Cody Williams found “convulsing” on floor, chases roommate with broken picture frame

33-year-old Cody Williams was involved in a domestic altercation with his roommate, Michelle Coleman, at their Dale View home on April 13th. Coleman stated that she had heard a very loud crash coming from Williams’s room and had noticed him “convulsing” on the floor. Coleman then tried to assist Williams, but he woke up and began acting erratic. Coleman then left the room for her safety, and Williams came running from the bedroom, chasing after her with a broken picture frame.  Coleman stated she was in fear of bodily injury and had run away from the residence. Williams claimed he saw a cat enter the home and was trying to chase it out. Williams had also denied taking any drugs but had similar erratic behavior with police. Police took Williams into custody and booked him for domestic assault on April 14th.