Allan Santiago charged after officers find crack cocaine on him at booking

20-year-old Allan Santiago was taken into custody on May 12th for two other separate charges. While being turned over to DSCO custody, officers discovered Santiago possessed crack cocaine on his person. Officers confiscated the narcotics, then placed him into custody and charged him with contraband in a penal institution.

Cody Williams found “convulsing” on floor, chases roommate with broken picture frame

33-year-old Cody Williams was involved in a domestic altercation with his roommate, Michelle Coleman, at their Dale View home on April 13th. Coleman stated that she had heard a very loud crash coming from Williams’s room and had noticed him “convulsing” on the floor. Coleman then tried to assist Williams, but he woke up and began acting erratic. Coleman then left the room for her safety, and Williams came running from the bedroom, chasing after her with a broken picture frame.  Coleman stated she was in fear of bodily injury and had run away from the residence. Williams claimed he saw a cat enter the home and was trying to chase it out. Williams had also denied taking any drugs but had similar erratic behavior with police. Police took Williams into custody and booked him for domestic assault on April 14th.

Malachi Russel caught with automatic switch on gun during altercation with rideshare driver

19-year-old Malachi Russel was with Jamarcus Johnson and multiple other individuals with guns, instructing a rideshare driver to take them to various locations in the early hours of March 24th. The driver alerted the authorities, and they were dispatched to Hamilton Crossings near A Harris Dental, where they located the vehicle. Officers ordered Russel to exit the car, to which he complied, and they detained him. Officers conducted a search and found a Glock 21 handgun with an automatic switch and a front handle attachment. They spoke with the driver, who said Russel did not threaten or demand anything from him with the weapon. Russel refused to answer any questions regarding his attachments, and then he was taken into custody for felony possession of a prohibited weapon.

Nicholas Judd charged with DUI after late-night interstate crash

25-year-old Nicholas Judd was jailed on Saturday after crashing on I-24. When police arrived and asked Judd what happened, he said, “I drove drunk.” Police smelled alcohol coming from him and observed an open container on the passenger side. He refused to perform sobriety tests and was taken into custody and transported to General Hospital for a blood draw.

Anthony Jenkins jailed after disorderly conduct at TRAX bar in Nashville

Officers were called to Trax bar on Ensley Boulevard for an assault in progress on October 9 in which 29-year-old Anthony Jenkins was allegedly involved. When officers arrived and began investigating the incident, they stated that Jenkins became more upset and began to yell at the victim. It’s also reported that Jenkins was told by officers and other patrons to stay away from the victim before he tried lunging at him to re-initiate a physical altercation. Due to this, the officers determined that the defendant was disorderly and his behavior would continue, so he was taken into custody.

Keishonna Stewart: multiple shots of Don Julio made me do it

21-year-old Keishonna Stewart yelled at police after she did not pull over immediately when they turned on their lights. Police flashed their lights at her after they saw her almost crash into another vehicle on Myatt Dr. When she pulled over in the center turn lane, she opened her door, and police saw a handgun under her driver’s seat. She refused to leave the vehicle when police commanded her to, so they had to pull her out. Keishonna resisted being placed into custody and refused to walk to the patrol car. Police noted the smell of alcohol on Keishonna and read her Miranda. While under Miranda, she willingly told police that she had drank “1 to 3 shots of Don Julio.” Police inventoried her vehicle and had it towed after she consented to a blood test.