument was about her putting DeAngelo on the couch, demanding him sleep either there or on the floor, an arrangement was not agreeable to. She admits she then came up into his face during the argument, causing him to push her back away from his personal space. Miracle then claimed that he pushed her down onto the ground, causing her to retrieve a butcher knife from the kitchen and hold it at her side, until she laid it down to check on their baby, at which point she says Talley took the knife and threatened to kill her, and she supposedly was on the phone with Tiffany Williamson and Diamond Bell, who allegedly overheard the threat.

In a second interview with Talley, he disclosed that she did, in fact, grab the knife and move toward him with it in a threatening manner. Due to the totality of the circumstances, and police finding the knife in the bedroom where she was at, after she claimed Tally left the apartment with it, Police determined Miracle was not being truthful and took her into custody, charging her with felony domestic aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. DeAngelo’s brother, DeAndre Talley, is the person who called police about the incident and was present at the scene. Miracle Nicole Beach is free after posting a $5,000 bond.

Upset over food, woman destroys picture frames, plants, & threatens parents; – she says it wasn’t her.

Police say 35-year-old Aisha Williams became upset over food, coming into her parent’s home screaming & yelling, destroying a picture frame, grabbing a pair of scissors and threatening her mother, and destroying a potted plant. Aisha says it wasn’t her, and police arrested the wrong person, claiming the warrant was “for my neighbor with the same last name”, and says she was arrested because she doesn’t “get the white privilege”. Her parents say it was, without a doubt, their daughter, and she is currently off her medications.